What Is the Strongest Form (Version) of Kirito?

What Is the Strongest Form (Version) of Kirito?

Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as Kirito, is the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online franchise, created by Reki Kawahara whose voice actor is Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. He ends up locked inside the Sword Art Online game, forced to overcome all levels of the castle to exit the video game. Now, as the franchise developed, Kirito’s in-game forms have changed and he has become more powerful with each supposedly being more powerful than the previous one.

Based on his powers, the post-Alicization version of Kirito is undoubtedly the strongest one. Kirito has mastered a lot of new powers and abilities, including the Perfect Weapon Control art, which made him a formidable opponent and it surpasses all the previous forms from the series. Seeing how each new form is stronger, this makes perfect sense.

The rest of the article will further elaborate on our answer. We are going to tell you more details about Kirito’s strongest form, but also some details on his strongest attack. We will also tell you whether Kirito is the strongest Sword Art Online character or not.

Kirito’s Strongest Form

Kirito is the protagonist of the Sword Art Online franchise and he has, in that vicinity, appeared in a total of five large narrative arcs, i.e. in five augmented realities that comprise the franchise:

  • Sword Art Online
  • ALfheim Online
  • Gun Gale Online
  • Ordinal Scale
  • Project Alicization

Now, each of these realities gave Kirito some specific powers and he has evolved throughout each of them, becoming more and more powerful. Usually, each narrative arc gave Kirito more powers and that means that each next arc featured a more powerful version of Kirito and that is, for the most part, true. There might be some minor differences, but our general notion nonetheless stands.

Kirito stopping Eugeo from transferring more Life to him to treat injuries inflicted by Fanatio S3E16

Now, let us see how these powers have manifested themselves. The skills that Kirito has in the Alicazation arc are:

  • Sword Skills
    • Aincrad style
    • Horizontal
    • Horizontal Square
    • Rage Spike
    • Slant
    • Sharp Nail
    • Snake Bite
    • Sonic Leap
    • Spinning Shield
    • Vertical Arc
    • Vertical Square
    • Vorpal Strike
    • Nova Ascension
  • Majority of other Sword Skills from Sword Art Online
  • Serlut Style
    • Whirling Current (Cyclone)
  • Dual Blades
    • Starburst Stream

We’ve intentionally written the SAO skills in italic, because a lot of people online claim that he was strongest in that game exactly, but we can see here that in Alicazation he has all these skills, as well as some additional ones.

As far as his equipment is concerned, in Alicazation, Kirito has the following:

An unnamed goblin swordOne-Handed SwordStolen from a goblinA temporary weapon used in the battle against goblins in the northern cave.
Blue Rose SwordOne-Handed SwordFound in the northern cave.Occasionally borrowed from Eugeo until Kirito got his own sword.
Night Sky SwordOne-Handed SwordCrafted by Sadore from a branch of the Gigas Cedar
An unnamed spirit iron chainChainA temporary weapon used in the fight against Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one.

Out of all of these, the Blue Rose Sword was especially important and powerful. This concludes our analysis of Kirito’s strongest form. Now, we can continue to his strongest attack.

Kirito’s Strongest Attack

The video above, in case you were wondering, was taken from the anime, more precisely – the Alicization arc. When the Alicization Rising Arc officially started in the Sword Art Online anime, Kirito and Eugeo were, each, given a list of command arts by Cardinal, intended to assist them in their fight to the top floor of the Central Cathedral. This was the main point of the whole series.

On the top of these command arts was the art of Perfect Weapon Control. After Eugeo’s art was revealed in the previous episode, one of the arc’s episodes reveals what trick Kirito has hidden up his sleeve when, in it, Kirito used his Perfect Weapon Control command arc. That is what we have shown it in the video above.


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The technique was shown during Kirito’s battle with Sir Fanatio, which reached its climax in the last episode of the series. But, before Kirito could actually unleash his own special art, the episode was over. Now, we still got to see the result of his Perfect Weapon Control, a special armor enhancement spell that cloaks his sword in strange purple energy, after which he simply bursts. This purple energy seems wild and whips around violently, but it’s a burst of energy that he needs to win the fight.

Kirito uses the technique to counter Fanatio and perfectly counters the glowing beam from Fanatio’s own art of Perfect Weapon Control, completely overwhelming it. This is Kirito’s strongest attack in the Underworld, and perhaps one of the strongest attacks in his adventures in the virtual world thus far of all time. However, while this attack was strong enough to defeat Sir Fanatio, it ends up being far too weak for anything further.

This attack actually leaves Kirito completely exhausted, and not only is this a major issue for Kirito in future fights, but it is also ineffective when Kirito and Eugeo make it to the 80th floor of the Central Cathedral, which sheds a completely different light on it.

There, they encounter Alice and she completely wipes out Kirito in the fight. Their fight is stopped before he and Eugeo can throw a decisive punch. We don’t know how the fight ended, as the season finished with a cliffhanger, so we’ll just have to wait a bit.

Is There Anyone Stronger Than Kirito?

As far as the characters themselves are concerned, Kirito seems to be the strongest one. Now, there are characters that have come close to Kirito, but Kirito knows the game inside and out, he knows it so well that he is practically invincible and can use the game’s mechanisms to his advantage. This is why he is the strongest in the franchise.