Lost Ark Glaivier Class Build: Skills, Engravings & More

lost ark Glaivier skills and builds

Lost Ark features a ton of classic MMORPG classes, but it also boasts some uniquely skilled classes for players to enjoy. The recent April Update brought a ton of new content for players, specifically endgame players, but it also featured the brand new Glaivier class, an amazing addition for any player who loves mixed playstyles.

Having the best build for your preferred playstyle will significantly increase the effectiveness and enjoyability of this class. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the Glaivier class to date, including skills, best builds, engravings, and much more.

Glaivier Class Overview

The Glaivier, also known as the Lance Master in Korea, is an advanced class within the Martial Artist main melee class, released within the hefty April Update. She is joining an already versatile set of champions in the Martial Artist main class and offers a plethora of badass abilities.

lost ark Glavier 3

She uses her trusty glaive and spear to slice through enemies with flurries of fury. This lovely blend of combat tactics and skills makes the Glaivier class an incredible option for anyone who wants the best of both worlds. According to the developers:

“The shorter spear is used to unleash a furious barrage in the Focus stance, while the longer glaive harnesses the Flurry stance for gracefully lethal strikes and sweeping attacks.”

But, mastering her isn’t quite as simple as many other classes. She offers variation concerning playstyles and the use of her weapons – either individually or in tandem. Compared to her Martial Artist counterparts, – the Scrapper, Soulfist, Striker, and Wardancer – the Glaivier class is by far the most challenging to nail down.

“Practicing an artistic and deadly form of martial arts, the Glaivier slices and dices her way through the battlefield, weaving together attacks with her spear and glaive. The Glaivier has two distinct skill sets which can be swapped between— Focus and Flurry— with each stance and skill set represented by one of her two weapons.”

Players will need to get the hang of juggling her two different attacks in order to chain them together for epic and flawless combos. Players can focus entirely on one of her two weapons, but her true force is unleashed when players can strike a perfect balance between both.


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Thankfully, finding your feet with the Glaivier class can still be fun, straightforward, and extremely rewarding. We’ve outlined everything you need to know to find the best Glaivier class build for you, with stats and images thanks to Dexerto, Vulkk, Fanbyte, and The Games Cabin.

Glaivier Skills & Stances

The Glaivier class has a total of 20 skills, divided between her two stances. However, players will only be able to use 13 of her skills at most when playing with both stances. Her Identity Gauge revolves around these two stances, and her stance abilities are as follows:

Flurry Stance (Blue Skills)

The Flurry Stance targets quick attacks, high mobility, and utility overall. The skills within this stance have shorter cooldowns for increased performance, but the more damage-heavy skills within this stance have longer cooldowns.

lost ark glavier

A total of 14 skills are classified as Flurry Stance Skills, and players will be able to use up to 8 Flurry Stance Skills when playing with both stances. Below are the Glaivier’s Flurry Stance Skills, along with their official descriptions and details:

1. Blue Dragon’s Claw (Super Armor): Back Attack, 14s. Move forward, inflicting damage, then spin your spear to inflict damage 6 times and retreat. Airborne foes are launched in the air again when hit.

2. Chain Slash (Stagger & Weak Point): Back Attack, 10s. Strike upward with your spear to inflict damage and launch foes into the air then slash with your spear while advancing forward, inflicting damage. Afterward, slash 2 times in the opposite direction, inflicting damage. Airborne foes are launched in the air again when hit.

3. Cutting Wind: Move forward past foes to inflict damage 3 times and return to your position, inflicting damage.

4. Double Strike: Back Attack, 6s. Strike with your spear 2 times, inflicting damage.

5. Flash Kick (Super Armor): Back Attack. Use your spear as a lever to advance forward, inflicting damage 3 times, followed by a strong kick that inflicts damage.

6. Half Moon Slash (Stagger & Super Armor): Back Attack. Drag your spear across the ground while moving forward, inflicting damage 2 times, followed by a diagonal upward slash that inflicts damage. Hit foes are launched in the air.

7. Raging Dragon Slash: Back Attack. Enlarge your spear and spin 360 degrees to inflict damage, knocking foes back.

8. Shackling Blue Dragon (Stagger & Weak Point): 24s. Spin your spear where you stand and strike down with force, creating a shockwave that inflicts damage. Foes hit by this skill will see a decrease in Crit Resistance.

9. Soul Cutter (Stagger): Combo, Back Attack, 15s. Slide forward and swing your spear to inflict damage before immediately going back and crouching down. Use the skill again to charge forward and inflict damage 2 times, then quickly swing your spear to the left and right for one final strike that inflicts damage. Airborne foes are launched in the air again when hit.

10. Spear Dive (Super Armor): Combo, Back Attack. Jump up and thrust your spear forward and inflict damage to nearby foes before performing a rotating kick attack that inflicts damage 4 times. Use the skill again to land at the target location, swing your spear, and inflict damage.

