Killing Eve: Teaser Trailer For The Final Season 4 Released

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Actions have consequences.

The new teaser trailer for the upcoming final season of BBC America’s series Killing Eve was revealed. Popular spy thriller drama series premiered in April 2018 and since then, three 8-episode seasons aired on BBC America in the US and BBC Three in the UK.

The series is based on a 2018 thriller novel Codename Villanelle by British author Luke Jennings. Killing Eve follows Eve Polastri, a British Intelligence agent interested in female assassins. After she got fired from MI5, she was recruited by a secret division of MI6. Soon after, she crossed paths with an international assassin known as Villanelle, who is being chased by MI6. After meeting each other, both Eve and Villanelle will focus less on their missions and more on learning more about each other.

Check the new teaser trailer for Killing Eve Season 4:

After the emotional climax of Season Three, Eve, Villanelle and Carolyn are in very different places. Following Eve and Villanelle’s exchange on the bridge, Eve is on a revenge mission, while Villanelle has found a brand-new community in an attempt to prove she’s not a “monster.” Having killed Paul, Carolyn goes to extraordinary lengths to continue to chase down The Twelve and the person that ordered Kenny’s hit. This season follows our extraordinary women, each driven by passion, revenge and obsession, building towards a messy, nuanced and totally glorious series finale.” — Killing Eve, Season 4 synopsis

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh is portraying Eve Polastri, and Jodie Comer is playing Oksana Astankova, also known as Villanelle. Comer won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

The fourth season of Killing Eve is set to premiere on February 27, 2022.

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