Lost Ark Gate of Harmony Guide: How To Use Key of Balance & Chest of Harmony

lost ark gate of harmony

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Although Lost Ark features a ton of interesting mainland regions, coupled with a spread of fun activities, it also houses some awesome loot scattered throughout its dark blue waters. The Gate of Harmony is a mysterious location, offering a unique co-op event. But, getting there and accessing it can be tricky.

The Gate of Harmony is a whirlpool located in the middle of North Vern and Athetine, but the event itself is located somewhere in the vast sea. The Gate of Harmony will transport players to the event, which involves a fun co-op mission, and players will need a Key of Balance in order to participate and earn rewards.

Although many players can find the process somewhat perplexing, getting the requirements and accessing the Gate of Harmony can be a breeze with the right approaches. Stick around to find out exactly how to access the Gate of Harmony and what this event has in store for adventurous Lost Ark players.

Where Is Gate of Harmony Located?

Apart from the spread of great activities awaiting players on Arkesia’s mainland, there are numerous islands and sea locations ridden with events and ancient loot just begging to be uncovered. If you’ve taken on mainland challenges and are drawn to the idea of exploring Arkesia’s many islands and oceans, you may be gearing up to tackle the Gate of Harmony next.

The Gate of Harmony is not actually an island – rather, it is somewhat of an Arkesian phenomenon. It is a vicious appearing whirlpool that features an incredibly exciting co-op event. Although the Gate of Harmony is situated in the center of North Vern and Arthetine, the actual event’s location is a mystery.


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This is since the Gate of Harmony is actually a portal, and it takes players to the event. According to the Gate of Harmony’s in-game description, it is in fact a “mysterious entrance that transports one to somewhere in the vast sea” – Arkesia’s sailors named it the Gate of Harmony as a result.

How To Get The Key of Balance

The thought of taking on the Gate of Harmony for its awesome rewards is understandably alluring. But, players will need to obtain the Key of Balance (also referred to as the Key of Harmony) before they can participate in the Gate of Harmony event.

Players will need to take part in cooperative sailing missions around Vern, Arthetine, or Annika to get the Key of Balance. As such, players would have needed to unlock the sailing ability in Lost Ark, which is obtained after completing the Set Sail quest – the last quest in the East Luterra storyline.

lost ark ship

The simplest way to get the Key of Balance is to complete either the Catch Jellyfish or the Drowning People Daily co-op mission, as you can acquire the Key of Balance from either of these missions. These missions have set starting times, although there may be time delays to these dailies in some cases.

Players can find these missions by following these steps:

  1. Click the blue stopwatch icon, which should be located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Select the ‘Settings‘ icon (the small cog in the top right of the menu).
  3. Scroll down to ‘Sailing‘.
  4. There should be two arrows – one black arrow and one white arrow, pointing in opposite directions. For example, choose the left-hand button to locate the Catch Jellyfish mission. The event’s location will then be highlighted on your map, and you will be able to view its time schedule.
  5. Complete the daily mission of your choice (Catch Jellyfish or Drowning People).

After you complete the Catch Jellyfish or Drowning People daily mission, you’ll get the Key of Balance. From there, you’ll be able to head out to the Gate of Harmony and participate in the event. It’s also worth noting that you can get multiple keys, which you can use on the Chest of Harmony at the same time.

Gate of Harmony Spawn Times

Once you have the Key of Balance, you can go ahead and start your journey toward the Gate of Harmony. But, since the Gate of Harmony is an event, it will only be available at specific times.


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Players can keep an eye on the Gate of Harmonys availability using their Procyon’s Compass – a tool that will display numerous scheduled events and dungeons. Follow these steps to make sure you catch the Gate of Harmony event while it’s active:

  1. Select the compass icon under the minimap in the upper-left corner of the HUD to open Procyon’s Compass.
  2. Click on ‘Appearance Info’ for ‘Adventure Island’ from the activity tab menu.
  3. Set and in-game alarm in Lost Ark to track when the Gate of Harmony event begins.

How To Access The Gate of Harmony

When the event becomes active, you can start your sailing trip towards the Gate of Harmony. Although, you could also skip the tracking process and just wait outside the Gate of Harmony until it becomes active.

Below is a map displaying the Gate of Harmony’s location, thanks to Dexerto and Papunika, indicating its proximity to the ideal starting point:

lost ark gate of harmony location

The steps below describe how to access the Gate of Harmony event and as well as a summary of how to participate to earn some great rewards:

  1. Start your journey at Port Krona.
  2. Sail northeast until you reach a huge, round chasm or whirpool in the sea. This is the Gate of Harmony.
  3. Wait until the co-op event starts.
  4. You are split into two groups and tasked with shooting undersea creatures. Whether you win or lose, you will receive the Chest of Harmony. Use the key to open it.
  5. You will be rewarded with Gienah’s Coin, and can use as many keys as you like if you have more than one.

Gate of Harmony Guide

Once you enter the Gate of Harmony’s gateway, the event will begin and all of the participating players will be divided into two teams. The teams will then be given the task of shooting some swimming creatures underwater.

lost ark gate of harmony 1

Unlike many of Lost Ark‘s other events on its islands, where players need to perform well to earn the reward, the Gate of Harmony event will reward all participants. As such, you will not need to be on the winning team to acquire the Chest of Harmony reward – still, be sure to give it your best shot!

How To use Chest of Harmony Reward

The Chest of Harmony will appear in the middle after the Gate of Harmony event comes to an end. Players will need to interact with it and use their Key of Balance/ Key of Harmony on the Chest of Harmony.

Opening up the Chest of Harmony after completing the Gate of Harmony event will provide players with the following rewards:

  • Gienah’s Coin: This will make up the majoroty of players’ Chest of Harmony rewards, and can be used to acquire the Lost Ark Roar Emote as well as Lost Ark Pirate Coins.
  • A Treasure Map: This only has a chance to drop.
  • Gold: Valuable Lost Ark currency that can be used for many purposes.

The Gate of Harmony event will take some prior preparation and daily mission completion before you can access it, but the process is still relatively straightforward and should not take too long. You’ll be participating in this fun and passive co-op event to obtain its amazing rewards in no time.

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