Lost Ark Rudric Guide: How To Find & Kill The Boss

lostark rudric fight

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Lost Ark features a range of unique fantasy creatures and enemies, giving players an endless list of activities and adventures. But, at some point players will need to encounter World Bosses, which are significantly stronger than regular Lost Ark bosses.

No MMORPG would be complete without a selection of epic boss fights, and Lost Ark has taken the liberty of providing fans with a stunning yet deadly lineup. The Rudric World Boss is undeniably alluring for Lost Ark gamers who love a good challenge, but it can be quite tough to defeat.

Lost Ark Rudric World Boss

Lost Ark‘s World Bosses vary in their history and overall demeanor, as each of them has a very unique background story. While some World Bosses are more unfortunate than naturally evil, others have taken their new form as a result of some bad choices.

Rudric is an example of such a creature, as although it may appear to be a product of other-worldly forces, it was once a High Priest within the Holy Sacrian Empire. But, as the empire turned to dark magic, it too became imbued with dark yet powerful energy.

lost ark rudric

Unlike other World Bosses that can be found on other continents later down the line, Rudric is situated on the very first continent. This makes Rudric the first World Boss that players will encounter as they progress through the game.

How To Find Rudric In Lost Ark

The Rudric World Boss is located in the graveyard situated at the Rethramis Border. This Boss will typically be found somewhere around the southwestern area within the graveyard.

Rudric’s location can be found by teleporting or riding to the Regria Monastery. The graveyard is situated to the east of the Regria Monastery.

Why Can’t I Find Rudric?

Like all World Bosses in Lost Ark, the instances are left open for all players rather than creating an individual instance for each player that wants to defeat the boss. As a result, Rudric can be killed by just about anyone who’s capable and up for the task.

If you can’t find Rudric and have searched the entire area without results, odds are that this boss may have already been defeated by another player or party. But, you will still be able to take on this boss if you wait a little while longer.

Lost Ark image

Rudric will respawn 30 minutes after being defeated, so you can hang around and wait it out or come back later to try again. There is often a range of other willing players hanging around to defeat the same boss, and they may be able to help you gauge the waiting time by telling you how long they’ve been waiting already.

How To Kill Rudric In Lost Ark

Although the look of this World Boss may make you want to jump right into it, you could be in for some epic fails if you don’t quite understand how this boss works. Like every World Boss in Lost Ark, Rudric has some special abilities, attacks, and mechanics that will require plenty of background knowledge, preparation, and skill to manage.

Rudric World Boss Mechanics

This dark priest is undeniably tough with over 10 million HP, and it hits incredibly hard. However, Rudric is quite reliant on melee and close-range hits, and it’s also fairly slow compared to other World Bosses.

But, Rudric also casts some dark magic attacks (normal attacks, charge attacks, fear mechanics, and summoning spirits). Some magic attacks may not be completely avoidable.

lostark rudric

Its equipped with quite an intimidating scythe, and its primary attack is a wide swing-type attack using this weapon. While Rudric has a slower movement speed, do not underestimate its scythe – that thing is much more swift than one might expect.

If Rudric lands a solid hit on players, the aftermath will be a combination of damage and some knock-back effects. However, a cone-like indicator appears before this attack, and this leaves just enough time (less than 2 seconds) for players with decent movement speed to dodge incoming hits.


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But, unlike many other World Bosses that encounter players in tight areas, Rudric’s instance area is fairly moderate in size. This provides a great advantage to players encountering Rudric, as they will have more room to keep a fair distance and formulate an effective plan of attack.

Defeating Rudric

Defeating Rudiric solo may be quite tempting for players that love a good thrill. But, this World Boss should not be underestimated as it is incredibly tough to take down alone.

It’s always recommended to team up with your friends or other players before taking on this former high priest, as you will be able to take it down much quicker and with more efficiency. Other players are often looking to find a group willing to challenge this World Boss, so it should not be too difficult to form a party.


Choosing a world that’s quite busy can help you find teammates much faster. Don’t hesitate to ask in Global Chat if you’re alone, as you could find interested players much more quickly than you’d expect.

Tips For Players Fighting Rudric

If there was a specific and fool-proof step-by-step guide for Lost Ark World Bosses, the overall experience would become stale quite quickly. The beauty of Lost Ark‘s World Boss encounters is that it will never be the same for every player.

The battle will be affected by many influences, including your chosen class, gear, consumables, and much more. But, players should consider the following when they attempt to defeat Rudric:

  • Stack up on health potions.
  • Stack up on grenades, as this will help players maintain their range.
  • Melee players should find an attack-retreat-repeat type of rhythm.
  • Ranged players can continue attacking Rudric from a distance.
  • Use AoE damage or grenades to kill spirits, as these can overwhlem players over time.

Best Class For Rudric

As with all World Bosses, having a solid PvE class and build will be the best approach. But, one of the main reasons why it’s always better to team up with other players is the necessity for a diverse selection of class abilities and benefits.

lostark friends

Unlike some other World Bosses, Rudric’s slower movement speed does leave some more room for options. Many classes can work really well for Rudric, as the need for agility, higher movement speed, and mobility are not as essential compared to some other World Boss encounters.

Below are the current PvE class rankings for Rudric:

  • S Tier: Bard, Berserker, Gunlancer
  • A Tier: Paladin, Gunslinger, Artillerist, Sorceress, Wardancer
  • B Tier: Shadowhunter, Sharpshooter, Deadeye, Deathblade
  • C Tier: Striker, Soulfist, Scrapper


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The ideal party for taking on Rudric should be comprised of tanks, high damage dealers, great support, and classes that can cast some advantageous buffs. Bard is at the top of the list in terms of support, as she flaunts the best healing and shielding abilities in the game.

The Berserker class is a great choice if you want to land some solid hits when you’re given the change, provided that you can dodge Rudric’s scythe attacks in time. The Gunlancer class is an awesome option for players who still want to deal some effective damage over time while keeping a fair distance.

Although Rudric is undeniably tough, players can still defeat this dark high priest with some solid gear and consumables. Always try and team up with others when taking on this World Boss, as the experience will be far more efficient and enjoyable overall.

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