11. Stampeding Slash: Back Attack, 10s. Madly brandish your spear while moving forward, inflicting damage 3 times, followed by a finishing blow that inflicts damage. Airborne foes are launched in the air again when hit.

12. Vault Stick (Stagger & Super Armor): Front Attack, Counter, 10s. Launch your spear into the ground and do a somersault, inflicting damage and launching foes into the air.

13. Wheel of Blades (Stagger & Super Armor): Front Attack, 14s. Spin sideways, inflicting damage 3 times, followed by a finishing blow that inflicts damage. Airborne foes hit by the spinning attack are launched in the air again, and then get slammed to the ground with the last blow.

14. Wind Splitter: Back Attack, 12s. Strike with your spear in multiple directions, inflicting damage and pulling foes close.

Focus Stance (Red Skills)

The Focus Stance targets extremely powerful attacks, but the payoff is that they have longer cooldowns. This stance does include some amount of speed, mobility, and utility, but nowhere near as much as the Flurry Stance.

lost ark Glavier 1

A total of 6 of the Glaivier skills are classified as Focus Stance Skills, and players will be able to use up to 5 Focus Stance Skills when playing with both stances. Below are the Glaivier’s Focus Stance Skills, along with their official descriptions and details:

1. 4-Headed Dragon: Back Attack, 16s. Thrust your spear 8 times in front of you, inflicting damage, followed by a finishing thrust that inflicts even more damage.

2. Dragonscale Defense (Stagger & Super Armor): Front Attack, 20s. Block attacks from the front with your spear, negating damage in proportion to your Max HP. If you successfully block an attack within 1.1s, thrust your spear forward for damage 2 times.

3. Red Dragon’s Horn (Super Armor): Holding, Back Attack. Hold the skill hotkey to focus your mind and gather energy, then aim and thrust your spear toward a foe within a 12-meter radius at a 90-degree angle, inflicting damage. Hit the perfect Zone to extend the attack range up to 16 meters, inflicting damage and knocking foes back.

4. Spiraling Spear (Weak Point): Back Attack, 5s. Lower your stance and thrust your spear, inflicting damage.

5. Starfall Pounce (Super Armor): Point, Back Attack, 24s. Jump within range of the target location and create a shockwave as you land, inflicting damage and launching foes into the air. You can change direction before you land.

6. Thrust of Destruction (Super Armor): Back Attack, 24s. Gather energy onto your spear, inflicting damage to foes at close range, then thrust forward, releasing a beam of energy that inflicts damage while knocking foes back.


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Most of the Glaivier damage will be dealt when in the Flurry Stance, but the Focus Stance will generally hit much harder. As a result, both of the Glaivier stances can prove incredibly beneficial in battle, and while they are different, they are equal overall.

Glaivier Party Synergy

The Glaivier Party Synergy is referred to as Critical Spear, and it can only be found in the Third Row Tripods for the Shackling Blue Dragon skill, within the Flurry Stance. This Party Synergy will offer an amazing debuff that can be beneficial to the entire team.

lost ark Glavier 1 1

It reduces the enemy’s Crit Resistance by 3-18%, depending on the level of the Shackling Blue Dragon Skill, irrespective of whether or not the Critical Spear Tripod is taken. The debuff will last for 6 seconds whenever it’s applied in battle.

However, this debuff does have a longer cooldown, so it’s essential to use it when your full rotation is ready to go for max damage output. Try and reserve this debuff for when support is also buffing damage to maximize its effects.

Glaivier Awakening Skills

It will take some solid Lost Ark grinding before you can unlock the Glaivier Awakening skills. You will first need to complete the Main Questline until you reach Vern city, after which you will meet Beatrice who will ask you to visit her in Trixion. Once you complete these tasks, check your mailbox and consume the items to unlock the skill.


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Below are the Glaivier Awakening skills, either of which would be best depending on your preferred build:

Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor

The Glaivier performs an attack at the target location, leaping backward while facing forward. Energy will be focused onto your spear, and it will be thrown at the target area.

The spear strikes the ground to inflict damage, after which it causes an explosion that also inflicts damage while knocking foes back with the final hit. Below are the stats for this Awakening Skill:

  • Skill Type: Point
  • Stagger: High (Level 5)
  • Super Armor: All Immunity (Level 3)
  • Cooldown: 5 minutes

Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon

The Glaivier focuses her mind and thrusts her spear forward to inflict damage, then pulls it back inflicting damage while pulling foes closer. Afterward, she swings her spear and inflicts damage 5 times, followed by a series of thrusts that inflict damage 8 times.

She will then move past foes and deliver a finishing blow, inflicting damage and knocking enemies backward. Below are the stats for this Awakening Skill:

  • Skill Type: Holding
  • Stagger: High (Level 5)
  • Super Armor: All Immunity (Level 3)
  • Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Best Glaivier Build & Engravings

When it comes to taking on deadly enemies, the Glaivier class will definitely have you covered – with the right build, of course. Allocate Skill Points to gain Tripods for the Glaivier’s most effective skills, depending on where you’re at in the game and your preferred playstyle.

lost ark glaivier test

You’ll be able to switch out skills as needed based on the needs of the encounter or the needs of your team. Players can also create two setups for varying activities and situations in-game, and swap them out when necessary.

