‘Killing Eve’ Season 4: New, Mysterious Teaser Just Released

killing eve

HBO hit series Killing Eve follows a story of a security operative Eve (Sandra Oh) and an assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) whose lives become inextricably linked. The duo dynamic of Eve and Villanelle is done in a love-hate fashion which won over millions of fans, who are never sure whether the two of them are going to kiss or kill each other.

Villanelle is charming, sweet, yet highly dangerous assassin who seems to have a spot soft for Eve who is in turn trying to fight away her emotions. Season 3 ended with the two of them saying goodbye to each other and walking away in the opposite directions, seemingly forever. Season 4 is set to premiere on 27th this month, so this poetic end is obviously and luckily not an actual end.

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The new teaser was released on Killing Eve official Twitter page and the mystery of it left the fans confused. The 10 seconds clip had “RIP Killing Eve” written on it and was captioned with “Smell ya later”. If “RIP” is not ominous enough, “smell ya later” is a reference to a second season episode of the same title, in which Villanelle commits murder with a poisonous spray concealed as a perfume.

The teaser left fans wondering if Villanelle is finally going to kill Eve, or is “RIP” just a provocation which could be interpreted as the Twitter page’s weird way of saying goodbye to the show.

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