30 Best Romance Anime of All Time (RANKED)

30 Best Romance Anime of All Time (RANKED)

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The world of anime is a truly fascinating phenomenon filled with various genres and storylines. Although the majority of genres in the world of anime (and manga) are identical to those in Western art, there are some that are specific to Japanese animation. Most of them are rarely present in the West, while some are present, but usually under different names. In today’s article, we at Fiction Horizon have decided to focus on the romance genre, delivering to you a list of the 30 best romance anime you can watch. This is a genre that is well known in the West, but the Japanese always have a specific perception of life, which is also evident in their romance anime series.

You’re going to get some basic information on the shows themselves, their production, and a short synopsis for each of them. As the site is not adult-oriented, we are not going to include the explicit screenshots here, thus keeping the article clean, but you’ll be able to explore the shows themselves and see for yourselves why they’re on our list.

30 Best Romance Anime

30. Your Name

Author(s): Makoto Shinkai
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Release Date: July 3, 2016
Running Time: 107 minutes

Additional Material: None

Mitsuha Miyamizu is a high school girl who lives in the small town of Itomori, near the Hida region. She is bored with life in the country and makes a wish which is to be a boy and live in Tokyo. She begins to switch bodies intermittently with Taki Tachibana, a high school boy from Tokyo, when they both sleep.

Soon, they begin to communicate by writing messages on paper, on the phone, and sometimes on each other’s skin. Mitsuha makes Taki develop a relationship with her co-worker Miki, whom he has a crush on and whom he doesn’t dare to talk to, while Taki makes Mitsuha popular at school.

One day, Taki, in Mitsuha’s place, accompanies his grandmother and sister to leave the kuchikamizake alcohol ritual, made by Mitsuha, as an offering at the family shrine on top of a mountain outside the city. The shrine is believed to represent the body of the village guardian god who governs human experiences and connections.

Mitsuha’s last note tells Taki about the comet that is expected to pass over Earth on the day of her town festival. The next day, Taki wakes up in his own body. After an unsuccessful date with Miki, he tries to call Mitsuha, but cannot communicate with her, and the change of bodies ends. He decides to meet her directly, but without knowing the name of the city, and has to rely on her memories of her landscape.

A restaurant owner in Hida recognizes Itomori from Taki’s drawing and tells him that the comet’s passage occurred three years ago, but that it unexpectedly split in two; the larger piece kept moving, but the smaller one crashed into Earth and destroyed the city. Traveling there, Taki observes the crater site and can’t believe that Mitsuha has been dead all this time, but suddenly her messages on her phone disappear and his memories of her begin to fade.

Taki finds Mitsuha’s name in the fatality records and discovers from the date of the disaster that their timelines were three years apart. Taki goes to the shrine to drink Mitsuha’s sake from the bottle, hoping to reconnect with her body and warn her about the comet’s attack.

Through a vision, Taki discovers that a girl he met on the train three years earlier was Mitsuha: unaware that they were separated for three years. She, having fallen in love with him, had met her past self while she was trying to meet him personally. He wakes up in her body the morning of the city festival. Mitsuha’s grandmother deduces what happened and tells her that the change of body is part of the family history and of the caretakers of the sanctuary.

Taki convinces his friends Tessie and Sayaka to help everyone evacuate the city, deactivating the electrical substation and broadcasting a false emergency alert, but the plan fails. Realizing that Mitsuha is in her body at the shrine, Taki returns to look for her.

Mitsuha awakens in Taki’s body in the shrine. When Taki gets there just as the sun is setting, the two of them sense each other’s presence, but they are temporarily separated by three years. However, when twilight falls (referred to in the film as the “magic hour”), they return to their own bodies and meet.

They try to write their names on each hand to remind themselves, but twilight passes and Mitsuha disappears before she can write hers. Before convincing her father to evacuate the city, Mitsuha notices that her memories of Taki of her begin to fade and she discovers that she wrote “I love you” on her hand instead of her name. her.

Despite the evacuation, the comet piece crashes into Earth and destroys the city. Taki wakes up in due time, but no longer remembers anything. Five years after graduating from college, Taki looks for work. He feels that he lost something important and learns that the townspeople survived on the mayor’s order.

One day, Taki and Mitsuha cross paths when their trains parallel, and they are forced to disembark and search for each other. They finally meet on the stairs of the Suga Shrine. When they initially cross paths, Taki tells Mitsuha that he feels like he knows her from before and she replies that she feels the same way.

Their connection has been reestablished, they shed tears of happiness and simultaneously ask for their names.

29. The Quintessential Quintuplets The Quintessential Quintuplets ∬

Author(s): Negi Haruba
Genres: Harem, romantic comedy
Release Date: January 9, 2019 – March 28, 2019 / January 8, 2021 – March 26, 2021
Episodes: 24

Additional Material: 1 anime film (2022)

In a flashforward scene, as he dozed off in the ceremony hall on his wedding day, the groom, Fūtarō Uesugi, recalls the first meeting with his wife.

At that time, Fūtarō was still a high school student in his second year who obtained excellent grades in school, but on the other hand, he led a difficult life: an orphan of a mother and without friends, he lived in poverty with his little sister Raiha because of her father’s money problems, having incurred heavy debts.

One day, Fūtarō meets Itsuki Nakano, a new student transferred to his high school, who asks him to teach her how to study. However, Fūtarō refuses her request and pisses her off by responding nonchalantly.

Immediately after this conversation, Raiha informs him that their father has found him an odd job of being “tutor to a millionaire’s daughter”, a job he accepts in order to clear the family debt. However, he soon realizes that his job is actually to teach the Nakano Quintuplets, of which Itsuki is the youngest, and must help them graduate.

Fūtarō is very perplexed in the face of the five sisters with different personalities, and who have in common a total disinterest in studies which is expressed by appalling notes.

Most Quintuplets object to the presence of an unknown man in their apartment, but with his diligent tenacity and the support of the Fourth Sister, Yotsuba, Fūtarō continues to interact with the Quintuplets through various events including the summer festival, and gradually managed to gain the trust of the third and first sister, respectively Miku and Ichika.

However, Fūtarō still passes his first midterm exam as a tutor without the cooperation of the second and fifth sisters, Nino and Itsuki. Although the result of the exam was higher than the last time, they do not manage to have the average, and Fūtarō, who had to avoid all five of them failing, decides to resign while giving advice to the quintuplets.

Nonetheless, Nino, hitherto uncooperative, defends Fūtarō by making a false report to his father so that he can continue his tutoring for the time being.

28. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Author(s): Caramel Box
Genres: Harem, romance
Release Date: October 8, 2006 – December 24, 2006
Episodes: 12

Additional Material: 4 OVA episodes

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru tells the story of the main character Mizuho Miyanokouji, an androgynous high school student. After the death of his grandfather, the reading of his will indicates that he wants his grandson transferred to the Seio Girls’ Academy, the school founded by his ancestors and where his own mother studied.

