‘Lou’ Ending, Explained: Does Lou Survive the Events of the Movie?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Lou, the latest Netflix action film starring Allison Janney. Janney has been a staple of Hollywood over the past decades. She has worked in every genre and has made a career out of being one of the best-supporting actresses ever. You add her to your movie, and she will raise the bar automatically. That is why it comes as a surprise that Janney has never gotten the lead role in an action film. Well, the moment has arrived, and Janney kills it by being one tough badass lady.

The film also stars Jurnee Smollet, and Logan Marshall-Green and tells the story of a young mother and her daughter who move to a faraway place in the mountains. The only other person around is their landowner, an old, grumpy lady named Lou. One day, the daughter gets kidnapped, and the mother has no one to ask for help, except Lou. The old woman accepts and reveals that she has a set of skills that will guide her in the pursuit of the missing kid and the criminal who took her.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Lou. Read at your own risk.

Who Is The Mysterious Kidnapper In Lou?

The film begins with the introduction of Hannah, a young mother who has rented a house in a faraway place in the mountains. It becomes very clear that Hannah and her daughter Vee are running away from something, and that is why they have chosen a place as far away as this one to live. Hannah’s landowner, an old lady named Lou, leaves a message for Hannah and then leaves. It is all very strange, but Hannah pays no mind to it, as Lou seems to be a very strange lady.

Later, during a massive storm, the worst nightmare for a parent happens. Vee has been kidnapped by someone. This person left some postcards of a lighthouse in Vee’s bed. It is at this moment that Hannah knows that the kidnappers are her husband, Philip. Hannah married Philip and tried to change his troublesome ways, but she failed, and as Philip started to become a danger to her and her daughter, Hannah decided to leave him. This all happens at the same time that Lou is getting ready to commit suicide.

Hannah runs to Lou’s house to ask for her without her knowing, she stops the old woman just a second before killing herself. Hannah explains the situation to Lou, and she agrees to help find Vee. The two go out into the storm, and it is then that Lou reveals that she has a major set of skills in hunting, tracking, and many other things. Hannah finds this curious. It is clear that the old woman is more than meets the eye. Lou even dispatches some enemies with ease on the journey.

Later, it is revealed that Lou is not just a normal lady. She is a former agent of the CIA. However, she is also in hiding and being searched by the CIA because she has in her possession some very dangerous documents that reveal the agency’s doing some gruesome stuff on one of her missions.

Does Lou Survive The Events Of The Movie?

As the movie progresses, both Hannah and Lou reach the lighthouse. There they find Philip. The man also has some terrible secrets under her belt. It is here that the movie reveals its big twist. Philip is, actually, Lou’s son. This means that Hannah is her daughter-in-law and Vee is her granddaughter. Philip explains that when he was a kid, his mother chose to become a spy instead of being a mother to him. They took him away from Lou, and she was able to go on missions while Philip grew up to be the messed up man he is today.

It is also revealed that it was Lou who manipulated everything behind the scenes so that Hannah and Vee could end up living close to her. Knowing that she had given her granddaughter and daughter-in-law a safe place to live, Lou was ready to kill herself and leave the house to her family. Lou might not look at it, but she is full of regret for what happened with Philip and how he turned out as an adult. This is kind of a cop-out by the story to blame everything on Lou for not wanting to be a mother, but that is how the story goes.

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Philip plans to blow up the Lighthouse with his family on board, but, of course, Lou is there to stop him. They end up fighting in a duel on the beach. It is all very emotional, but what Philip doesn’t know is that they are watching, and the CIA is ready to take down both of them with one shot. Lou does something she never did before and gives Philip a disarming hug. The CIA shoots, and both of them apparently die in the crossfire. Nevertheless, as the movie comes to an end, we see Hannah and Vee living on the island, ready to begin a new life.

In the same boat as them, someone is watching from afar. It is implied that this person is actually Lou. She is not dead and survived the shooting, and she is now making sure her family is completely safe.

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