Loki: Sophia Di Martino Reveals What Can We Expect From Sylvie In Season 2

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Loki, the third MCU show on Disney+ was also the first show which announced the second season. Right now not much about season 2 is known, except the fact that it’s definitely on the way.

And while we wait for some legit news about the production start and/or release date of season 2, Sophia Di Martino already opened up about what can expect from her character Sylvie in the future. In a recent interview for Elle, Di Martino revealed she doesn’t know much about season 2 in general but we can expect that Sylvie will fundamentally stay the same.

“I don’t know anything about series 2. I don’t know how far it’s going to be removed from what happened at the end of series 1. I don’t know if she will have changed again by the time we see her again. I don’t know where she’ll be, what headspace she’ll be in. I assume she’ll fundamentally still be the same character, but the multiverse makes even [that] a little bit complicated. We can meet anyone. […] It would be easy for me to say I want her to be happy. I want her to find some peace, but I don’t know how interesting that would be to watch or play. She’s so fun when she’s pissed-off and out for revenge! She’s such a strong, badass character that’s so empowering to play, and hopefully empowering to watch. I don’t know if I want that to be sorted. So who knows? I mean, it’d be nice to try on some new outfits.”

Of course, Di Martino was asked when she’s expected to get back to the back to the set.

“It obviously won’t be this year, so I hope it’s next year.”

It is unknown when season 2 will start production, let alone the premiere date. From what we know, season 2 is definitely on the way but looks like Marvel isn’t rushing with it. With all the projects that were announced last Friday on Disney+ day, Marvel has too much on their plate right now. We’ll just need to wait and see, like always.

Tom Hiddleston stars as the titular character in Loki. Sophia Di Martino plays Sylvie Laufeydottir, who is a time variant of Hiddleston’s character.

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