‘Loki’: Why Was Sylvie Taken by the TVA?


If there’s one ‘Loki’ character many fans can relate to, it’s Sylvie. That’s because her character only wants to be free from the binds of the TVA, as she has been running away from them her entire life after they initially tried to capture her when she was just a child. Of course, the TVA brought Loki in because he was the only person who could understand how to capture Sylvie. But why did the TVA try to take Sylvie?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The TVA tried to take Sylvie away because a point in the Sacred Timeline led to the creation of a female Loki variant instead of a male one.
  • According to the correct course of events in the Sacred Timeline, Loki was supposed to be male.
  • Sylvie’s birth led to a Nexus Event that caused the Sacred Timeline to steer away from the correct course of history.

Sylvie is a female Loki variant

Back in the earlier portion of season 1 of ‘Loki,’ one of the things that we learned was the fact that the TVA didn’t prune Loki after a variant of the character changed the course of history when he managed to escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. by using the Tesseract after his defeat at the hands of the Avengers. As such, the TVA found and took him in because he was a variant who had violated the correct course of history in the Sacred Timeline.

Under normal circumstances, the TVA would have pruned Loki and his timeline. Instead, only his timeline was pruned from the Sacred Timeline so that the Sacred Timeline could reset and hopefully follow the “correct” course of history. Loki was spared because Mobius M. Mobius, one of the most reliable agents working for the TVA, needed Loki’s help. And it was in relation to a Loki variant that had been causing a ruckus all over the Sacred Timeline, causing numerous Nexus Events to happen.


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Of course, Mobius knew that Loki was the only person capable of capturing another Loki. This means that Loki’s services were important to the TVA. The Loki he was meant to capture was a variant who escaped from the TVA years ago when they tried to prune them. And it turned out that this Loki was a female variant named Sylvie.

Out of all of the different Loki variants Loki met during the events of the ‘Loki’ series, Sylvie was the only one who was female. There’s also the fact that all of the other Loki variants he met differed from the standard Loki. And if they were the same as the standard Loki (as was the case with President Loki), they committed actions that changed the course of history.

loki and sylvie

In Sylvie’s case, however, it was likely the very fact that she was born female that the TVA knew that she had to be taken in to be pruned. That’s because the Loki of the Sacred Timeline was always a male one and was the one played by Tom Hiddleston. According to the correct course of history in the Sacred Timeline, Loki was supposed to die at the hands of Thanos during the events of ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’

As such, the fact that Sylvie was born female was already a reason for the TVA to suspect that her existence would change the course of history of the Sacred Timeline. And we know that the Sacred Timeline is so important to the TVA and the person secretly running things behind the curtain.

Sylvie caused a Nexus Event

In the first season of ‘Loki’, we also learned that Sylvie (and probably all of the other Loki variants) caused a Nexus Event. As Miss Minutes explained in the series’s first episode, a Nexus Event happens whenever someone steers from the “correct” path on the Sacred Timeline.


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Note that we placed quotation marks on the word “correct” because the man running the TVA in secret created the definition of what’s correct in the Sacred Timeline. We are talking about He Who Remains, a variant of Kang the Conqueror. According to He Who Remains, the Sacred Timeline comprises a collection of historical events that eventually led to his creation. He wanted to preserve the Sacred Timeline because his rise led to defeating the other Kang variants all over the multiverse, thus preventing a multiversal war.

In the mind of He Who Remains, preserving the Sacred Timeline was for the best because it was better to prune people and entire timelines from existence instead of allowing a multiversal war to happen due to the rise of the other Kang variants in the other timelines or universes.

Going back to our point, the biggest reason the TVA tried to take Sylvie in was that her existence caused a Nexus Event. As such, the TVA tried to take her before pruning her entire timeline from existence to prevent the Nexus Event from causing the Sacred Timeline to take a different path.

tva young sylvie

However, it was never revealed in Season 1 what Sylvie did to cause a Nexus Event. It wasn’t even revealed what her Nexus Event was. The only thing we know is that her existence was so dangerous that the TVA decided to make her the top priority, as this led to Sylvie killing a grand total of around 400 experienced hunters working for the TVA.

The TVA never expected that taking Sylvie in when she was just a young girl would change the entire TVA because she could escape them by stealing a Tempad. She eventually went on the run for a very long time while trying to find a way to plot her revenge. The only thing she ever wanted in life was to become free to choose what she wanted to do and where she wanted to go.

Of course, Sylvie teamed up with Loki to get to the End of Time, where they found He Who Remains. Unconvinced of how important the Sacred Timeline was, Sylvie decided to kill He Who Remains, causing multiple timelines to branch off from the Sacred Timeline. After that, Sylvie could finally enjoy her freedom because she could now live free from the TVA, as she worked in an Oklahoma McDonald’s branch during the 80s in a different timeline.

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