Lost Ark Training Room, Area & Dummy (Explained)

lost ark training room guide

While many of Lost Ark‘s elements can be learned and picked up with ease, the game still offers opportunities for players to wrap their heads around the combat mechanics and various playstyles. The Training Room in Lost Ark is a great way to practice before facing deadly enemies, but the process can be somewhat perplexing for many players starting off.

Lost Ark’s Training Room allows players to test current or customized builds without the expense, including skills, engravings, and much more, with a variety of enemies or even Boss monsters. Players will need to continue the main storyline and reach level 30 to acquire the Song of Trixion, after which they can initiate the Training Zone with Beatrice.

Using these features can be excellent for any player who wants to get the hang of the ropes before heading out into Arkesia’s higher-tiered and dangerous areas, or even for endgame players wanting to check their build’s performance in various situations. Stick around to find out about the Training Room in Lost Ark, including its allowances and how to find it.

Lost Ark Training Room

Many players have made the most of the Training Room in Lost Ark, as it allows players to gain an understanding of various aspects of combat mechanics in the game. Players have been using the Training Room for quite a while, but more players are hoping to locate and use it due to the recent update – the April “Battle for the Throne of Chaos”.

lost ark april update

The recent update included Super Express Missions, where players can use a character to level up quickly towards Tier 3 content. The set of objectives includes various missions, but Mission 2: Training Room Advanced requires players to go to the Training Room and complete the Weak Point Tutorial.

This mission will reward players will 10 Destruction Bombs and 10 Whirlwind Grenades, which can be extremely handy for many enemy encounters irrespective of your chosen class. As a result, even more players are now seeking the Training Room.


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While the Training Room (also known as the Training Zone or Training Grounds) is no secret, many players can still miss it completely. Using the Training Room in Lost Ark can save a ton of time later on, as it allows players to test out builds, skills, attacks, and even class engravings before hitting level 50.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know to get started in the Lost Ark Training Room, with pictorials thanks to Bluddshed and BlackBart Gaming.

How Do You Get To the Training Room In Lost Ark?

The Lost Ark Training Room is unlocked at a fairly early stage in the game, and players will be able to access it by following the main storyline and hitting level 30. Follow the steps below to unlock and get into the Training Room in Lost Ark:

1. Advance Main Storyline & Hit Level 30

The main thing players will need to focus on is progressing through the main storyline. Advance up until you get a mission where you will need to go to the Luteran King’s Grave.

lost ark training room

Players may take some time to complete this instance mission as it is fairly lengthy. Keep going through the entire graveyard scene until you reach the demon battle (the fire-breathing monster, as seen below).

lost ark training room 1

After you defeat the demon, follow these steps to hit level 30:

Speak to Arman:

lost ark training room lvl 30 1

Speak to the King (Sillian):

lost ark training room lvl 30 2

Go to the Librarian (Lazarus Poudor), who will send you back to the Monastery:

lost ark training room lvl 30 3

Go to the Monastery and speak with Epheon:

lost ark training room lvl 30 4

Pick up a book in the Monastery:

lost ark training room lvl 30 5

Go back to the Luterra Castle, head to the crypt, and pick up another book:

lost ark training room lvl 30 6

Speak to the Nomad NPC within the catacombs:

lost ark training room lvl 30 7

Speak to Michael, after which you should be pushed to level 30:

lost ark training room lvl 30 8

2. Obtain The Song of Trixion

After reaching level 30, following the main storyline, players will reach an NPC named Minstrel Allegro. This NPC will provide players with an item named “The Song of Trixion”, as seen below.

lost ark training room 2

3. Go To Beatrice In Trixion

Click on the item in your inventory to play the music and learn the song. After this point, players will need to open up their music book and play the song to teleport them to Trixion.

4. Select Training

Players will need to speak with Beatrice and select the Training icon. Many players can miss this section entirely, as they may very well just continue with the quests and main storyline.

lost ark training room 3

Clicking on the Training icon will trigger a small pop-up prompt, as seen above. Select “OK” to head to the Training Grounds area. You’ll be met with a range of tabs and options, all of which can be used to customize your Training experience.

How Do You Practice Skills In the Lost Ark Training Room?

Once you get into the Training Room, you will be able to select from a variety of options for builds, skills, engravings, and more – including those you do not already have on your character. There are a variety of tabs that players can use to change up different elements of their character and build.

Training Zone Options

Players will need to use the main vertical tab on the right-hand side of the screen to change their Training Zone experience and manage the builds they’re testing. The main elements of the Training Zone instance can be altered to your liking and playstyle preference.

lost ark training room 5

As you continue to tamper with other settings in Training Mode, the Training Zone settings tab will display ‘Modified’. Players can choose to test out their Modified character, or test out the Current build, making the Training Room a great way to test out existing builds for general use, or imaginative builds for later on.


Players can test out every available skill in the game with their character, including high-tiered and endgame content. The player’s skill points will not affect their options, as they can choose whatever they’d like – the skill points will simply dip into the negative.

lost ark training room 4


You can choose whichever engravings you’d like to try out on your build, and all engravings can be maxed out to level 3 as well. This includes class engravings, which would generally only be playable after hitting level 50 in-game.

lost ark training room 7

Character Feature Settings

Players can choose to change the stats of their character as well. You can max out Crit, Agility, or whatever you feel fits best for your build (Shift + Left Click will max out the stat).

lost ark training room 6

Summon Monster

Once you’re happy with your Training build and are ready to go, head to the “Monster” section in the main Training Zone tab o the right. You’ll have the choice to summon a range of monster types, including standard enemies or even a Raid Boss.

In this way, players can test out different builds for different settings and encounters. Try out standard builds for adventuring and battling mobs, or check out your build or future builds’ efficiency for Raids.

lost ark training room 8

If you’re looking for a dummy-type enemy that acts as a target, the Scarecrow would be the ideal choice. These monsters will remain in one position and will not attack players, acting as a target dummy for testing out builds.

If you’re a visual learner or want something solid to reference as you unlock and explore the Training Room in Lost Ark, check out this video guide by Bluddshed.

Lost Ark Training Room Advantages

Unlocking and participating in the Training Zone does take a smaller amount of effort – reaching level 30 and progressing in the main questline. But, considering the amazing level of freedom that players are given in the Training Zone, the entire experience and availability are completely worthwhile.

lost ark boss

The Training Room can save you a ton of time, effort, indecisive moments, and Lost Ark currency, as it features unlimited resources and unlimited cooldowns – in addition to the freedom of customization available. Players can test out builds and classes before committing fully, and save out on endgame or expensive resources like engraving books in the future.


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Lost Ark has a plethora of choices and character build styles for players to enjoy, but the level of customizability concerning build can also lead to disappointment later down the line. It’s not uncommon for players to feel somewhat let down after working so hard to create the ‘class build of their dreams’.

With the Training Room, players can test out everything they could possibly want for their character and class in Lost Ark, without the need for expenses or time spent grinding the game. It’s an incredible feature in Lost Ark that all players should be using, whether you’re still taking on lower levels of the game or are an endgame player testing out ways to increase your performance and build overall.

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