Respecting this will, Mizuho disguises himself in order to inflitrate it. Initially, only the headmistress, head teacher Hisako Kajiura and Mariya Mikado know his secret; Shion Jujo and Ichiko Takashima also eventually find out. Mizuho is very popular with other high school girls, who often discuss her beauty, cuteness and athleticism. This unbridled popularity increases to the point that he is nominated, against his will, to become the student council president.

Because of this, the current student council president, Takako Itsukushima, opposes Mizuho. The election of the president is an old tradition in the school: in June, one of the high school girls is elected by her peers to be the eldest, seen as the school’s number one “big sister”. Until graduation, she was referred to by her peers as Onee-sama.

To become a senior, the candidate must obtain at least 75% of the votes. If none of the candidates obtains at least 75% in the first ballot, one of the candidates gives her votes to another candidate, then the one who finally obtains at least 75% of the votes becomes the oldest. If no one reaches this threshold, the president of the student council for the current year becomes the eldest.

In Otoboku, Mizuho gets 82% of the vote in the first round, becoming the 72nd oldest in school history. In the following months, Mizuho is confronted with the responsibility entailed by this status and tries to help the other characters as best as possible while keeping his true identity a secret.

27. Sekirei

Author(s): Sakurako Gokurakuin
Genres: Harem, Romantic Comedy, Supernatural
Release Date: July 2, 2008 – September 17, 2008; July 4, 2010 – September 26, 2010
Episodes: 12; 13

Additional Material: 1+1 OVA episodes

In Tokyo in 2020, referred to as Shintō Teito (“New Eastern Imperial Capital”), the boy Minato Sahashi fails the university entrance exam for the second time, has not yet had any success with women, and moreover, he is still unemployed. However, he is very intelligent, but cannot cope with the pressure of an exam, which explains his constant failure.

As a result of these circumstances, however, he is labeled a loser by many, even his little sister. One day the attractive Musubi falls into his hands as if she had fallen from the sky. However, he soon realizes that Musubi is not an ordinary girl, but that she is a Sekirei and has chosen him as her Ashikabi.

The Sekirei are extraterrestrial life forms that crash-landed on earth with their spaceship in 1999 and were found by students Minaka Hiroto and Takami Sahashi. On board the ship were 108 life forms, which are also described as “a pillar and 107 small birds”, as only one, the pillar (# 0 / # 1), was in the adult state, while eight other living beings (# 2 – # 9) were present as embryos and the remaining 99 (# 10- # 108) as fertilized eggs.

Due to their DNA, which largely corresponds to the human, they have a human appearance, but also have special abilities. The single-digit numbers are particularly strong.

Minaka and Takami, Minato’s mother, now chair the Mid Bio Informatics (MBI) organization. They modified the Sekirei in various experiments and achieved very different results in order to then let them compete against each other in the so-called Sekirei Plan.

In the process, very different personalities emerged, ranging from helpless and innocent to mean and murderous. The Sekirei themselves are looking for a worthy Ashikabi, whose kiss gives them wings, or put them into a special state in which they are much stronger than usual.

Ashikabi Minato finds himself in fight scenes faster than he would like and soon finds out that several Sekirei chose him as Ashikabi, which leads to numerous problems of all kinds.

26. Tsuki ga Kirei

Author(s): Seiji Kishi
Genres: Romance, coming-of-age
Release Date: April 6, 2017 – June 29, 2017
Episodes: 12

Additional Material: None

The somewhat shy and reserved Kotarō Azumi comes in the third year of middle school for the first time with the sporty Akane Mizuno in a class. During the preparations for the sports festival, they get to know each other a little better and exchange their line contact details. Soon they are texting each other regularly on their cell phones and getting closer.

Both spend their free time very differently: Kotarō is active in a traditional festival association, works in a bookstore, and is often in the school library. He writes stories himself and wants to be a writer. His role model is Osamu Dazai, whom he often quotes. Akane, on the other hand, is a runner in the athletics club and is also successful at it. She represents the school in competitions. After a while, they finally admit their love for each other.

Both can be enthusiastic about each other’s hobbies and simply feel good together. But at first, they are still unsure how and when to organize their time together. In addition, her friends don’t know about their relationship. So there is some tension after Akane’s friend Chinatsu tells her that she has fallen in love with Kotarō.

At the same time, Takumi, a popular runner from the sports club, is in love with Akane. Eventually, Akane and Kotarō reveal their relationship and defend their love. Towards the end of the school year, the students have to decide which high school they want to go to. Akane and Kotarō want to be able to continue to see each other at school every day, but Akane’s father is transferred and the family has to move.

She should go to a school with a good reputation in the new city, whose entrance exam Akane should pass with her good grades. Kotarō already has an argument with his parents because they reject his literary ambitions. Now he still wants to go to the same school as Akane and pass the difficult test and then commute every day. Although he impressed his initially horrified parents with his new eagerness to learn, he did not pass the exam.

So both set up a long-distance relationship but swear to stay together. Despite the distance, the two stay in contact and visit each other. Years later, in the last scene at the end of the anime, you see Akane and Kotarō, now married and with one child.

25. Your Lie in April

Author(s): Naoshi Arakawa
Genres: Musical, romantic drama
Release Date: October 9, 2014 – March 19, 2015
Episodes: 22

Additional Material: 1 OVA episode

Kōsei Arima, a piano child prodigy, dominated various music competitions in Japan and became famous among children’s musicians, but also controversial. After his mother Saki dies, he has a nervous breakdown at a piano competition, which leads to the fact that he can no longer hear the notes of his piano even though he can hear everything else normally. Two years have passed since then, in which Kōsei has not touched the piano and only perceives the world in black and white, without atmosphere or color.

His best friends, the softball player Tsubaki Sawabe and the soccer player Ryōta Watari, try to cheer him up and arrange a kind of “double date” in which Kōsei meets a girl who brightens up his colorless world again: Kaori Miyazono. The free-spirited 14-year-old violinist, whose playing style reflects her manic personality, helps Kōsei return to the music world by pushing him back to play the piano. By playing the violin, she also shows him that, in contrast to the structured and rigid style that Kōsei plays, she appears free and lively.

Kōsei also begins to play more freely and the more he does with Kaori, the more he begins to fall in love with her, even if she is apparently in love with his best friend Ryōta. During a joint performance with piano and violin, Kaori collapses after a moving performance on the stage and is hospitalized. At first, Kaori claims that she has anemia and only needs a routine check-up, but this turns out to be a lie when you see flashbacks to her past where she has collapsed numerous times.

Eventually, Kaori is released from the hospital and returns to her happy, crazy self, who invites Kōsei to play with her at a gala concert. However, Kaori does not show up on the day of the gala concert, and as her health continues to deteriorate, she begins to give up life. This time around, Kōsei is the one who inspires her to move on after playing a duet with Nagi Aiza, the piano-playing sister of a competitive opponent named Takeshi Aiza.

