‘Last Light’ Ending, Explained: Does Andy Manage to Save His Family and the World?

Last Light

Last Light is the newest action thriller developed by Peacock to boost its content library. The series tells the story of Andy, a petrochemist who gets involved in fixing an oncoming environmental catastrophe. When his family also gets involved in the proceedings, Andy must navigate the terrifying scenario. He needs to save his family and the world at the same time, as he is one of the few capable scientists in the world that can fix the crisis.

The series sees the return of Matthew Fox to television, and it is a welcome sight to see the actor back at it. However, Fox feels a bit rusty in the role, and while he tries his best, it doesn’t ultimately sell the role of a scientist and a family man. The rest of the cast does little to improve the series, and the series quickly loses steam. The series is just boring, and with only five episodes, it feels like the story was stretched out a bit too much.


‘Last Light’ Review: A Half-Baked Action Thriller That Doesn’t Know Where to Go

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Last Light. Read at your own risk.

What Is The Environmental Crisis In Last Light All About?

The series starts with the introduction of Andy and his family. Andy is a petrochemist, one of the most renowned scientists in his field, and it seems he has harvested the rewards for it. He now works as a freelancer for several oil companies, which has afforded him a big house and a perfect family, all of which have been provided for. Andy also has a blind son, who is getting ready to receive an intervention to help him see again.

However, a couple of days before he goes to Paris with his son for the operation, he is called by an Arabian company. There is a crisis, and they need their expertise right away. Andy and her wife fight it out. It seems Andy is always away working for these oil companies, and he is not as much at home as he or his family would like to be. Andy promises he will go to work and be in Paris in two days’ time to accompany his son in the operation.

Last Light

Andy leaves and arrives in the Middle East. There he meets a representative of the British government, and he is given the data. Andy does look very worried, but once he gets the results from the oil tests he recognizes what is happening, and it is absolutely terrible. You see, there is a problem with the oil. It seems that it doesn’t work anymore. It can be treated in the same way as always to create gasoline or any other oil-based product.

It seems that bacteria are changing the nature of oil and its derived products. These bacteria are also spreading around the world at a very fast pace. This means that in just a matter of days, the entire oil economy and the entire world’s machines that use oil as fuel will be completely useless. The scenario becomes dire when cars stop moving, and even planes start falling from the sky. Several government institutions start working on solutions, but it seems like it is impossible in the time frame they have.

Does Andy Manage To Save His Family And The World?

As the show progresses, Andy and his allies start developing a fix, but something bad happens. Laura, Andy’s oldest daughter, is kidnapped by some strange group called The Apocalypse Watch. Their leader is a man called Tobias. Andy gets in touch with the terrorist group. They are responsible for releasing the bacteria into the world. It seems they hope that ending oil consumption will save the planet from extinction.

Andy gets in touch with the group, and he is given an address and a date. Meanwhile, Tobias appears and talks to Laura. Laura shares the same vision as Tobias. She believes that the environment should be protected and that the current oil consumption will destroy the planet for future generations. Tobias says that she is only there so that he can talk with her father. It seems that Tobias knows Andy very well.

Last Light

Andy arrives, and Tobias takes her to see Laura. It is here that the three of them start talking and a revelation occurs. It seems that in the past, Andy was an environmental activist just like her daughter, but at some point, he took a job at an oil company. Tobias accuses him of betraying himself by doing that, but Andy says he did it for his family, to provide for them. Tobias also reveals that it was Andy who created the idea of the bacteria, Tobias only finished Andy’s plan.

After this revelation, the government arrives with guns and kills Tobias. However, it is too late, the bacteria cannot be stopped, and it has spread all around the world. Andy apologizes to his daughter for not understanding her position when it mattered. In a final voice-over, Andy tells us how the world fell into desperate times, but then new technologies arrived and civilization rose from the ashes of the old world. Everyone united under one single objective, to be better than before. In a twisted way, Tobias won and ended up saving the world.

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