Alice Vs. Kirito: Who Is Stronger?

Who Is Stronger: Alice or Kirito?

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The world of Sword Art Online is filled with great characters and great character battles. Kirito, the show’s protagonist, is usually involved in these battles and throughout the series, he has fought a lot of intriguing and strong opponents. Among them was certainly Alice, who was one of Kirito’s strongest opponents and an opponent he was not able to defeat in the end. So, is Alice stronger than Kirito?

Alice has some skills that outmatch Kirito’s, and is generally a better swordsman than him. But, as Kirito has evolved since the last time the two of them clashed, he now possesses abilities that surpass Alice’s and is the stronger among the two.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to compare Kirito and Alice in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.

Kirito and His Powers

Kazuto Kirigaya is a boy who was born on October 12, 2007 in Japan. He was orphaned when his parents passed away, so he was adopted by his uncles. Back then, he was one of SAO’s Beta Testers and has played all 3 games called SAO, ALO, and GGO.


Kirito’s powers and abilities could be analyzed and listed from different perspectives, but since he clashed with Alice in the Alicization arc, we are going to list his powers from that arc only:

  • Sword Skills
    • Aincrad style
    • Horizontal
    • Horizontal Square
    • Rage Spike
    • Slant
    • Sharp Nail
    • Snake Bite
    • Sonic Leap
    • Spinning Shield
    • Vertical Arc
    • Vertical Square
    • Vorpal Strike
    • Nova Ascension
    • Majority of other Sword Skills from Sword Art Online.
  • Serlut Style
    • Whirling Current (Cyclone)
  • Dual Blades
    • Starburst Stream

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Alice and Her Powers

The mysterious girl who was Kirito’s “childhood friend”, along with Eugeo, in Underworld. She is captured and allegedly taken to be executed by the Integrity Knights for violating the Underworld Index of Taboos. It is later revealed that she had become an Integrity Knight herself. Her name as an Integrity Knight is Alice Synthesis Thirty.

Alice Synthesis Thirty

Alice appears in the Alicization arc as one of the main antagonists, so her powers, as listed here, will be those from that arc.

Alice’s main power is her swordsmanship. She is a formidable swordsman and has been able to take care of both Kirito and Eugeo simultaneously, without even using her full powers at any moment. She also has a special, Perfect Weapon Control art, which allows her to scatter her sword like petals and use the burst as an attack.

She also has very high defensive capabilities, as witnessed when she was able to use her Perfect Weapon Control art even when frozen along with Kirito, which was a consequence of his own Perfect Weapon Control arc.

All of this shows that Alice was one of the strongest opponents Kirito faced in the whole franchise and that she probably would have beaten him had the wall not collapsed.

Kirito vs Alice: Who Is Stronger?

Now, this last section is going to be a bit different than usual, since we actually had these two clash against each other in the Sword Art Online anime. The battle was quite intense and we are going to briefly describe what happened.

As Kirito and Eugeo approached Alice, Kirito was thinking of taking the initiative in the attack, in order to give Eugeo enough time to stab her with Cardinal’s dagger, but Alice brandished her sword and, the next moment, it dismounted into thousands of flower petals that then fiercely assaulted both attackers causing them to be shot into the air.

Then she called them ridiculous for approaching her without even taking their swords and commented that she would not continue being so benevolent with them. Kirito then whispered to Eugeo to start working on his chant, and asked Alice for a fair duel in an exaggerated move. Alice accepted a fair duel, and made her sword return to normal.

After Alice explained the nature of her sword, Kirito immediately started charging towards Alice, hoping to gain the advantage of her with his consecutive strike abilities, however, Alice easily deflected the first strike from her. Later, it was Alice who went on the offensive.

After just 5 exchanges between attack and defense, Kirito was led to the western wall of the room. Kirito managed to avoid Alice’s next blow, and leapt towards her, pinning her with her arms, and then immediately yelled at Eugeo to activate his sword’s special ability. After Alice and Kirito were frozen by the Blue Rose Sword’s ability, Eugeo released the sword to go and stab Alice with her dagger.

However, when Eugeo had only taken three steps, Alice’s sword turned into petals that quickly sliced ​​through the ice. Before a surprised Eugeo Alice commented that that simple ice didn’t even have a chance to restrain her petals, returning her sword to her original appearance.

Kirito had been secretly concentrating on her sword song to just finish it off and attack Alice’s sword with a torrent of darkness. She managed to defend herself from the attack with her own sword skill.

While Kirito had Alice occupied, Eugeo tried again to get close to her to stab her with her dagger, but when he was getting closer, the torrent of both divine instruments hit the walls of the room and broke them.

At that moment, the air inside the room began to flow out of the room, dragging both Kirito and Alice through the hole that was made in the wall, which almost instantly closed due to its great regeneration capacity.

Now, the battle ended with a draw, the initial one. Alice then regained her memories and joined Kirito, so the two of them never clashed again. At the time of the battle, Alice seems to have been the better of the two, but since Kirito has evolved a lot since then, he is now the more skilled among the two and would be able to beat Alice now.

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