‘Love, Death + Robots’ Three Robots: Exit Strategies Explained

Love, Death & Robots

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Love, Death & Robots arrives on Netflix with its third volume of short films. This new batch could be the most consistent in terms of quality, and variety, there is a lot to enjoy here, and some shorts will definitely become classic animation showcases in the years to come. Some shorts’ stories are way more clear than others regarding their endings, so let’s check them out.


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Three Robots: Exit Strategies opens up this season of episodes, and it does by being a sequel to the second short of the first season. The short is produced by Blow Studio, based in Spain. The original short was based on a story by science fiction author John Scalzi, but this time he wrote a short story, and the script for it, especially for the show. It is a short film filled with a lot of humor and a strong point to make about how humans treat each other.

Love, Death & Robots: Three Robots: Exit Strategies Plot Summary.

The short film takes us once again in the company of three robots named, K-VRC, 11-45-G, and XBOT 4000, as they travel a post-apocalyptic world that saw its end thanks to a machine uprising. This time the trio of robots visits several facilities where humans from different social classes tried to survive the machine uprising to no avail as each of them saw their ending in one way or another.

The first facility the trio visits is one of the so-called survivalist casts, where the poor entrenched each other by gathering consumables, and weapons to survive the end of the world. Sadly, the incoming food scarcity made each camp turn on each other which resulted in raids and small guerrilla wars, where these poor humans ended up killing each other. The rich and powerful had more elegant alternatives, though.

Love, Death & Robots

The second location the robots visit is on an old oil rig, which the rich retrofitted to transform it into an apocalyptic paradise. Unfortunately, their overreliance on A.I. actually started the robot uprising, and they just died because they didn’t have people on board with practical skills. The third is the government officials who hide in big bunkers where they ended up practicing cannibalism to survive.

At least the robots visit launching pads from where the 0.01% of the really rich people simply abandoned Earth and went to Mars. On Mars, we see a complete civilization living there, but they are cats instead of humans.

‘Love, Death & Robots’ Three Robots: Exit Strategies Explained

The episode is an evident critical parody of how the differences in social class allow humans to believe that they are any different from each other. At the end of the day, death reaches all of us, no matter how little or how much money we have. The short film calls out Elon Musk specifically, but it is clear that it is calling out him and every other billionaire that spends their money on trying to create the future, instead of fixing the present.

As they travel through these facilities, the robots point out all the mistakes humans made as they were trying to save themselves, selfishness and short-sightedness being the most dangerous of them all. It is all done with a very tongue-in-cheek tone, but the short couldn’t be more serious about the message it is trying to convey, let’s help each other instead of putting everyone else that is not you down.

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