After listening to this tearfully, Kaori decides to undertake a risky operation that could kill her if she fails so she can play with Kōsei one more time. Kaori asks Kōsei to take part in the East Japanese Piano Competition and do his best, even if her life-changing operation takes place on the same day. While playing in the finals of the East Japanese Piano Competition, Kōsei sees Kaori’s ghost accompany him on the violin and eventually realizes that she died during the operation.

At Kaori’s funeral, her parents give Kōsei a suicide note that she wrote to him before she died. The letter reveals that she knew she had not much longer to live and that as a result she became freer both as a person and in her music. She also writes that she had been in love with Kōsei since she was five and was inspired by him to play the violin so that one day she could play with him. Her supposed feelings towards Ryōta were the “Lie in April” (Your Lie in April), after which the series was internationally named, and it was fictitious to get closer to Kōsei without emotionally hurting Tsubaki, who also harbored hidden feelings towards Kōsei.

After Tsubaki realizes her feelings towards Kōsei, she approaches Kōsei and promises him that she will be by his side for the rest of her life. Kaori also left a photo of her as a child; recorded at the concert that inspired her; on which you can see Kōsei going home in the background. Kōsei will later frame this picture as a souvenir.

24. Snow White with the Red Hair

Author(s): Sorata Akizuki
Genres: Fantasy, romance
Release Date: July 6, 2015 – March 28, 2016
Episodes: 24

Additional Material: 1 OVA episode

Shirayuki is a herbalist from the Kingdom of Tanbarun characterized by a single peculiarity: her red hair. When the prince of Tanbarun, Raji, orders her to become her concubine because of her, she cuts her hair and flees to the nearby Kingdom of Clarines.

Along her journey, Shirayuki meets her second son Zen prince, and her two guards, Mitsuhide and Kiki, who help her escape from Raji. After also rescuing Zen due to poisoning, she Shirayuki embarks on the path to become a herbalist in the royal palace of Clarines.

From that moment, her life begins to intertwine with that of the characters linked to the court, and in particular to that of Zen, for which she begins to feel ever stronger feelings.


Author(s): Key
Genres: Romance, slice of life, tragedy
Release Date: October 4, 2007 – March 26, 2009
Episodes: 47

Additional Material: 2 OVA episodes, 1 anime film

CLANNAD tells the story of Okazaki Tomoya, a brooding third-year high school student. When his mother died when he was young, he remains in the custody of Naoyuki, his father, who, when affected by this tragic loss, ends up immersed in gambling and alcohol.

Father-son relationships get complicated to the point where Tomoya decides to go to his house as little as possible, developing a closed and indifferent personality, full of inner conflicts and no desire to improve.

His life takes a turn when one morning on his way to school he meets Furukawa Nagisa, an enigmatic girl with unusual qualities that will change the way he sees the world. From that moment begins a friendship between them.

Throughout history, new companions, new situations, new challenges, sad and happy moments appear, and together they live strange and unusual experiences that make them understand the strength and fragility of life.

22. My Love Story!!

Author(s): Kazune Kawahara
Genres: Romantic comedy
Release Date: April 8, 2015 – September 23, 2015
Episodes: 24

Additional Material: None

The tall and strong Takeo Gōda looks significantly older, but is only just entering the first year of high school. Because of his looks, he was popular and successful in sports, but not with the girls. His sandpit friend Makoto “Suna” Sunakawa, on the other hand, is raved about – also by the girls Takeo falls in love with. But Suna always rejects them.

When Takeo protects a girl from a groper on the train, she comes to visit him afterwards. She wants to thank him for his help with homemade cake, and soon more meetings will follow, where Suna is always there. Takeo believes the cheerful Rinko Yamato has fallen in love with Suna and wants to help her win his heart.

But Suna reveals that she has fallen in love with Takeo instead. At first, he is amazed, but is then happy to have found a girl who likes him. Suna also explains that so far he has always turned away all girls because they talked badly about him behind Takeo’s back. He values ​​his friendship with Takeo and wants to support his young relationship with Yamato.

21. Say I Love You

Author(s): Kanae Hazuki
Genres: Romance
Release Date: October 6, 2012 – December 30, 2012
Episodes: 13

Additional Material: 1 OVA episode

Mei Tachibana is 16 and has never had a boyfriend and feels lonely. Suddenly, of all people, the crush at her school is interested in her: Yamato Kurosawa. Mei falls in love with Yamato and the friendship develops into a real and serious relationship.

The two have to survive different crises and collect their first experiences together. Above all, Aiko Muto is against the relationship. Over time, Mei makes new friends and Aiko recognizes the relationship.

20. Kimi ni Todoke

Author(s): Karuho Shiina
Genres: Coming-of-age, romance, slice of life
Release Date: October 6, 2009 – March 30, 2011
Episodes: 38

Additional Material: None

The high school student Sawako Kuronuma is loathed by her classmates, as various rumors manifested in the school that she could see ghosts and curse people. The reason for this is the similarity of her name to Sadako, a character from the Ring.

Many students fear her presence and avoid her as much as possible. Only the new and very popular student Shōta Kazehaya treats her like any other girl. One day they get the opportunity to talk to each other, which turns their entire life upside down.

With his help, she tries to make new friends and to talk to strangers like any other schoolgirl. She is almost exaggeratedly grateful for his support and a close relationship slowly develops between the two, which has to overcome many hurdles.

19. Emma

Author(s): Kaoru Mori
Genres: Historical, romance
Release Date: April 2, 2005 – July 2, 2007
Episodes: 24

Additional Material: None

Emma was kidnapped from a Yorkshire village as a little girl to be taken to a brothel in London. But she was able to escape and found a job as a housemaid with Kelly Stowner, a retired educator. Kelly taught her household chores, reading, and writing.

When William Jones, a former protégé, visits Kelly, he falls in love with Emma. But he belongs to a wealthy family, and he is supposed to marry a noblewoman as their ancestor. He met one of these at a ball with Eleanor Campbell and she also showed interest in him. Now the Indian prince Hakim Atawari, an old friend of Williams, shows affection for Emma.

However, when he notices how close the two are, he supports their relationship. Soon after, Kelly sprains her foot and becomes increasingly weaker, so that Emma has to take more care of her. Nevertheless, William and Emma get closer and William now wants to convince his father to agree to the relationship.

But when Kelly dies, Emma moves away from London, leaving William. Soon she was working in York as a housemaid for the Mölders family, immigrants from Germany. It quickly became popular there and so comes with you on trips to London. On one of these outings, Emma happens to meet William at his engagement ball with Eleanor.

Emma discovers that the lady she is there with is William’s mother.

18. NANA

Author(s): Ai Yazawa
Genres: Musical, romance
Release Date: April 5, 2006 – March 27, 2007
Episodes: 47

Additional Material: 3 recap episodes

Nana Ōsaki is a punk singer whose only wish is to be able to debut with her group and surpass the band Trapnest, in which her ex-boyfriend, Ren Honjō, works as a guitarist. Nana and Ren were partners in the same band in the past, Black Stones (aka Blast for short), but split up when Ren was offered the opportunity to replace a member of the popular band Trapnest, so he left his gang to head to Tokyo.

