Lost Ark: Chaos Line Guide & How To Unlock It

lost ark chaos line guide

Smilegate and Amazon’s Lost Ark has seen a ton of amazing content to date, and its April update was certainly hefty, including a brand new class and the long-awaited South Vern continent. The release of the new continent has brought plenty of new activities and adventures for players, including the Chaos Line activity.

Lost Ark’s Chaos Line Event is a new weekly activity, released with the April Update. It’s restricted to Tier 3 endgame players with an equipped item level of at least 1370, and players will need to complete South Vern’s main content and a short quest before gaining access to the dungeon.

There’s so much to be hyped about now that there are even more activities to keep Lost Ark players occupied. But, getting through the Chaos Line can be fairly tricky. Stick around to find out everything your need to know about the Chaos Line activity, including how to unlock it, how to complete it, and what sort of rewards are up for grabs.

Lost Ark Chaos Line Event (Explained)

The recent April update was quite a beefy one, to say the least, as the developers have added quite a few amazing new additions to the game. There’s quite a lot to wrap our heads around, including:

lost ark april update
  • A long list of tweaks and fixes, like an improved co-op for secret maps
  • A new pass and a battle pass-like feature
  • Six more character slots
  • Various squashed bugs
  • An incredible new class
  • South Vern

South Vern & Chaos Line

Lost Ark players have been patiently awaiting South Vern for quite some time, as it’s necessary for completing the storyline and finding all of the arks around Arkesia. After a seemingly endless waiting period, South Vern is finally here, ready and waiting for dedicated players to take on its newest content!

The South Vern storyline will conclude in an epic battle, with the power to shift the future of Arkesia.

South Vern was once a barren wasteland until the settlers used tech from various regions and cultures to terraform the area into a verdant and idyllic realm. Although, things are not sitting well in South Vern, and the continent has been locked down by the senate, which formed a new knightly order.

lost ark south vern

As the April Update’s images and lore describe, the theme is all about Chaos, and for a good reason. The release of South Vern also comes with the Chaos Line event, an activity that consists of a quest and a weekly Chaos Dungeon for higher-tiered players.

Lost Ark Chaos Line Event Guide

In line with the challenge levels, the South Vern continent is classified as endgame content, as players will only be able to access the area once they hit item level 1340. According to players, the activity is somewhat similar to the quest and dungeon found on Anguished Isle, except that these are weekly activities.


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The event involves a short quest before entry to the dungeon, and the process can be fairly straightforward if you’ve already reached the relevant endgame phase. We’ve gathered everything you need to know to participate in the Chaos Line Event, with images thanks to Ginx Esports TV.

Chaos Line Event Requirements & Limitations

That being said, players will need specific levels and requirements to participate in the activities. The dungeon activity is only available for completion once a week, and players of Tier 3 endgame content will need the following level requirements to participate:

Chaos Line Event Dungeon LevelEquipped Item Level Requirement
Normal ModeLvl. 1370
Hard ModeLvl. 1415

How To Start The Chaos Line Event

Since South Vern is an integral aspect of the Chaos Line Event, players who want to participate will need to complete the South Vern main content first. Only then will players be granted access to the Chaos Line Event quest and activities.

lost ark chaos line

Players who meet the Chaos Line Event requirements can gain access to the activities by speaking to the NPC and initiating a quest since the Chaos Line dungeon is tied to a Roster Quest. Speaking to this NPC will trigger the start of a short quest, which will help grant access to the Chaos dungeon once completed.

Follow the steps below to trigger the quest and gain access to the Chaos Line Event:

  1. Head to South Vern.
  2. Open the district map.
  3. Pass to the massive house within the Southwest section of the map.
  4. Travel to the large area in the Southwest of the map.
  5. Find a square with a floating orb that has circles hovering around it.
  6. Entry to the Chaos Line (Normal) can be found at the north of this square.
  7. Speak to the NPC wearing a hat, located just outside of this entry point.
  8. Accept the quest.
  9. Complete the quest.
  10. Return to the NPC and report the quest’s completion.
  11. You will now have access to the Chaos Line Event.

Token of Protection (Entry Ticket)

The Roster Quest requires players to obtain the Token of Protection, but many players have been finding the process quite tricky. Still, it is important since the Token of Protection will serve as an entry ticket to the Chaos Line dungeon in South Vern.

lost ark chaos line 1

Players can acquire 2 free Tokens of Protection (weekly), the first of which can be obtained by completing the weekly quest named ‘I Must Protect’. Players can obtain the second free Token of Protection by traveling to Vern Castle in North Vern and picking up a purple quest from Magick Scholar Jeneca.

lost ark chaos line 2

Doing so will essentially allow players to return to Professor Farhat, which will reward 2 free Tokens of Protection in total. But, some players have reported issues with this process, as the NPC may not always appear or the Roster Quest may not be received as it should.

A Roster Quest can be picked up at Neria’s Tavern, which can be finished off before traveling back to Jeneca at the Military District. Hopefully, this should trigger the quest by that point.

lost ark chaos line 3

Using the Token of Protection, players will be able to enter the dungeon and clear out all of the monsters – keeping Roster Quest objectives in mind as well. Players will need to acquire the Soundstone while defeating enemies in the Chaos Line in order to progress with the Roster Quest.

Chaos Line Event Step-by-Step Guide

In summary, players will need to do the following to access the Chaos Line Event:

  1. Complete South Vern’s main content.
  2. Acquire at least 1 Token of Protection.
  3. Complete the prerequisite quest.
  4. Report your quest to earn entry to the Chaos Line.

Chaos Line Event Rewards

Completing the Chaos Line Event activities is an incredible way to stack up on valuable and lucrative Lost Ark items while leveling up your characters. The rewards that players can gain include some top-tier items such as Harmony Leapstones and Lost Ark Harmony Shards, which are fairly tricky to acquire otherwise.


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Players may also receive some special rewards per week, such as the Omnium Star. But, the main reward from the Chaos Line Event is Fragmented Bloodmagick Stones, which can be exchanged with Professor Farhat for the following Lost Ark items:

AmountLost Ark Item (Professor Farhat)Bloodmagick
Stone Cost
5x100 Destruction Stone Crystals 200 Stones
15x100 Guardian Stones Crystals60 Stones
10xHonor Shard Pouch (M)20 Stones
17x10 Honor Leapstones30 Stones
30xSolar Grace10 Stones
15xSolar Blessing30 Stones
5xSolar Protection75 Stones
10x100 000 Silver30 Stones
10xEpic Rapport Selection70 Stones
3xLegendary – Epic Card Pack360 Stones
1xSoul Leaf200 Stones

Although the Chaos Line Event’s quest and dungeon have been made available for players, there’s still plenty on the way. Smilegate has stated that they have more exciting South Vern activities lined up for players, scheduled to be released once more players hit the minimum item level of 1415, which will be necessary to participate.