When Will The Female Berserker Release In Lost Ark? (& What We Know About It)

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Avid Lost Ark fans have been begging the game developers for more gender options within classes and advanced classes, and the devs have taken all of these requests to heart. Pretty soon, Lost Ark’s female Berserker will be taking the stage, and players are absolutely hyped to find out what she has in store!

The female Berserker is scheduled to be released by the end of 2022. She will likely have a similar playstyle and set of abilities compared to Lost Ark’s Berserker, but may potentially flaunt a few unique attributes and skills.

Although there are still many questions concerning this new Lost Ark advanced class’s specific skills and playstyle, there are quite a few theories and shreds of evidence that can help us piece this iconic addition together. Stick around to find out everything we know about the female Berserker advanced class, and when she’ll be released in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Female Berserker Class

Lost Ark has gotten a load of backlash for featuring gender-locked classes and advanced classes, which has left many players having to choose between their preferred in-game character gender and their preferred class abilities. The best option has been to choose another gendered class, which generally offers slightly different abilities and stats.

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Some main classes feature both male and female advanced classes, while others feature advanced classes in only one gender. The Warrior main melee class has been restricted to males, but a female Berserker has been under development to add some feminine charm to this masculine class.

The female Berserker was revealed at the LOA ON Winter Festival back in 2021, in addition to a handful of new changes set to debut throughout 2022. She’s been teased for quite a long time, and this new advanced class is still being worked on at the moment.

Lost Ark’s game devs posted an official announcement on Twitter regarding new reveals and additions coming to Korea back in December 2021, stating the following:

Fans have been anticipating her release ever since she was initially revealed by the developers, topped with a sneak peek of her appearance and powerful nature. Since a female Berserker-type advanced class has been almost every Lost Ark player’s dream since the game’s release, the excitement only continues to grow the closer we get to witnessing her in-game!

Female Berserker Class Powers and Abilities

There have been many speculations about the upcoming female Berserker’s abilities and skills, with many Lost Ark players assuming that she will simply be a female variation of the male Berserker class. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, as Lost Ark’s Berserker class has gained a ton of attention and fans, quickly becoming one of Lost Ark’s most played advanced classes to date.


Every Gender Locked Class In Lost Ark Explained

Berserkers are heavy-hitting powerhouses that attack their enemies with a whirlwind of fury and force. They can also enter an enhanced state once their Identity Skill gauge is full, which empowers this class by allowing them to transform into an unstoppable hero with heightened stats and attributes.

The female Berserker class will likely flaunt a similar playstyle and set of abilities or skills compared to the male Berserker, but will differ in terms of her gear, appearance, and of course, gender. When she was first mentioned back in late 2021, she was classified as a “Gender-Unlock” for the Berserker class – as opposed to another inclusion classified as a “New Class” within the same reveal.

lost ark female berserker

As such, she is quite likely to be far more similar to the Berserker class than other Warrior advanced classes. However, Lost Ark devs have been known to add a few twists to advanced classes within the same main class. So, the female Berserker may just have a few special tricks up her sleeves.

In addition, the female Berserker will almost definitely have her own advanced class name, even though she may always be labeled as the ‘female Berserker’ by Lost Ark fans and players. Her advanced class name and unique attributes will only be revealed upon her official release.

When Does The Female Berserker Release In Lost Ark?

It should be noted that the Korean version of Lost Ark actually has a few advanced classes that are missing from the Western version, meaning that there may very well be a hefty backlog of additional classes that still need to be added over time. Still, the female Berserker is scheduled to be first on the list in terms of new class releases (or, gender unlocks) in the West.

There is no specific date for the female Berserker advanced class’s release at the moment, although it’s clear that she’ll be added to Lost Ark as soon as she’s ready. But, the female Berserker is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2022 in Korea – possibly towards the end of 2022.

However, this does not necessarily mean that she will be released in Lost Ark’s Western version at the same time. The European and North American Lost Ark versions are slightly behind compared to the original Korean version – understandably so.

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As a result, this means that if the female is released in 2022 in Korea, we may only see her in Western versions well past her official Korean Lost Ark release date. Most Lost Ark fans and players are expecting to see the female Berserker in Western versions by the end of 2022.

Lost Ark’s female Berserker has sent players into an absolute frenzy of excitement, as we will finally have the chance to play Warrior with feminine yet forceful power and strength. Whether she’ll be a near complete copy of the male Berserker or will boast her own unique attributes, she’ll definitely be worth the wait!

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