Nana, after realizing that if she went with him to Tokyo she would see her chances of becoming a popular singer greatly diminished, she decides that a life in which she is simply considered Ren’s girlfriend, remaining professionally in his shadow and fulfilling a role that is not more than that of a housewife who is not an independent woman, it is not the life she wants.

So she finally decides to keep what is hers. For her part, Nana Komatsu, the other nana, is called by Ōsaki “Hachi” (which derives from “Hachiko” a very famous puppy in Japan), since she considers that she looks like a small puppy, very loyal towards those who care about her, but demanding a lot of attention in turn.

All her life Komatsu lived in a very pampered, overprotected way and where she very rarely had to think on her own, which, as she became an adult, began to bring her greater problems. With the habit of falling in love at first sight with anyone, Hachi always depends on the people around her to help her put her feet on the ground, especially her high school friend Junko Saotome, nicknamed Jun.

After high school, Junko and the rest of his group of friends leave Hachi behind to attend an art college in Tokyo. Hachi desperately wanted to follow both Junko and her boyfriend Shōji to Tokyo, but she had no means of living there or establishing herself.

However, after working a lot on her own, she finally manages to save enough to be able to become independent, move to Tokyo, and begin her adult life. On the train to Tokyo, by chance, Komatsu and Ōsaki meet for the first time.

Both travel to Tokyo to start their new lives there, and after talking during the trip and after numerous coincidences that occur (especially having to do with number seven) they coincide to rent an apartment and decide to rent it together, thus sharing expenses and being roommates.

Despite their personalities contrasting sharply, once they meet, both Ōsaki and “Hachi” begin to respect and like each other, becoming close friends.

Throughout history, the Black Stones, who now meet again with a new bassist Shinichi Okazaki (due to Ren’s absence), begin to become popular at underground concerts in the suburbs of Tokyo, playing in different bars.

17. Toradora!

Author(s): Yuyuko Takemiya
Genres: Romantic comedy, slice of life
Release Date: October 2, 2008 – March 26, 2009
Episodes: 25

Additional Material: 1 OVA episode

Ryuuji Takasu is a Japanese student who has just returned to the 12th grade and who lives alone with his mother. He would love to be an ordinary high school student, but he has one flaw: his intimidating eyes. Because of his sinister demeanor, stupid rumors keep circulating about him, including the fact that he would hit anyone who dared to jostle him and that he would be ready to kill, while he is a very sensitive young man.

Because of this, he has great difficulty in making friends; the heaviest to bear is the absence of a romantic relationship. Luckily, he is in the same class as his best friend Yūsaku Kitamura and his crush, the pretty Minori Kushieda.

Short-lived joy as he will literally run into the local tsundere, Taiga Aisaka (nicknamed the pocket tiger because of his small size and aggressiveness). In particular, he will discover that Taiga is in love with his best friend Yusaku.

It is then the beginning of a sulfurous relationship between these two, between this tsundere who will take advantage of him and make him his housekeeper and incidentally a punching bag, but who keeps him close to him in order to get closer to him. Kitamura, while Ryuji hopes to do the same with the energetic and no less odd Kushieda.

16. Maid Sama!

Author(s): Hiro Fujiwara
Genres: Romantic comedy
Release Date: April 1, 2010 – September 23, 2010
Episodes: 26

Additional Material: 1 OVA episode

The Seika High School was once a school for boys only, but over time it opened up to girls too. The isolation created a harsh climate in the classes, so that the girls find it very difficult to gain a foothold and repeatedly suffer from the humiliation of the boys.

The girl Misaki Ayuzawa still manages to assert herself against her classmates and become the first student representative. Because of her behavior, she is soon seen as a man-hater, but is respected or feared. But behind this facade, she also fights against various other problems.

Among other things, her family, which consists of her mother and little sister, was abandoned by her father and is now sitting on a large pile of debts. To stop the collapse of her own apartment and to help her overworked mother, Misaki looks for a job in a maid café. Since she mainly has to serve male customers there, she tries to keep her job a secret from her classmates.

In the meantime, at school she is often confronted with the heartthrob Takumi Usui, who repeatedly refuses all declarations of love and makes the girls cry. As a result, a special form of hatred against him builds up in her. One day, however, Takumi meets Misaki in front of the Maid Café and discovers her secret.

Her fears that she would now lose her reputation are not fulfilled, however, as Takumi keeps her secret and protects her because, unlike the other girls, he develops feelings for her. Misaki also slowly develops feelings for Takumi and an ambivalent love relationship builds up, which has to suffer severe setbacks again and again.

In the end, however, Usui Takumi can confess his love to Misaki Ayuzawa at a school festival.

15. Kokoro Connect

Author(s): Sadanatsu Anda
Genres: Romantic comedy, supernatural
Release Date: July 8, 2012 – December 30, 2012
Episodes: 17

Additional Material: None

The story unfolds between five high school students, Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Yoshifumi and Yui, who are all members of the Student Cultural Club (CCE). One day, they begin to experience a phenomenon in which they randomly swap their bodies.

This is how it begins and they will subsequently have to go through many other tests initiated by none other than “Fuuzen Kazura”. These five friends are therefore confronted with many different phenomena according to the whims of this mysterious being who seeks thereby a means of distraction.

Their friendship is tested throughout this story.

14. Romeo × Juliet

Author(s): Fumitoshi Oizaki (per William Shakespeare)
Genres: Romance
Release Date: April 4, 2007 – September 26, 2007
Episodes: 24

Additional Material: None

In the beautiful city of Neo Verona, Archduke Capulet, along with his entire family, was assassinated by the leader of the Montague. Only the Duke’s daughter, Juliet, manages to escape the massacre. Today, Montague reigns supreme in the city but the rebellion was organized thanks to the Red Tourbillon (Akai Kaze, literally the “red wind”), nickname used by Juliet!

He must then fight incessantly against the despot and protect the population. Romeo, son of Archduke Montague, lives happy and carefree days. He does not share his father’s worldview but knows that opposing it would bring his downfall. It is by a coincidence of fate that Juliet and Romeo will then meet, falling instantly in love with each other, as Juliet’s family go to seek revenge on Montague.

The two young people will have to try to live their love in the middle of what will inevitably lead to the extinction of one of the two families!

13. InuYasha

Author(s): Rumiko Takahashi
Genres: Adventure, fantasy, romance
Release Date: October 16, 2000 – September 13, 2004 (original run), October 3, 2009 – March 29, 2010 (The Final Act)
Episodes: 167 (original run), 26 (The Final Act)

Additional Material: 4 anime films, sequel series (Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon)

Japan, Sengoku era. Inuyasha, a half-demon (han’yō), steals the Sphere of the Four Spirits from a village, an object that can greatly increase the powers of an individual (demons or men with an evil spirit). Inuyasha does not go too far: Kikyo, the young priestess of the village, pierces him with a sacred arrow which, through Inuyasha’s body, sticks to Goshinboku, a sacred tree in the nearby forest. By the power of the sacred arrow, Inuyasha remains frozen in a magical sleep suspended in time.

