Legends of Tomorrow: Wentworth Miller will return as Captain Cold in Season 7

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DC show Legends of Tomorrow is closing in with its seventh season – only one week to go! And today, fans got some great news about the upcoming season.

Although the show changed its concept after season 4 – starting to be less superhero show and more goofy, colorful and kinda weird show – even fans who maybe gave up on the show because of that change might tune in on the next season because TVLine reported that fan-favorite character Captain Cold, played by Wentworth Miller, will return!

Miller made his debut as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold in The Flash show, he started as a bad guy and the enemy of Grant Gustin’s titular hero, but further development turned him more into a charming anti-hero and fan-favorite character!

Miller reprised the role as series regular on the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, but his character was killed off at the end of the season. Later, Miller returned again as Leonard Snart from Earth-X in crossover Crisis On Earth-X, and his latest appearance was in crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths where he voiced AI known as – you guessed – Leonard.

Although Miller was always here and there around the Arrowverse, fans were eager to get the original Snart back, and now it seems they will. Although it wasn’t actually confirmed will Miller return as the original Snart, or some alternate Snart from some other part of the Multiverse, the fact that we’ll see Miller again holding a cold gun is certainly making us very happy.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 will premiere on October 13. Miller is confirmed to appear in the third episode of the season, which is also the 100th episode of the show!

Source: TVLine

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