Lost Ark Tiger Mount: Type, Speed, Skills, How To Get It & More

Unlock Soul Vanguard Mount In Lost Ark guide

Plenty of players adore Lost Ark’s wide selection of gorgeous mounts, as they enable fans to travel in style with the bonus of added speed. Tigers have been a classic favorite for ages, whether they be used as companions or steeds in MMORPGs, and the Tiger Mount in Lost Ark is no exception.

The Tiger Mount, known as the Soul Vanguard Mount, is a reward for reaching level 10 within the Ark Pass, including the Free Ark Pass option. Players will be rewarded with the Soul Vanguard Selection Chest upon hitting level 10, after which they can choose from the Tiger Mount’s two color palette variants.

While obtaining the Tiger Mount in Lost Ark is fairly straightforward, many players can find the process somewhat tricky. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the Tiger Mount in Lost Ark, including variants as well as exactly how to obtain it in-game.

Lost Ark Tiger Mount (Soul Vanguard Mount)

There are around 150 different Mounts in Lost Ark, with new Mounts being added over time. Mounts in Lost Ark are account-bound, they cannot be sold, destroyed, or dismantled, and they can add great value to the overall gameplay experience.

Mounts in Lost Ark also offer numerous unique skills, including a greater range of jumping, enhanced speed, and other handy effects, which cannot be rerolled or changed and also involve a cooldown. While uncommon Mounts can be easier to obtain, they may have less than 2 skills – or, none at all. Top-tier mounts, like the Tiger Mount, have much more to offer players.


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Tigers and wild beasts have been an iconic favorite for countless gamers for countless years, as having this magnificent creature as a trusted companion remains a distant fantasy in the real world. Lost Ark features quite a few mounts for players to enjoy, but the Tiger Mount (Soul Vanguard Mount) continues to grow in popularity.

Lost Ark How to get Tiger or Soul Vanguard Mount

It is one of the most highly sought-after mounts in the game to date, flaunting a stunning appearance and a ferocious attitude to match, topped with mystical elements that make it so much more than a classic wild tiger. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about this incredible mount, with images thanks to Nerdstash and NintendoSmash.

Lost Ark Tiger Mount Type, Speed & Skills

According to the developers, the Soul Vanguard is a sacred creature, leading souls to another world. It has an incredibly cryptic aura that is distinct and unforgettable, and it has 450 speed. It is listed as a Relic type Mount, which can only be obtained by acquiring and using the Relic Item for each variant.

The Tiger Mount, formally known as the Soul Vanguard Mount, comes in two color palette variants as seen below:

IconSoul Vanguard Mount VariantDescription
Azure Soul VanguardAzure Soul Vanguard MountStriped white and charcoal fur
Pearly white floating ribbons
Dark Soul VanguardDark Soul Vanguard MountShadowy black and pale striped fur
Black floating ribbons

Both variants have a stunning fur coat and glistening effects, topped with quite a few awesome extras that are identical between color variants. The Soul Vanguard Mounts are capable of performing some cool emotes or cosmetic abilities for players to use throughout gameplay, as long as they are mounted.

Unlock Soul Vanguard Mount In Lost Ark

In addition to its ability to unleash a feral roar at will, the Tiger Mount can perform the following 3 emotes/actions (skills) while players are riding it:

  • Releasing wild thunder
  • Summoning dumplings to nibble on
  • Slamming into the ground to create beautiful, colorful, and sparkling mist

How To Get The Tiger Mount In Lost Ark

It may seem like this stunning beast is exclusive or restricted to endgame content based on its amazing visual appearance. But, in reality, it’s actually pretty easy and straightforward to obtain – even for players who only benefit from rewards that can be claimed completely for free!

All players will need to do to acquire the Soul Vanguard Mount in Lost Ark is reach level 10 in the Ark Pass – irrespective of whether or not they have purchased the Premium or Super Premium Ark Pass option. As a result, the Soul Vanguard Mount aka Tiger Mount can be obtained by any Lost Ark player, whether you’re taking a F2P or P2P approach.

How to Get the Soul Vanguard Mount

In order to reach level 10 in the Ark Pass, players will need to complete a variety of missions, each of which will reward Ark Pass XP for leveling up. The missions include a ton of typical activities, such as completing quests, slaying monsters, traveling certain distances, etc.

The mission objectives within the Ark pass can be viewed by checking the Ark Pass screen, and missions include both Normal Missions and Seasonal Missions. The two mission types differ in the following ways:

Ark Pass Mission TypeLimitations
Can be repeated multiple times within a week, until the player reaches the weekly XP limit.
Involve activities that can only be completed once within the Season’s duration.

Players who frequently play Lost Ark should have no trouble completing the entire Ark Pass within the designated timeframe, as they will likely already be completing Normal Mission tasks such as Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons, or Guardian Raids. On the other hand, casual players may still be able to at least hit level 10 with ease, as it should not take too much time to acquire enough Ark Pass XP.

Specific Seasonal Missions are also aligned with standard Lost Ark tasks and objectives, such as using the Ocean Liner 20 times or playing music 20 times. The kind of tasks and missions involved in the Ark Pass makes it pretty easy to hit level 10 and acquire the Tiger Mount in-game.

Lost Ark How to Get the Tiger Mount

Once you hit level 10 within the Ark Pass, you will be rewarded with a Soul Vanguard Selection Chest which will contain one Soul Vanguard Mount variant. From this point, you’ll be able to select either the Azure Soul Vanguard Mount or the Dark Soul Vanguard Mount, depending on which one you prefer most.

How To Ride The Tiger Mount In Lost Ark

Players will need to complete the ‘Town Where Light Lingers’ Quest to use any of the Mounts in Lost Ark, a quest that will be given to players at the first major city visited past the prologue. Once the quest is complete, players will need to speak with Brother Alfael to complete the quest and receive their first mount (Uncommon), being given the options between:

  1. Loghill Black Horse
  2. Yudia White Horse
  3. Dyorika Brown Horse

After players choose their first mount, they will need to register it by right-clicking the mount from the inventory – automatically registering it into the available selection of mounts, and the same process can be used for your new Tiger Mount.


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Follow these steps to ride your Soul Vanguard Mount in Lost Ark:

  1. Add the Mount to your Mount Collection by right-clicking it from your inventory.
  2. Navigate to the Mounts Menu/ Mounts Collection (Alt+V).
  3. Right-click the Mount to ride.
  4. Players can also drag their favorite Mount to the quick bar and press the designated key to ride the mount at will.

It will take plenty of solid Lost Ark grinding and gameplay to build up your mount collection, especially if you’re going after the esteemed Epic, Legendary, and Relic Mounts. But, the Soul Vanguard Mount is now super easy to obtain thanks to the Ark Pass system, making it accessible for all Lost Ark players whether you’re F2P or P2P playing frequently or casually.

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