‘Love in the Villa’ Ending, Explained: Do Julie and Charlie Get Together at the End?

Love in the Villa

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Welcome to the Ending Explained of Love in the Villa, the newest romantic comedy from Netflix. The film stars Tom Hooper and Kat Graham in the roles of Charlie and Julie. The film tells the story of a control-freak school teacher who dreams about Romeo and Juliet and then her boyfriend breaks up with her, leaving her in limbo. She then goes alone on vacation to Italy, where she finds the love of her life, the one she didn’t know she was looking for.

Love in the Villa is a classic romantic comedy film. It follows every single rule in the book and doesn’t do anything different to make it stand out from its peers. The film tries hard to create this feeling of excitement about being in Verona, Italy, and then proceeds to use as many Italian stereotypes as it possibly can. It makes the movie feel quite dated and also quite boring, as there are absolutely zero surprises on the way to the end.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Love in the Villa. Read at your own risk.

How Do Charlie and Julie Meet Each Other?

The film starts by introducing us to Julie, a kind and passionate primary teacher. She reads Romeo and Juliet to third-graders, but none of them pay any attention to the story. Julie loves the idea of being in love, and she loves romanticism more than anything. When she meets with her long-time boyfriend, she presents to him a plan for their vacation in Verona, Italy. The plan is quite meticulous. So meticulous in fact that it makes her boyfriend uncomfortable enough to break up with her.

Julie gets depressed, and she doesn’t know what to do. She consults a couple of friends, and all of them tell her that she needs to keep on with her life. She already has tickets and reservations in Italy, so she should take advantage of them. Julie leaves for Italy, but her airplane and airport experiences just suck big time. Lots of people, missing luggage, tons of traffic, and more. She starts to think that this might not have been the best idea. She just wants to arrive at her villa and rest.

Love in the Villa

However, when she arrives at the villa and goes inside, she finds a shirtless man inside. This man is Charlie. Charlie also made reservations for this villa, to use it during the same period of time as Julie did. There is of course a miscommunication and an error in the reservations. Both Julie and Charlie are rude to each other, but when Julie sees she has no other place to go, she asks Charlie if she can stay the night. He agrees, but she will take the sofa, he will not give the bed to her.

Julio, the owner of the villa, arrives and accepts that there was an error in the reservations. He explains how the villa is put up for rental on different websites. One site is managed by his wife and the other by his girlfriend, who is not very bright, so mistakes are bound to happen occasionally. He proposes that the two of them share the place for the duration of their stay. Seeing no other option, they accept to do it.

Do Julie And Charlie Get Together At The End?

Sharing the villa doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. Both Charlie and Julie are in Italy for very different reasons, so they would not be getting in each other’s way. Charlie is there for work. He is there to take over a small wine company and then sell its existence for profit. Julie is only there as a way to forget about her ex-boyfriend. An issue arises when it is clear that these two people don’t like each other at all.

They fight constantly over small things, and when Julie gets it into her head that she can just make Charlie leave the villa, she starts a war of pranks with Charlie. The pranks become more and more intense until Charlie gets arrested for being a public disturbance. This arrest puts his work in jeopardy. Charlie proposes a truce, he cannot risk his job for this petty feud. Julie agrees, and they start having dinner together. They start learning more from each other, and there is a click. They start to like each other.

Love in the Villa

However, while the relationship seems to be going perfectly well, an obstacle appears. Charlie’s old fiancée, whom he has not seen in months because she asks him for a time, appears in the village. Everything gets ruined. Charlie’s fiancée isn’t particularly nice. Julie doesn’t understand how they can be together. Julie says she won’t see him again anymore. Another obstacle appears when Julie’s ex-boyfriend also appears at the villa.

The four of them go to dinner together, and it is a disaster. After dinner, Julie’s ex-boyfriend proposes to her, but she asks him if she is weird. He doesn’t understand the question, and she leaves him. The same thing happens with Charlie and his girlfriend. She gives him back the ring, but he is happy that he is free. He goes back to Julie, and they realize they are perfect for each other, as they like each other’s weirdness.

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