Mortally wounded, perhaps by Inuyasha himself, Kikyo recommends that her younger sister Kaede burns the sphere together with her body so that it cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Japan, present time, Shibuya city. Kagome Higurashi is a middle school student and lives in the family’s ancient Shinto temple. On her 15th birthday, she is leaving the house to go to school when she catches her little brother Sota looking for his cat Buyo in the temple sanctuary. Suddenly Kagome is sucked into the ancient well attached to the shrine by a huge demon, the Millipede Joro, awakened thanks to the spiritual power of Kagome, and finds herself transported to the Sengoku era.

Disoriented, the girl wanders around the outside of the well: she notices the tree god Goshinboku, familiar to her, and goes there. He finds Inuyasha there, still sealed in a magical fifty-year sleep. The villagers capture her and take her to the old priestess Kaede. She quickly realizes that Kagome is the reincarnation of her sister Kikyo. Meanwhile, the centipede attacks the village.

Kagome is forced to free Inuyasha from his long sleep so that he can face the demon. After defeating him, Inuyasha attacks Kagome to take possession of the Sphere of the Four Spirits, which the young woman hides inside herself, in order to become a complete demon. Kaede, however, slips Inuyasha a magical rosary, which forces him to obey Kagome’s command and to remain temporarily motionless. In an attempt to defeat another demon who had taken possession of the Sphere, Kagome shatters it and its fragments scatter throughout Japan.

The girl and Inuyasha must join forces to recover all the fragments and rebuild the gem. To the two, between whom a strong bond develops after a turbulent start, soon new travelling companions are added: Shippo, a little fox demon cub; Miroku, a depraved young Buddhist monk, victim of a Naraku curse; Sango, a resolute exterminator of demons in search of his brother Kohaku, whom Naraku has made his slave; Kirara, cat demon (nekomata), Sango’s battle partner. The six friends are bound together by common hatred towards Naraku, the great antagonist of the story, a half-demon who aspires to seize the Sphere to increase his demonic power.

Kagome, Inuyasha and their companions meet many friends and as many threats on their way: Inuyasha’s half-brother, Sesshoumaru; Kikyo who died 50 years earlier, is brought back to life thanks to a part of Kagome’s soul; Naraku himself, who deceived Kikyo and Inuyasha to kill each other out of hatred; Naraku’s corresponding “helpers”: Kanna and Kagura; finally a wolf demon called Koga who, in love with Kagome, arouses Inuyasha’s jealousy, so much so that every meeting between him and Inuyasha is a new opportunity for confrontation.

12. Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance

Author(s): Shungiku Nakamura
Genres: Yaoi
Release Date: April 10, 2008 – September 23, 2015
Episodes: 36

Additional Material: 1 OVA episode

After the death of his parents, the boy Misaki Takahashi lives with his brother Takahiro Takahashi. He takes care of him and gives up his studies, which is why Misaki wants to study at the highly respected university where his brother wanted to study. To achieve this, Takahiro’s eccentric friend Akihiko Usami (also “Usagi-san”) is supposed to give him tutoring.

He is the author of novels and, as it turns out later, also writes gay novels. Through this, Misaki soon discovers that Akihiko is in love with Takahiro; Misaki himself slowly falls in love with Akihiko. Hiroki Kamijō, Akihiko’s friend and Misaki’s literature professor, has been in love with Akihiko for years. He suspects nothing of it.

When Akihiko’s best friend Takahiro, with whom he is in love, finds a girlfriend, Hiroki takes the chance and sleeps with Akihiko. He realizes that Akihiko will never love him the way he loves Takahiro. When he is crying in a park because of lovesickness, he meets Nowaki Kusama. He wants to study and therefore asks Hiroki for tutoring.

Nowaki soon falls in love with Hiroki and wants to win him over. Despite his stubbornness, Hiroki also falls in love with Nowaki. Yō Miyagi, a literature professor at M-Uni is also Hiroki’s superior. His ex-brother-in-law, 18-year-old Shinobu Takatsuki, rushed back from his exchange year in Australia when he heard that Miyagi and his wife had divorced. Shinobu had been in love with Miyagi for three years before he knew Miyagi and his sister were engaged.

Miyagi, who doesn’t want anything from Shinobu, finds his feelings annoying at first. After that, however, he realizes that Shinobu has somehow managed to sneak into his heart. In addition, years ago Miyagi was in the same situation as Shinobu now, when he fell in love with his teacher.

In Junjō Minimum, the author deals with the childhood of Usami and Hiroki, who met when they were 10. Usami grew up and moved abroad. He and Hiroki get to know each other and Usami was almost as convinced of himself as Hiroki as a child.

One day he learns that Usami is writing novels and is the first to be allowed to read his works. Since then he has been Usami’s biggest fan, which will not change in the future.

11. Honey and Clover

Author(s): Chica Umino
Genres: Coming-of-age, romance
Release Date: April 14, 2005 – September 14, 2006
Episodes: 36

Additional Material: None

Yūta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama and Shinobu Morita study at an art school in Tokyo (based on the Musashino Art School) and share the same dormitory. One day, the art teacher Shūji Hanamoto introduces them to 18-year-old Hagumi Hanamoto, a relative of his. She is quite small and very talented and Morita falls in love at first sight. But Takemoto also has feelings for her.

“Hagu”, as she is called by her friends, lives with Shūji during her studies. Ayumi Yamada, another student, is in love with Mayama, but he does not return her love. For his part, Mayama is unhappily in love with Rika Harada, a former classmate of art teacher Hanamoto and widowed since a fatal traffic accident. Still mourning her late husband Harada, she cannot reciprocate her feelings towards Mayama either.

Hagu, Takemoto, Morita, Mayama and Ayumi become friends and have a happy study life. When Morita disappeared for a while, Takemoto succeeds in building a close friendship with Hagu. However, this soon returns and it becomes clear that Hagu also has feelings for Morita. After that, Takemoto takes a bike tour from Tokyo to the northernmost point of Japan in Hokkaidō to find himself.

After returning home, he confesses his love to Hagu. However, she is confused by Takemoto’s confession. Mayama has entered professional life and works in an architecture office. He also has more frequent contact with Rika. Mayama succeeds in getting Rika to open up to him. Takemoto and Morita continue to study with Hagu. She seriously injured her hand in an accident with a pane of glass and is then in the hospital.

There is a risk that she will never be able to paint again. Now they want to support Shūji, Takemoto and Morita with their rehabilitation and encourage them. But they have to realize that they cannot all help her. In the end, Hagu stays with Shūji, who promises to take care of her forever.

When she and Takemoto have finished their studies and Takemoto takes the train to his new job, Hagu gives him a honey bread with four-leaf clovers in it.

10. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Author(s): Super Peace Busters (Tatsuyuki Nagai, Mari Okada, Masayoshi Tanaka)
Genres: Coming-of-age
Release Date: April 14, 2011 – June 23, 2011
Episodes: 11

Additional Material: 1 anime film

A group of six childhood friends split up after one of them, Meiko “Menma” Honma, died in an accident. Ten years after this tragedy, the leader of the group, Jinta Yadomi, isolates himself from society and lives in seclusion. One summer day, however, Menma appears to Jinta, looking older, asking him for help in fulfilling her wish. She believes she needs to accomplish it to fulfill her destiny.

But Menma doesn’t remember what her wish was, causing Jinta to reunite her childhood friends again, as she believes they are the key to solving this problem. However, the hidden feelings, internal conflicts and the persistence of feelings of sadness by Menma’s parents result in complications for the group as they struggle not only to help Menma but themselves.

9. 5 Centimeters per Second

Author(s): Makoto Shinkai
Genres: Romance, drama
Release Date: March 3, 2007
Running Time: 65 minutes

Additional Material: None

During their elementary school graduation ceremony, Takaki Tōno and his friend Akari Shinohara have to part ways. Akari moves to Tochigi due to her parents’ jobs, while Takaki will go to a high school in Tokyo. The two decide to keep in touch through letters, but despite the feelings that existed between them, the only thing that persisted was time.

When Takaki finds out that her family is moving to Kagoshima, he decides to go see Akari, because it will be very difficult for him to continue seeing her after her move. However, when the day comes, an intense snowstorm delays Takaki’s journey for several hours, which plunges him into discouragement and despair, especially when the letter he wrote to Akari is blown away by the wind; in that letter he declared all his love for her.

Finally, when the train stops at the station where they would meet, he is shocked to realize that, despite how late it is, Akari has been waiting for him. After a brief reunion, the two leave the station and walk at night through a field full of snow, at that moment they stop and she realizes that the falling cherry petals were very similar to snow.

At that moment they kiss, and with it they realize that their relationship will never be able to work. After spending the night in a small warehouse they decide to go to the train station to say goodbye, Takaki tries to encourage his friend Akari by telling her that they will write letters and talk to each other on the phone, but at the moment the train doors close and he leaves the station, understanding that this is not going to be possible and that his destiny was to take different paths.

Later, Takaki is in the third year of high school in Tanegashima, where the Tanegashima Space Center is located. Kanae Sumita, a classmate of Takaki, feels a special affection for him, but she does not yet have the courage to express her feelings. Later, she realizes that Takaki always keeps a “lost” gaze, as if he is searching for something beyond the horizon.

Although she loves Takaki, Kanae understands that he is looking for something else elsewhere, something that she will not be able to offer him. It is now 2008, and the two characters have gone different paths. Takaki is a computer scientist in Tokyo, and Akari is preparing for her marriage. One day, Takaki comes out and thinks that the face of a person crossing a train track is very familiar to him.

Baffled by the encounter, he tries to look back, but one train passes and then another, cutting off his vision. Thinking that if it were Akari, she would notice too, he waits. Then scenes of how time passed for both Akari and Takaki begin to appear, from the moment they separated until the moment they meet without realizing it in the train, where until that moment he thought that what he was looking all this time, both at work and in the relationship he had, they were not in that but he was in Akari, and what he wanted was to be with her again.

After the trains passed and realizing that there was no one on the other side, he decides to continue on his way, but this time with a smile on his face. Understanding that it is time to stop thinking about her.

8. We Were There

Author(s): Yuki Obata
Genres: Drama, romance, slice of life
Release Date: July 3, 2006 – December 25, 2006
Episodes: 26

Additional Material: None

Nanami Takahashi starts high school. There she meets some new friends and hears about the mysterious Motoharu Yano, who is said to have a crush on her. She doesn’t think much of it herself, but asks her bench neighbor Yuri Yamamoto, who was once in the same class as Motoharu, what she thinks of Motoharu.

She replies that she hates him. Nanami meets him and at first doesn’t like him at all, because he keeps poking her and making her look ridiculous. Still, she is intrigued by Motoharu and its contradicting behavior. On the one hand he upsets her, on the other hand she finds his smile irresistible. She falls in love with him, but doesn’t know if he’ll reciprocate her feelings.

She learns that Motoharu had a relationship with Yuri’s sister, who was killed in a car accident. Little by little they get closer and Nanami learns that Motoharu detests infidelity more than anything in the world. The two eventually become a couple, but the love between the high schoolers seems more complicated than it first appeared.

Often the relationship between the two is put to the test. On the one hand there is the pronounced jealousy of Yano because his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. In addition, Yano does not seem to have completely forgotten his ex-girlfriend.

7. Koi Kaze

Author(s): Motoi Yoshida
Genres: Romance, drama
Release Date: April 1, 2004 – June 17, 2004
Episodes: 13

Additional Material: None

Kōshirō Saeki (28), who lives with his father, learns one day that his 15-year-old sister Nanoka Kohinata will move in with them. The last time he saw her was at the age of two, as they grew up separately due to the parental divorce. Kōshirō works in a marriage agency, but is single himself and has just broken up.

During a train ride, he notices a girl who loses her train ticket when getting off the train. He follows her and gives it back to her. Later he and his supervisor Kaname Chidori receive two tickets to a nearby amusement park from a client of the marriage agency he works for. Chidori gives Kōshirō her ticket so he can get back together with his ex-girlfriend.

Shortly afterwards he meets the girl from the train again and gives her the two tickets. Since she wanted to go to the amusement park anyway to meet his father there later, the girl invites him to come with her out of gratitude. When both ride the Ferris wheel, they open their hearts to each other and tell each other their love affairs.

Kōshirō breaks down crying and the girl comforts him. When they both say goodbye, the girl’s father joins them. They both greet him and are amazed to realize that they are siblings. While they were living together in their father’s household, Kōshirō tried to suppress his feelings for Nanoka and treated her dismissively.

Nanoka takes care of the household and tries to get on better with her brother. Meanwhile, Kōshirō gets his feelings under control and wants to be the big brother she always wanted by being more friendly and helpful to her. Because of this, Nanoka feels more and more drawn to her brother and confesses her love to him.

Kōshirō reacted in a panic about the expected consequences and accused her of not being normal. He later confesses to her that he has been drawn to her since the ride on the Ferris wheel, but also that he will move out and that they should never meet again.

Both live their separate lives dejected, until one day Nanoka stands in front of Kōshirō’s door and he lets her in after the shock of their reunion. Kōshirō tells her that he doesn’t need anyone but her, and they spend the night together.

In view of the social norms that do not allow living together as lovers, they consider committing suicide together out of love. However, they decide against it and still try to lead a life together in secret.