PvE Glaivier Build

If you’re planning on taking on the toughest enemies in the game, the Glaivier class may be a great choice overall. She’s a great fit for activities featuring epic bosses and guardians, like the Chaotic Chuo or Achates.

Below are the recommended skill setups for PvE-focused players:

SkillSkill Lvl.Rune IIIIII
Chain Slash10Fatal StrikeFinal DecisionBrilliant Spear
Chain Slash10Quick PreparationValorBrilliant Spear
Flash Kick7Excellent MobilityStun EffectN/A
Half Moon
10Flurry ExpertiseFinal DecisionBlade of Tornado
Raging Dragon
10Frost SlashAdditional SlashAwaken
Starfall Pounce10Wide-Angle AttackFirepower ControlGround Explosion
Wheel of
10Magic ControlWeak Point DetectionConsecutive Spin
Windsplitter10Magic ControlFinal DecisionGiant Wheel

Best PvE Glaivier Engravings

  • Galewind: Synergizes with Chain Slash, Cutting Wind, Half Moon Slash, and Raging Dragon Slash
  • Quick Recharge: Synergizes with Windsplitter
  • Rage: Synergizes with Wheel of Blades
  • Wealth: Synergizes with Starfall Pounce

PvP Build

While taking down mobs and monsters can be extremely fun and rewarding, there’s nothing quite like the taste of sweet victory in PvP encounters. The Glaivier class can be a legendary addition to any PvP team with the right setup.

Below are the recommended skill setups for PvP-focused players:

SkillSkill Lvl.Rune IIIIII
Chain Slash4SwoopN/AN/A
Chain Slash4Excellent MobilityN/AN/A
Half Moon
10Flurry ExpertiseFinal DecisionBlade of Tornado
Raging Dragon
10Quick PreparationPrecise SlashAwaken
Red Dragon’s
10Quick PreparationSpear of DestructionWeak Point Detection
Blue Dragon
10Quick PreparationBlitzCritical Spear
10Flurry ExpertiseEnhanced StrikeRipping Blades
10Weak Point DetectionQuick PreparationPowerful Finish
Vault Stick4Excellent MobilityN/AN/A
Wheel of
10Magic ControlWeak Point DetectionConsecutive Spin

Best PvP Engravings

  • Conviction: Synergizes with Half Moon Slash
  • Galewind: Synergizes with Raging Dragon Slash, Red Dragon’s Horn, and Stampeding Slash
  • Judgment: Synergizes with Wheel of Blades
  • Rage: Synergizes with Shackling Blue Dragon
  • Wealth: Synergizes with Starfall Pounce

Glaivier Gear & Combat Stats

Focus on equipping the highest item level gear possible throughout the leveling process. Also, focus on Swiftness for more movement speed, as well as reduced casting time and faster skill cooldowns. Keeping your skills rotating easier and quicker will allow you to deal consistent DPS.


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Prioritize the Crit and Specialization Combat Stats, as this will increase the Glaivier damage and clear speed. Specialization will help the Glaivier build up her meter, which can help overall regardless of your preferred playstyle and skill setup.

Glaivier Class Engravings

Unlocking the Glaivier Class Engravings will take some time, effort, and gameplay, but they’ll be incredibly valuable in the endgame. Below are the Glaivier Class Engravings as well as their uses:


The Control Class Engraving limits players to only using the Glaivier’s glaive. It’s effective for the Flurry Stance as it boosts the damage of all Flurry Stance Skills, and it is far more reliant on Positional Attacks.


The Pinnacle Class Engraving empowers the Glaivier’s Identity Meter, which can greatly improve the effectiveness of the Stance Swap bonuses. This setup will increase movement speed, attack speed, damage, crit chance, and crit damage overall, depending on the Stance Swap.

Both Swaps will gain increases depending on the swap, described as follows:

Swapping to FlurrySwapping to Focus
Damage Increase (15%)
Attack Speed (15%)
Crit Chance (25%)
Damage Increase (20%)
Movement Speed (15%)
Crit Damage (50%)

Generic Engravings

Generic Engravings can be acquired from Engraving Books, or from items such as necklaces, rings, or earrings. The Glaivier most suitable Generic Engravings will depend on your playstyle as all of them may have certain pros and cons.

lost ark Glavier 2

Below are the recommended engravings for the Glaivier class:

  • Adrenaline
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Raid Captain
  • Increases Mass
  • Ambush Master

The Glaivier class has quickly gained popularity among Lost Ark players, as she is one of the few classes offering a range of abilities, playstyles, and combat mechanics. While this class can be tricky to get the hang of at first, she is a force to be reckoned with and will make an incredible part of any Lost Ark team.

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