Lucifer vs. Michael: Who Would Win & Why

Lucifer Vs Michael: Who Would Win

No matter if you are a fan of Lucifer, Supernatural, or just like the battles of mythological creatures such as angels. In this article, we combine all the sources we could find to bring you the ultimate answer: who would win in an all-out Lucifer vs Michael?

Our winner is Lucifer. Being outnumbered during the fall, it is easy to just say he is less worthy in battle. However, Lucifer is a huge presence today, whether as a Christian evil being or a TV villain. Michael, on the other hand, shows only power and loyalty, both of which can be relative.

To find out how we decided our winner, read all about Lucifer and Michael below!

Lucifer And His Powers 

DC Comics

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Unlike other Fallen Angels, Lucifer kept his holy and near-omnipotent powers, presumably as a result of his status as an Archangel. Lucifer has the ability to control any external force to achieve whatever result he chooses. 

He cannot make anything out of nothing; for this, he needs the Demiurgic energy of his brother Michael, and subsequently his niece Elaine. Michael and Lucifer, when together, are capable of creating everything from living creatures to whole multiverses. 

Lucifer is even more powerful than the Endless, and the only known entities capable of competing with and surpassing his might are Michael and the Presence.


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Lucifer is, or was, God’s absolute favorite and most adored celestial, but when God commanded all angels to bow down to humanity, Lucifer refused out of jealousy and wounded pride over being commanded to bow down to what he saw as a broken, flawed, and murderous species and no longer feeling he was God’s favorite creation. 

As the second-born Archangel, he is one of the Universe’s oldest and most potent creatures, as well as one of the Universe’s oldest and most powerful entities in all of existence. Lucifer, like all other angels, needs the consent of a powerful enough human to serve as his vessel, as he cannot possess a person by force. 

As an archangel, Lucifer wields far more power than any angel, pagan deity, demon, or monster, most of whom worship him, making him one of the most formidable entities the Winchesters have ever met.


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Lucifer, as one of the greatest and most prominent angels, is immensely powerful and possesses both their abilities and limitations. Even Amenadiel noted that Lucifer was once the greatest of God’s angels, with Lucifer proving to outperform his older brother’s might when he actually wanted to fight him in order to defeat him, and even when Michael had formed himself as God’s right-hand, Lucifer was still more compelling than his brother. 

Lucifer possesses superhuman magical skills, as well as the ability to wield Celestial objects or weapons, such as his Pentecostal Coin and the Flaming Sword, that mortals are unable to properly manage. 

Lucifer, like all angels, has an extremely durable physique that can take a great deal of physical damage; as a result, Lucifer cannot be hurt in any way that humans can naturally exert. As seen numerous times during the series, bullets and knives ricochet ineffectually off of his body. 

Despite persuading his foes not to fight him, Lucifer is often proven to be an incredibly talented and experienced warrior. When dealing with humans, Lucifer easily toys with them, using their moves against one another and annihilating multiple people at once with ease, but when he stops playing, he can be deadly efficient, as shown in his final battle with Cain.


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Michael And His Powers 

DC Comics

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Michael Demiurgos is a fictional character that appears predominantly in the DC comics book Lucifer. He was created by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton and is based on the archangel Michael, who first appeared in an early connected series called The Sandman. During Lucifer’s revolt in Heaven, Michael Demiurgos commanded God’s armies against him as an archangel, but he failed.

Michael’s might is only rivaled by his brother Lucifer and surpassed by God. His greatest strength is the Demiurgic power stored inside him, which permits creation out of nothingness. With it, Michael was able to vanquish his brother Lucifer and expel him from Heaven following his rebellion. The only restriction of this talent is that Michael lacks the capacity to mold it, prohibiting him from creating. To accomplish so, he needs the might of his brother, the Archangel Lucifer.

Michael, like other Archangels, is immortal and possesses super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, a sonic cry, flight, acidic blood, telepathy, and the capacity to communicate with animals.

Michael Demuirgos, the archangel, is the second most powerful entity in the world, only topped by his brother, Lucifer, and equaled by their father, the God of the Covenant. Michael was endowed with the power of the Dunamis Demiurgos, the Presence himself. If Michael died and released this holy power as a vessel, it would wipe out all life in the cosmos and leave nothing left.


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Michael, like his other counterpart in the primary realm, is the most powerful and oldest archangel. According to Lucifer, he is “far more powerful” than the main reality version of Michael and is known as the alternate universe’s “Ranking Deity.” 

He is the most powerful archangel seen on the program to date; even when he isn’t fully charged, he can easily overcome Gabriel and the main reality Lucifer and slay his reality Lucifer. Michael got access to his entire strength after possessing Dean, his real vessel, and the Michael Sword, which was enough to allow Dean to face the super-charged Lucifer, with Dean’s failure being attributed to Lucifer’s vastly superior combat abilities.


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Michael, as an archangel, possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, endurance, agility, reflexes, intelligence, and senses, immortality, invulnerability, indestructibility, perpetual youth, dimensional travel, and a regenerative healing factor… He, too, has their flaws. 

Michael is so strong among angels that even Amenadiel acknowledges him. Michael is immensely powerful, capable of exerting large quantities of superhuman physical force, and has demonstrated enormous levels of superhuman strength. He was capable of severing a pistol, slamming a man’s skull through a wall, and fast and effortlessly choking out Mazikeen. 

He has proven to be powerful enough to stand up to both Amenadiel and Lucifer for a brief period of time. At full capacity, he and his twin brother Lucifer are approximately equal in strength, however, Lucifer was able to gain the upper hand in their fight at Lux, showing that he’s a superior fighter than Michael.

Lucifer Vs Michael: Who Would Win 

Angel strength varies, with Lucifer and Amenadiel being among the strongest, with Lucifer even being somewhat stronger than his brother, known to be considerably stronger than Uriel, although Remiel and Michael were powerful enough to hold their own against them but were ultimately outmatched. 

On a natural level, Lucifer is considerably stronger, bigger, and wiser than Michael; Lucifer is a dragon celestial, the highest type of angel. There is a notion that Christ was referenced in the Bible before the New Testament. He showed himself in a variety of shapes.

Considering that Lucifer, as the Devil, is able to test people and corrupt them to take them to hell or just toy with God, it can be said he has a huge impact. Michael is not one of the beings that is believed to be so powerful but is only presented as stronger when discussing the Bible because good has to overpower evil. However, Lucifer takes the crown in this battle all things considered.

DC Comics

In a one-on-one battle, Lucifer murdered Michael. Michael might have triumphed, but Lucifer would always have the advantage since Michael is the personification of power and Lucifer is the incarnation of will. In comics, willpower always triumphs over brute strength.


In another universe, Lucifer meets another version of Michael, who knocks him into obedience after a brief encounter and a battle, imprisons him, and drains much of his grace to feed a spell to create a breach to the core world. Lucifer, on the other hand, manages to flee to the core world just before the unstable gap closes, when he learns that most of his power has vanished.


Lucifer seems to have chosen to sacrifice himself for Chloe, leaving Michael to become the new God. However, Amenadiel and Maze refused to accept this, resulting in a clash amongst the angels.

Lucifer miraculously returned to Earth. He should have been annihilated as he made his way to Heaven. After all, he had been exiled. Surviving that demonstrated that he was deserving of becoming the new God.

But did he murder Michael? Most certainly not. Lucifer demonstrated again why he was deserving. Instead of murdering Michael, he used the blazing sword to take off Michael’s wings.

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