Lagoon Island: Lost Ark Guide To Tokens, Quests, Boss & Rewards

lost ark lagoon island

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Lost Ark is packed with a wide selection of exciting adventures and activities for its players, many of which involve exploring Arkesia’s various islands. Lagoon Island is a great location to gather helpful currency and even obtain special items, but many players can find the process slightly perplexing.

Lagoon Island is an Adventure Island in Lost Ark, located across the ocean from Rohendal, southeast of Bern, past Ister Island, and west of the Lost Ark Tooki Island locations. It features a unique questline and boss, rewarding players with valuable drops.

It can feel complex to get to Lagoon Island and partake in its activities to obtain its amazing rewards. But, getting there and taking advantage of everything Lagoon Island has to offer can be fairly straightforward with the right approaches.

What Is Lagoon Island In Lost Ark?

There are numerous unique islands scattered throughout the land of Arkesia, ranging from quaint little island hideaways to larger islands populated with villages and vast landscapes. However, Lost Ark also features some special islands that players can visit.

Lagoon Island is classified as an Adventure Island in Lost Ark, meaning that it involves special activities and players can only visit the island when it’s active. The Korean version refers to Lagoon Island as Blue Hole Island, roughly translated, and is often referred to by this name.

lost ark ship

According to the Lost Ark Codex, Lagoon Island is “a fantastical island that conjures up images of a world under the sea.” Players will not be able to earn the rewards if they give up halfway or leave the area before completing the objectives.

There’s plenty to see and do on this short and sweet island, including an awesome special boss and a unique questline. Players can walk away – or, sail away – with many handy items, currencies, and even unique rewards.

How To Get To Lagoon Island In Lost Ark

Lagoon Island is located across the ocean from Rohendal, southeast of Bern. It’s situated just past the Ister Island nearby and lies west of the Lost Ark Tooki Island locations.

Below is the map of Arkesia, showing the area containing Lagoon Island, thanks to LAOInfo:

lost ark lagoon

Below is a map depicting Lagoon Island’s specific location, thanks to GGRecon:

lost ark lagoon island location

Players would have first needed to unlock the sailing ability in Lost Ark before they can travel via ship on Arkesia’s World Map. The sailing ability can be unlocked after completing the Set Sail quest, the final quest in the East Luterra storyline.

While this may seem like extra effort, players will need to complete this quest as part of the main questline. Since the main questline is vital for progressing to the endgame and unlocking powerful class skills and awesome in-game activities, unlocking the sailing ability to visit Lagoon Island will be more of a bonus.

Lagoon Island Spawn Times

Since Lagoon Island is classified as an Adventure Island, it will only be active and available at certain times throughout each week. It also doesn’t guarantee a spawn every single day, so players will need to watch out for Lagoon Island to participate in its activities and complete its objectives.


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Players can keep an eye on Lagoon Island’s availability using their Procyon’s Compass – a tool that will display numerous scheduled events and dungeons. Follow these steps to make sure you catch the Lagoon Island event while it’s active:

  1. Select the compass icon under the minimap in the upper-left corner of the HUD to open Procyon’s Compass.
  2. Click on ‘Appearance Info’ for ‘Adventure Island’ from the activity tab menu.
  3. Set and in-game alarm in Lost Ark to track when the Lagoon Island event begins.

Lost Ark Lagoon Island Guide

Lagoon Island boasts a ton of exciting and fun activities for players, including a unique questline, an incredibly powerful boss, and the chance to acquire special and even rare Lost Ark items.

Lagoon Island Questline

Similar to many of Lost Ark‘s Adventure Islands, a co-op quest will begin 3 minutes after players drop anchor and enter Lagoon Island. The quest will grant players the task of killing the island boss, Iar Kaya.

However, players can also activate a questline on Lagoon Island by speaking to the Boatman NPC after arriving. Players can obtain some useful engravings as well as Lost Ark Pirate Coins as a reward for completing this questline.

Lagoon Island Boss

According to Lost Ark Codex, Iar Kaya is the self-proclaimed mistress of the deep sea. But, she is in fact a powerful witch who had her heart broken by the captain of a sailing frigate.

He swore to love her and never hurt her but turned on her when he ordered his sailors to catch her wand in a net. Iar Kaya escaped, but she developed a deep hatred for all surface dwellers and vowed to expel them from the open seas.

lost ark iar kaya

The actions and betrayal of one man led to the deaths of thousands of innocent sailors as a result. It’s recommended that players should at least reach the following levels for this island, as taking down this boss can be quite a challenge:

  • Combat level 50
  • Item Level 250

It will take around 3 minutes to prepare to fight this boss, and it will take an average of 30 minutes to complete the objective. Defeating the boss will begin a bid for 3 items.

Lagoon Island Rewards and Items

Successfully completing the Lagoon Island objectives and questline will grant players with some useful Lost Ark items, and potentially some rare and valuable drops. These include special collectibles and even high-end items for skills and abilities.

Lagoon Island Token

Players can obtain the Lagoon Island Token, otherwise known as the Island Heart, an item that proves the island has accepted the player. These tokens can be exchanged for some awesome rewards with Opher on the Lonely Island.

The Lagoon Island Token is an RNG drop from the island’s boss, Iar Kaya. Players will need to defeat the boss in order to stand a chance at obtaining the Lagoon Island Token. However, since the drop is based on RNG, players may need to return and defeat Iar Kaya multiple times in order to acquire it.

Lagoon Island Wealth Rune

Players will also stand a chance to receive an epic and powerful Skill Rune Effect named Wealth after defeating Iar Kaya. Wealth Runes are a special type of rune in Lost Ark, increasing the player’s Identity Gauge upon skill hit, with the increase depending on the rune’s rarity.


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This Identity Gauge is unique to each class, but any boost in identity can be extremely useful regardless of your chosen class. Below are the tiers of this rune, and how each tier will increase the player’s Identity Gauge:

  1. Uncommon: 10%
  2. Rare: 20%
  3. Epic: 30%
  4. Legendary: 40%

As such, the Epic Wealth Rune dropped by Iar Kaya will grant players a 30% Identity Gauge boost. These runes are best suited to skills that generate plenty of Identity.

Lagoon Island Clam Merchant

Apart from the rewards that players can acquire by completing Lagoon island’s objectives, players can also purchase a useful item from the Lagoon Island merchant by purchasing various clams. The clams will give players Ability Stones, depending on the rarity of the clams purchased.

Below is the location of the Lagoon Island Merchant, thanks to Papunika:

lost ark lagoon merchant

Lagoon Island Mokoko Seed Location

There is only 1 Mokoko Seed location on Lagoon Island, which players can use to acquire awesome rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor. The Lagoon Island Mokoko Seed location is as follows, thanks to Maxroll:

lost ark lagoon island mokoko
lost ark lagoon island mokoko1

Although Lagoon Island may take more effort than many other Lost Ark activities, its objectives may take less time per run while being incredibly fun and rewarding. Players can obtain useful and even rare items as well as unique collectibles and lucrative currency that will add significant value to the overall Lost Ark experience.

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