‘Killing Eve’ Season 4: Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh Share That There is no Happy Ending

villanelle and eve

Killing Eve season 4 is set to release in just a few days, on February 27, and fans are dying to to see how this love – hate relationship between security services officer Eve (Sandra Oh) and charming assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) will resolve. Villanelle’s character was more layered in the last season, in which we got to see more of her personality and got to understand her behavior a bit better.

Despite this character change Villanelle is going through, it is unlikely that the couple will have a traditional, happy ending and that all of Villanelle’s actions will simply be forgiven and forgotten.

During the interview with Collider, co-stars Comer and Oh both agreed that they don’t see their characters getting a happy ending, but rather a truthful one. Their story needs to “remain complex and remain slightly in a place of longing”, which is, admittedly, a more realistic alternative to a happy ending, considering the nature of their relationship.

OH: “I think it’s right. It is what it is and we, I feel, came at it as truthfully as possible. But I don’t really care about happy, and I think that also the show has never really cared about happy. “

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Comer agrees, adding that she knows everyone’s so invested in the series, but that she really hopes people can enjoy the plot resolution as it is and that they can see “that the characters got to a place because it led them there truthfully”. Upon being asked whether Villanelle can really change and is she capable of being a better person, Comer reveals that she thinks Villanelle sees becoming kinder more as a challenge, rather than wishing to be better simply for the sake of being better.

“It’s funny because I think, on the surface, she feels it’s important. I feel like she thinks she’s invincible and she can put her hand to everything and she’s good at everything. And then, to be told, over and over again, especially by her mom, that’s she’s not worth anything, she’s bad, she’s always been bad, she’s a monster, all these words have clung to her and she sees that as a challenge. I also think there’s part of her that wants this other life and that is seeking this normal life (…) I don’t think it’s coming from an honest place. I don’t think she knows who she is entirely, and that’s why this is a real challenge for her, because I don’t think she can escape herself. “

In spite of all rational explanations, fans would probably still be thrilled to see the two of them finding a way to be together. The dynamic of their relationship, as well as a realistic note the series promotes, forbid this from happening. Enemies to lovers trend always appeals to the audience, but now they need to come to bittersweet realization that Eve and Villanelle’s relationship is unsustainable and understand that quality, truthful end is always better than a happy one.

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