All 22 Lifetime Horror Movies

lifetime horror movies

Lifetime Network is usually known for dramatic movies and tv shows that deal with women’s issues and feature them in a plethora of leading roles. One lesser-known genre that Lifetime has been dealing with over the years are horror movies. While some have been praised for depth, acting, and screenplay, most of them received moderate to straight-up bad reviews. Having said that let’s take a look at all the best Lifetime horror movies and we will leave the final judgment of the movie’s quality to you. 

1. The Bad Seed (2018)

The Bad Seed 2018

We start our list of all lifetime horror movies with The Bad Seed. The Bad Seed follows a recently widowed father and his daughter Emma. Emma is a seemingly normal and cheerful child, whose facade of innocence starts crumbling down after her father suspects she played a part in the tragic death of her classmate. As the father starts to deal with the ramifications of her daughter’s mental status, more sinister plans start forming in Emma’s mind. 

2. The Bad Seed Returns (2022)

The Bad Seed Returns 2022

A sequel to Bad Seed from 2018. Emma is living with her Aunt Angela after the “tragic passing” of her father that happened 4 years ago. She is a teenager and at first glance, has all the usual hobbies and interests of a teenage girl. Emma manages to juggle high school, friends, boyfriends, and an occasional act of cruelty and murder she commits. Her world is once again threatened as one of her friends, and her foster father starts to suspect her involvement in tragic events that seem to follow her. 


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3. Big Driver (2014) 

Big Driver 2014

Big Driver was based on the novel written by Stephen King. It follows Tess Thorne the crime-mystery writer who finds herself as a victim of horrific events after she is stranded in the middle of nowhere. She is approached by a man who rapes her and leaves her for dead, while she is trying to save her life, she discovers more victims of the same man. The story gets more twisted as Tess attempts to avenge both her life and the lives of three murdered girls. 

4. Deadly Love (1995) 

Deadly Love 1995

Deadly Love follows Rebecca Barnes. Rebecca is a photographer and a vampire. In order to fulfill her biological needs, Rebecca kills people to sustain herself. Things get interesting when Detective Sean O’Connor recognizes Rebecca’s involvement in several bloody cold cases. Rebecca now needs to figure out how to get out of this mess, as well as how to manage the growing connection she feels toward the detective. 

5. Devil’s Diary (2007)

Devils Diary 2007

Our next entry on the list of Lifetime horror films is Devil’s Diary. A supernatural horror film about two teenage friends who found a mysterious book in the graveyard. The book offers incredible power to those willing to sell their souls in the process. Lies, deceit, and horror mount, as the girls are unable to deal with the consequences of the evil they have unleashed. 

6. Devil’s Pond (2003)

Devils Pond 2003

Devil’s Pond follows a newlywed couple on their dream honeymoon. For the wife, the deserted heavenly island soon becomes the worst nightmare as she truly gets to know her new husband. 

7. The Devil’s Child (1997)

The Devils Child 1997

The Devil’s Child follows a mother who decides to make a deal with the devil after her child has sustained life-threatening injuries. Nikki, now a grown woman is not aware of the unnatural ways through which she managed to survive her childhood accident, and has no idea that her mother bartered with her soul. 

8. The Gathering (2007) 

The Gathering 2007

The Gathering is not a movie technically. it’s miniseries. It follows a father and a husband whose life turns to hell after he figures out that his wife is a part of the occult. A witch’s coven that harbors some powerful people willing to do anything to keep their sinister status secret. 


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9. The Haunting of Sorority Row (2007) 

The Haunting of Sorority Row 2007

A classic haunting story with a college drama twist. The Haunting of Sorority Row follows a group of college freshmen girls, trapped in a haunted house in the midst of nerve-wracking events. 

10. Haunting Sarah (2005) 

Haunting Sarah 2005

Haunting Sarah is a chilling movie about two identical twins Erica and Heather with a very deep profound, almost supernatural bond. In adulthood, both sisters have families of their own and in a twist of fate, after a tragic event, they figure that their children share that supernatural bond as well. After the death of David, Heather’s son, they notice that Sarah (Erica’s daughter) is disturbed and haunted by David, who is not willing to let go of his life. 

