Love, Death + Robots: Kill Team Kill Explained

Love, Death + Robots

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Netflix brings forth the new season of Love, Death + Robots and with it an entire batch of episodes that shows the best efforts of several animation studios, directors, and writers from around the world. This season is without a doubt one of the best of the show, and Kill Team Kill stands out by being the only 2D effort, in a season filled with the best 3D animation on the market.

Kill Team Kill is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who has worked in franchises like Kung Fu Panda, and it is an adaptation of a short story by Justin Coates. The short film is produced by Titmouse, Inc. An animation studio that has produced shows like Animaniacs, Metalocalypse, and The Venture Bros. The studio keeps to its 2D roots and delivers top action and comedy in one single episode.

Love, Death + Robots: Kill Team Kill Plot Summary

Kill Team Kill sees a group of Green Berets on a rescue mission after another team lost communication when they went inside a very creepy forest. The team led by Sgt. Nielsen must find the missing team and bring them back home. There is an issue though, not soon after entering the forest and making a bit of reconnaissance, they find the missing team. It has been massacred by something that is clearly not human. Something vile, with great claws, and teeth.

The team comes across face to face with what appears to be a giant cyborg bear. The bear is the perfect killing machine, and even when the team unloads everything they got on the creature, it seems insufficient. Several members of the team perish before they are rescued by a name called Morris. Morris explains the bear is a CIA experiment that went out of control. He invites the team to their secret base, where they will be safe.

Love, Death + Robots

At the base, Morris and the team find out that everybody inside is now dead. They go to the armory and prepare to face the bear. They even bring a dog-like robot with them. They set off the alarm and wait for the bear to arrive, but the bear ambushes them from the back, killing Morris. The robot dog also dies in the fight, and one of the members of the team dies after the bear takes his leg.

Nielsen and the remaining members of the team bring down the bear once more, and they finally breathe with ease. However, one of the bear’s eyes goes out of its sockets and starts to bleep. Nielsen curses before a nuclear explosion occurs, killing the team and taking the secret base with it.

Love, Death + Robots: Kill Team Kill Explained

Kill Team Kill is just a very simple episode from the narrative side of things. There is no mystery to be resolved, or any deep metaphors going on here. The episode is just full action from beginning to end, along with a heavy dose of black comedy. The characters spit curses and jokes left and right, and it makes for a very fun combination.


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The fact that the bear had an atomic bomb inside one of his eyes, is extremely fitting with the kind of weapon an irresponsible government would make. It is sad for our team to die just after they achieve victory, but what else could happen in an episode like this? It is a very straightforward and cheeky ending for a very straightforward and

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