6. Boys Over Flowers

Author(s): Yoko Kamio
Genres: Reverse harem, romantic comedy
Release Date: September 8, 1996 – August 31, 1997
Episodes: 51

Additional Material: 1 anime film

Boys Over Flowers tells the story of sixteen-year-old Tsukushi Makino, whose parents sacrificed everything to send her to Eitoku, a private school for children from good families, far beyond their means, in the hope of raising money, and her finding a handsome and rich son-in-law.

Tsukushi’s vision is not really the same. It must be said that the atmosphere that reigns there is terrible. The students are bad to the bone, like stereotypes of the children of the rich, especially the F4, a group of four extremely rich boys who rule in Eitoku. Anyone who opposes the F4 will receive the infamous red card and be persecuted by the whole school.

Makino is determined to stay in her corner for the remaining two years and devote herself to her studies. But one day, Tsukushi’s only friend, Makiko, stumbles upon Tsukasa Dômyôji, the head of F4 and heir to the Dômyôji group, the richest in Japan. She begs his forgiveness but the boys don’t seem ready to listen to her.

Tsukushi then takes his courage in both hands and defends his friend. The next day, she receives the red card. The tension rises until a “declaration of war”!

Dômyôji, the most dangerous of the four, sees his pride trampled upon and hatches all kinds of plans to “torture” Tsukushi. Shunned by the whole school, Tsukushi finds comfort with Rui Hanazawa, a calm and reserved member of the F4. Soon under the spell of this one, Tsukushi resists and gives a hard time to the three others.

She is determined not to let it go and does not hesitate to put Dômyôji back in place, which does not leave him indifferent. Who would have thought that Tsukushi’s strong character would allow him to fit into the F4?

The poorest in high school hanging out with the richest and most popular? This situation soon attracts the nastiness of the other students towards Tsukushi. The trials are hard but Tsukushi gets up stronger each time. Dômyôji gradually falls head over heels in love with her but does not think before acting.

He knows nothing about love, and solves everything by violence or intimidation. His clumsiness makes her hate him more and more. Dômyôji will end up changing his character little by little. But, what if Rui fell in love with Makino?

5. Lovely★Complex

Author(s): Aya Nakahara
Genres: Romantic comedy
Release Date: April 7, 2007 – September 29, 2007
Episodes: 24

Additional Material: None

The tall Risa Koizumi and her short classmate Atsushi Ōtani both go to the first grade of high school. They are often referred to as “All Hanshin Kyojin,” a well-known Japanese comedy duo, because of their size differences and frequent arguments. But both are otherwise very similar, have the same taste in music and develop a good friendship with each other.

Her classmates Ryōji Suzuki and Chiharu Tanaka, Nobuko Ishihara and Heikichi Nakao, found each other in the summer, so that Koizumi and Ōtani are now surrounded by two couples. Now they finally want to fall in love, and Koizumi soon finds out that Ōtani already had a girlfriend in Mayu Kanzaki.

Koizumi soon meets Haruka Fukagawa again, a kindergarten friend of hers, who now falls in love with her. The one year younger transsexual Seishiro / Seiko Kotobuki falls in love with Ōtani, who rejects her when it is discovered that she is a boy by birth.

After a while, Koizumi falls in love with Ōtani, but initially cannot admit this to himself. However, her friends soon realize that she is in love with him and support her. But even when Koizumi manages to convey her feelings to Ōtani, Ōtani misunderstands them and sees Koizumi only as a good friend. Only next summer does he understand that Koizumi has fallen in love with him.

But first, he rejects her. He’s only seen them both as a comedy duo and can’t imagine a relationship between them. When the young handsome teacher Kuniumi Maitake comes to the school and teaches her in the second grade of the high school, Koizumi takes refuge in him.

When Maitake realizes Koizumi’s feelings for Ōtani, he makes him jealous, so that Ōtani soon realizes how much he feels for Koizumi. Eventually, they both come together. When Koizumi started working in a family restaurant in the third year of high school, she met the younger Kazuki Kohori. He immediately falls in love with her.

Ōtani, who has little time for Koizumi because of studying for the university entrance exams, becomes jealous of him too, although Koizumi claims that he has no feelings for Kohori. However, after she attended an umibōzu concert with Kohori, her relationship with Ōtani almost broke up.

Eventually, her classmates manage to find their way to vocational training, and Ōtani also passes his exam and is accepted. Koizumi, who was unsure about what to do after school, now wants to become a stylist.

4. The World’s Greatest First Love

Author(s): Shungiku Nakamura
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Boys’ love, Slice of life
Release Date: April 9, 2011 – December 23, 2011
Episodes: 24

Additional Material: 2 OVA episodes, 2 anime films

Tired of hearing people talk bad about how he got his job and being called a nanahikari (someone who is influenced by the power of his father), Ritsu Onodera quits his job at his father’s company to go to work at the Marukawa publishing house Shōten. However, even though he applied to the literature department, he is assigned to the department in charge of shōjo manga, Emerald, in which he has no experience or interest.

He initially wishes to resign, especially when meeting his new boss, Masamune Takano, whom he considers intolerable and disconcerting. After being called “useless” by his boss, he proudly decides to stay to prove that he is not. However, everything changes when he discovers that Takano’s real last name is Saga, who turns out to be the high school senpai and his first great love.

Shōta Kisa, a thirty-year-old man with the appearance of a high school boy, falls in love at first sight with Kō Yukina, a university student who works at the bookstore where the manga he is in charge of are sold the most. Despite the fact that at the beginning Kisa gets carried away only by Yukina’s good looks, little by little she realizes that he loves him for much more than just that, trying to deal with his first real love.

Both must later overcome the setbacks caused by an ex-lover of Kisa who harasses him, while Yukina begins to feel insecure about Kisa’s long history of relationships. Yoshiyuki Hatori (Ritsu and Shōta’s co-worker) is the editor of Chiaki Yoshino, a childhood friend and also a famous shōjo mangaka who works under the pseudonym Chiharu Yoshikawa, so that none of his fans find out that he is actually a man.

This relationship is a love triangle, where Hatori loves Chiaki at the same time as another of his friends, Yū Yanase. However, Chiaki only corresponds to Hatori, even though he also cares for Yū. However, this will not prevent Yū from wanting to compete with Hatori for Chiaki’s love, since apparently there was “something” other than hatred in Hatori and Yū’s relationship.

3. Spice and Wolf

Author(s): Isuna Hasekura
Genres: Adventure, fantasy, romance
Release Date: January 9, 2008 – September 24, 2009
Episodes: 24

Additional Material: 2 OVA episodes

Spice and Wolf is set on a continent inspired by Europe in the late Middle Ages. The population of a small town, Pasloe, in an unspecified time, made a pact with a wolf god to avoid lean periods and guarantee good harvests.

While preparing for the feast in honor of the wolf, a young merchant named Lawrence discovers, hidden among the skins contained in her cart, a sleeping girl with the ears and tail of a wolf. The young woman introduces herself as the Holo – name of the wolf deity – of her and asks the boy to take her back north to where she was born.

