Love, Death + Robots: Night of the Mini Dead Explained

Love, Death + Robots

Night of the Mini Dead is one of the unique looking and also one of the funniest episodes in the history of Love, Death + Robots. The third volume of the show is now available on Netflix and brings with it some of the best and most varied collections of short films to date. Night of the Mini Dead stands out by being the shortest of the episodes in this volume, but its short length is compensated with a lot of style.

Night of the Mini Dead is directed by Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon, and it is one of the few episodes of the show that isn’t inspired by a short story. Night of the Mini Dead was written directly for the screen by Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller. The short film is produced by BUCK, which isn’t an animation studio as such, but it is a company that collects the talents of dozens of creatives. The short is presented in a sort of aerial view that reminds us of real-time strategy games like Warcraft and others.

Love, Death + Robots: Night Of The Mini Dead Plot Summary

Night of the Mini Dead begins in a very horny way. We see two very horny people go to a cemetery in order to have their privacy. However, as they have sex in multiple positions across the place, they basically end up defiling several tombs and a close mausoleum. That accidental but awful action brings forth the power of evil, and the dead start rising all over the place. However, these are not just revenants, these are zombies.

The zombies begin spreading all across the country and then the world. We see how normal day life ends as hordes and hordes of zombies filled every single city and space where they can find human life. With the cities destroyed, the government and humans, in general, start fighting the zombies with all they have. Millions of bullets are spent in this mini war world Z.

Love, Death + Robots

The situation is critical, and the zombies keep advancing. When a nuclear plant explodes, a new species of zombies appear, and the fight becomes more in favor of the dead. Desperate, the President of the United States launches every single nuclear missile in the country’s arsenal.

The launch of the missiles triggers the defense systems of other nations, and they also launch their nuclear missiles. Which of course ends up destroying the world completely. The episodes end with a zoom-out, revealing that the destruction of Earth is nothing in comparison with the rest of the universe.

Love, Death + Robots: Night Of The Mini Death Explained

While hilarious, the show really makes a point on how human life is insignificant against the vastness of the cosmos. This is the reason the visuals are always from a distance, as if seen from above. We and what we do as a species is like what ants do in comparison with us. We are unseen, destructive, and unimportant.


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The short film also points out the inaction of several organizations when it comes to dealing with a crisis. The short film might feel even a bit misanthropic as in the end we are represented by the sound of a fart, something that smells bad but is ephemeral at the same time. We don’t matter.