Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship: Locations & How To Defeat It

lost ark ghost ship

Although Lost Ark is filled with a ton of fantasy creatures, it also features some more well-known enemies and supernatural beings. The Nightmare Ghost Ship is one of these entities, offering some tempting loot and even cool cosmetics, and quickly becoming a top destination for Lost Ark players.

The Nightmare Ghost Ship spawns randomly throughout Arkesia, typically within stormy waters. It’s location is shown on the map, and the raid will be aided by equipping ‘Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound’, having crew members with the ‘Fighter: Ghost Ship’ ability, and recruiting ‘Berald’.

While you may be eager to get into the fun activities waiting on the Nightmare Ghost Ship, you’ll need to find it first. Finding the Nightmare Ghost Ship can be quite tricky, as it typically moves around. Stick around to find out how to find the Nightmare Ghost Ship in Lost Ark and why it’s worth the effort.

What Is The Nightmare Ghost Ship In Lost Ark?

The Nightmare Ghost Ship adds an extra layer of adventure and thrill for Lost Ark players, especially for those who enjoy travelling by sea. The Nightmare Ghost Ship is an event – specifically, a sailing encounter that offers some unique rewards compared to other events available throughout Arkesia.

lost ark sghost ship

Players may overlook the Nightmare Ghost Ship event, especially players who are new to the game or have only recently unlocked sailing. Still, most players prefer to travel by land or through the use of teleportation via Triports – as a result, the Nightmare Ghost Ship may be missed entirely.

Once you begin sailing around Arkesia’s islands, continents, and seas, you may stumble upon spooky ghost ships. Interacting with these ghost ships will initiate a raid-type event featuring some tough foes and epic cinematics. But, the odds of players simply happening upon the Nightmare Ghost Ship is fairly slim.

How To Find Lost Ark’s Nightmare Ghost Ship

Finding the Nightmare Ghost Ship can be quite challenging, as it does not have a specific predetermined location like many other Lost Ark events and activities. Rather than spawning on the same spot each time, the Nightmare Ghost Ship spawns at random locations throughout Arkesia.

Map Location of Lost Ark Ghost Ship

Players can generally find the Nightmare Ghost Ship in three locations on the western side of the Open Seas. They can typically be found in the following general areas:

  • West of Rethramis
  • In the Sea of Procyon, west of South Vern
  • East of Feiton

It typically appears in waters experiencing violent storms, and it can take a while before it appears – so patience will definitely be necessary to take it down. The Nightmare Ghost Ship’s location will be displayed on the map once it spawns.

lost ark ghost ship map

Lost Ark’s Nightmare Ghost Ship is indicated by a small grey ‘vessel’ symbol, and the location may change when they respawn. When the Nightmare Ghost Ship spawns in a new area, its location will automatically be updated on the map.

Nightmare Ghost Ship Spawn Rates

The Nightmare Ghost Ship typically spawns only a few times each day, usually every few hours. Players will be able to take on the Nightmare Ghost Ship every day, as many time as they’d like.

But, obtaining the special rewards within the Nightmare Ghost Ship’s loot table can only be done once a week. If players want to have another shot at obtaining some of the Nightmare Ghost Ship’s awesome loot, they will need to wait until the timer on it resets.

How To Defeat The Nightmare Ghost Ship

Once you manage to locate the Nightmare Ghost Ship, you will need to get close enough before you can even begin your attack. Since the Nightmare Ghost Ship is generally located within rough and violent waters, players will need to practice caution as they near the ship.


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Navigating these stormy water is not too difficult, but your ship should be upgraded to withstand these conditions. Once players reach a spot close enough to the Nightmare Ghost Ship, a cut-scene will be initiated and players must defeat all of the crew members aboard the ship.

The Nightmare Ghost Ship’s crew members put up a solid fighter – they are not easy to defeat, especially considering there is a time limit for the event. You’ll definitely need to bring your A-game, and will need all the help you can get by acquiring some useful items if possible.

Tips & Useful Items for Defeating The Nightmare Ghost Ship

The effectiveness of your attack will depend entirely on your chosen approach and your skill level, and many players may get by with some solid equipment. However, there are a few awesome items and abilities that will help you take down the Nightmare Ghost Ship with few issues.

Nightmare Ghost Ship in Lost Ark 780x470 1

This is not necessary to defeat the Nightmare Ghost Ship, but it will definitely make the entire experience more smooth and enjoyable. This is especially true for newer players trying to take on the Nightmare Ghost Ship, as the raid can be fairly challenging without these items or some solid high-tier weapons.

Otherwise, players would benefit from having the armor and weapons acquired at later stages throughout the game. Defeating the Nightmare Ghost Ship may be quite tough for players lacking these items and equipped with with low to mid-tier armor and weapons.

Fighter: Ghost Ship Ability

Having a crew with the ‘Fighter: Ghost Ship’ ability would allow players to run through this dark entity as soon as possible.

Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound

Equipping Eibern’s Wound will make the Nightmare Ghost Ship raid far easier. But, it will take some time to get it, as you will need to complete ‘Bleak Night Fog’ 12 times before you’ll be able to claim it.


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After you unlock the sailing mechanic, follow these steps to acquire the ‘Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound’:

  • Go to the Una’s Tasks tab (Alt + J).
  • Go to the Reputation Status.
  • Check ‘Item’, and type ‘Ghost Ship’ into the Search Bar.
  • A result should read ‘Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound’. Click on it.
  • Click on the magnifying glass next to the quest.
  • Accept the ‘Bleak Night Fog’ quest. This quest spawns every few hours.
Crew Members

The best crew member for taking on the Nightmare Ghost Ship is Berald, as he offers some fantastic passive buffs on this ship. Berald will cost 80,000 Pirate Coins, and can be acquired in Eyaru.

Rewards for Defeating The Nightmare Ghost Ship

Players who successfully defeat the Nightmare Ghost Ship may be rewarded with the epic-looking ‘Ghost Ship’ skin. This skin is on many players’ wish lists, and its part of a quest line in the game that requires players to successfully complete one Nightmare Ghost Ship raid.

lost ark 4

But, there’s still plenty of loot on the table for those who haven’t embarked on this quest line yet. There are a ton of other useful rewards that players can obtain by defeating the Nightmare Ghost Ship, such as:

  • Pirate Coins
  • Engraving Books
  • Possible Cosmetic Items

Taking on the Nightmare Ghost Ship can seem like an incredibly daunting task, and it will definitely be quite a challenge. But, you can defeat this spooky ghost ship with the right approach and crew members, or by using a solid build topped with powerful armor and weapons.

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