Lawrence, initially skeptical, asks the girl to prove to him that she really is Holo the wolf goddess. The goddess then decides to transform herself, assuming the appearance of a huge wolf; Lawrence is thrilled and terrified. After a few small events in Pasloe village, Lawrence agrees to take Holo with him. The wolf goddess, during the journey, shows an enormous experience in the trade so as to surprise the expert merchant Lawrence.

Holo and Lawrence are targeted by the Church which shows no tolerance for pagans, who worship gods like Holo. The two continue their journey facing various difficulties of an economic-commercial or cultural-religious nature and face various adventures related to Lawrence’s economic interests such as speculation on the value at the exchange of coins and a speculative bubble on the value of pyrite.

Gradually, the personality of Holo emerges: she is a goddess of great strength, but also of a fragile heart. A deep relationship develops between Holo and Lawrence as the two approach Holo’s birthplace. At the end of the journey, once he reaches Yoitsu, Holo, having become aware of the fact that her species is now extinct, spends many years with Lawrence.

Together, they open a spa, called Spice and Wolf, and Holo also gives Lawrence a daughter, Myuri, with the same powers as her mother. However, their union will not be destined to have a happy ending, as Holo, being a supernatural creature, has a much longer life than Lawrence’s, whose fate will be to grow old and die when his beloved is still young. and thriving.

Although Holo says she is ready to be faithful to him for life, Lawrence will beg her to find someone else to love after he is gone, so that she won’t be forced to spend the rest of her life in sadness and loneliness.

2. Nodame Cantabile

Author(s): Tomoko Ninomiya
Genres: Musical, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: 11 January 2007 – 25 March 2010
Episodes: 45

Additional Material: 4 OVA episodes

In his childhood, Shin’ichi Chiaki traveled with his father, a world-famous pianist, and his mother through Europe and got to know and love classical music. The conductor Sebastiano Viera often took care of him and became his role model. At the age of twenty-one, he studied at the Momogaoka College of Music.

His fear of airplanes and the sea keep him from studying abroad. Although he has dedicated himself to playing the piano at college and is considered one of the best students, his real dream is to become a conductor and composer. Shin’ichi is arrogant and sees most of the other students as unskilled. Megumi Noda, often called “Nodame”, also studies piano at the Momogaoka College of Music and has her apartment next to Shin’ichi’s.

She is also talented, but not good at reading music; she mainly plays through her hearing – the latter is extraordinarily pronounced. Megumi is portrayed as a slob, but she has numerous serious symptoms of compulsive hoarding – her apartment succumbs to chaos and is full of trash. Megumi herself even neglects her personal hygiene. She stands in extreme contrast to Shin’ichi, who cultivates a perfectionist, orderly nature.

When Shin’ichi falls out with his piano teacher at the college, he receives someone else who is said to only take the rebellious students. Megumi is with the same teacher, and they then often get lessons together and are supposed to study pieces together. Megumi falls in love with Shin’ichi.

By chance, Megumi met the famous German conductor Franz von Stresemann, who immediately recognized Megumi’s talent. He introduces himself to her as Milch Holstein and due to the fact that Nodame thinks this is a real name, she calls him Milchi. It turns out that Stresemann is an old friend of the director of the university and thus receives a visiting professorship at the university, where he leads the school orchestra and teaches Chiaki.

Chiaki is prevented from fulfilling his dream of becoming a world conductor because of his fear of airplanes and the sea. Nodame helps him overcome this fear. But Chiaki also supports Nodame and encourages her to take a more serious look at playing the piano. They travel to Europe together. Nodame studied piano in Paris, while Chiaki secured a reputation as a conductor, including leading the renowned Roux Marlet Orchestra.

1. Hotarubi no Mori e

Author(s): Yuki Midorikawa
Genres: Romance, supernatural
Release Date: September 17, 2011
Running Time: 44 minutes

Additional Material: None

Hanauta Nagaruru is about a young girl named Shima who always hears beautiful guitar melodies from an empty house. She wonders who is playing there and finds out that one of her schoolmates plays the guitar. One day he is looking for his guitar and she tells him where his guitar is because she saw it before. Fujimura is quite a bully and despite warnings from her friends, she later falls in love with him.

Shima investigates the noises and finds out that the guitar noises come from the girl Noguchi, who is taught to play the guitar by Fujimura. Fujimura himself doesn’t play because his left hand is broken and it would hurt him too much. In a fight, Shima throws herself in front of him and wants to confess her feelings to him, but she is silent at the crucial moment.

A day later, she stands in front of the window again and hears the melody, but she can hear that Fujimura is playing. He is engaged in a dialogue with Noguchi, which she overhears by chance. He says he would like to teach Shima, but until Shima can play the song, he would like to go out with Noguchi. The song symbolizes Fujimura’s feelings and playing for understanding. The last picture shows a crying Shima. The season is spring.

Hotarubi no Mori e is about six-year-old Hotaru, who goes to see her uncle every summer. It gets lost once in the nearby forest. She meets the ghostly gin who wears a fox mask and who helps her out of her situation. She learns that gin disappears when touched by a person. A deep friendship develops between the two very slowly and Hotaru visits him every summer.

The time flies by until she is then in high school. Both go to a festival of forest spirits and have a great evening. Hotaru explains to Gin that as she gets older she will find a job near the forest so that she can see it more often. Gin puts his mask on her and kisses her like that without touching her skin.

When a child stumbles, gin helps him up, but since the child is human, gin begins to dissolve. To grant him his last wish, she hugs him until he dissolves completely. She has also promised him that she will never forget him and takes his mask with her.

Kurukuru Ochiba is about the girl Tsubaki , who does everything to protect her childhood friend Kaede Kirisato. She feels obliged to do so because Kaede was supposed to be kidnapped by rich people as a child (but she was able to prevent this).

One day, when Tsubaki puts himself in danger again for him, Kaede threatens her to end the friendship if she doesn’t stop making him worry about her. For one day they don’t talk to each other, on that day Tsubaki sees him talking to a girl who is the total opposite of her, and during this conversation, he laughs.

She runs near a river and realizes that if the friendship should be in danger, she wants to protect him further in order to be by his side. The next day, Kaede is threatened (people want a lot of money from him). Tsubaki beats up the brawlers and Kaede strokes her head as a token of his gratitude. Tsubaki runs away because she realizes that protection should only be an excuse for herself to be with him.

A wild hunt through the school begins, which ends with Kaede telling her that he can never laugh in front of her because he is always afraid of being abandoned by her for someone stronger. In the end, they both realize that they love each other. The season is autumn.

Hibi, Fukaku tells in a review of letters from the two close siblings, Ritsu and Sō. Their parents first got divorced, with sister Ritsu staying with her mother and brother Sō with his father, and then got back together after eight years. Through the separation, their sibling relationship broke up and when they both meet again, they indirectly confess their love to each other.

When it looks like a happy ending, in order not to destroy their family, the brother leaves the parental home again and leaves them with a pile of letters. Her last hope is that she will not forget “the feeling some call love”.


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