11. High School Possession (2014) 

High School Possession 2014

High School possession is a supernatural horror movie that follows Lauren, convinced that her friend is possessed by evil forces. After she is denied help, she decided to take the matter into her own hands. 

12. Homecoming (2009)

Homecoming 2009
Homecoming Movie

Up next we have a psychological horror. A story about an ex-girlfriend unable to move on. Mike and Elizabeth come to visit his hometown due to homecoming. Things take a turn for the worse, when Mike’s ex-girlfriend Shelby, kidnaps his current girlfriend, revealing that she will do anything in her power to replace Elizabeth. 

13. The House Next Door (2006) 

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Based on a novel written by Anne Rivers Siddons The House Next Door revolves around a seemingly haunted house that destroys the lives of everyone who come near it. When a young architect moves into the neighborhood and starts eyeing the cursed house, Walker and Col Kennedy will do anything in their power to stop the cycle from repeating itself. 

14. Kristy (2014)

Kristy 2014

Our next Lifetime horror movie blends the themes of horror, thriller, and cybercrime. Justine is a poor college student who stays behind on a near-deserted college campus during the holidays. In the absence of her friends, she becomes a target of a sick and twisted cyber cult of serial killers.

15. A Midsummer’s Nightmare (2017) 

A Midsummers Nightmare 2017

A Midsummer’s Nightmare is heavily influenced by Midsummer Night’s Dream with a unique twist with horrific consequences. The movie follows 2 young couples, who during the night of romantic escapades get trapped into something vicious and evil as they try to deal with their own secrets and fantasies. 


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16. Secrets in the Walls (2010)

Secrets in the Walls 2010

Secrets in the Walls is a classic haunted house flick. It follows two sisters in a mother who end up in a haunted house. The ghost in question is Greta, a 17-year-old abused girl. Greta is enacting her vengeance for a life that she missed on innocent parties willing to move into the house. 

17. The Watcher in the Woods (2017) 

The Watcher in the Woods 2017

One more movie dealing with hauntings but what can we say it’s a pretty common theme in the horror genre. The Watcher in the Woods follows a Carstair family who moved into the Aylwood manor. Aylwood manor is somewhat infamous because of the disappearance of Karen Aylwood 30 years ago. Carstairs manage to piece things together when strange and bizarre phenomena start to disturb their previously normal lives. 

18. The Sitter / While the Children Sleep (2007) 

While the Children Sleep 2007

This psychological horror revolves around a deranged babysitter. Abby Reed seems like a perfect choice for a babysitter until strange happenings start to get tied to her. Meghan, who hired her tries to dig deeper into Abby’s past, but it might be too late. Meghan is next on Abby’s hit list. 

 19. Buried Alive (1990) 

Buried Alive 1990

Our next Lifetime horror movie could easily be found on our list of movies about cheating wives and husbands. It does, however, have a much darker theme in general. In Buried Alive, we follow an ordinary man named Clint who figures his wife is cheating on him with a doctor. Joanna (the wife) doesn’t want to leave things to fate and hatches a plan to kill Clint with her lover. Things don’t go according to plan when Clint manages to unbury himself and take a path of vengeance. 

20. House of Darkness: New Blood (2018) 

House of Darkness New Blood 2018

House of Darkness: New Blood was inspired by true events. This chilling and eerie story follows a mother who is convinced that her sudden streak of bad luck and horrific events is caused by things out of her control influenced by dark and evil forces. 

21. Kindred Spirits (2019) 

Kindred Spirits 2019

This psychological horror follows Chloe, a single mother with an estranged younger sister named Sadie. Sadie seemingly disappeared some time ago but resurfaces one day out of the blue. Without an explanation, Chloe will soon realize her life has taken a turn for the worse and her sister is a highly unstable individual targeting anyone who stands between her and her big sister. 

22. The Neighborhood Nightmare / Neighborhood Watch (2018) 

Neighborhood Watch 2018

We finish our list of Lifetime horror movies with The Neighborhood Nightmare released in 2018. The movie follows Lindsay Porter, a mother of a young daughter doing everything in her power to keep her neighborhood safe. In her attempts, she joins the Neighborhood Watch. As she falls head over heels for her new partner a young and attractive bachelor, she will realize that a simple fling has turned into a blood-chilling fight for her own life as well as the life of her daughter. 

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