‘Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace’ Ending Explained: Does Edgar Get His Transplant?

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace Ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for ‘Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace,’ a drama film written and directed by Rob Diamond. The film stars Scarlett Diamond, Adam Hightower, Vincent Vargas, Tara Berrett, Madison Bills, and Shawn Stevens. The film tells the story of young Lucy, a girl who sadly becomes sicker after catching pneumonia. What comes next is a story that puts faith as one of the most important things a person can have. Of course, this is a Christian movie whose message is accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. That might work for some, and not for others, but in general, it is a classic TV movie all the way through.

By classic TV movie, I mean to say that the movie is clearly a low-budget effort, and the actors are not really the best ones you can find working out there. The direction is also incredibly simple and doesn’t add anything to the story or make the movie feel cinematic. Young Scarlett Diamond does the best she can, but she is no actress at all.

You can tell she is reciting her lines and nothing else; her attention is elsewhere. Meanwhile, it is always nice to see Shawn Stevens everywhere he appears, so at least the movie has that for it. It is not a bad film, but it is not good either. It is definitely a movie; that is what can be said about it.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for ‘Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace.’ Read at your own risk.

Why is Lucy in the hospital?

‘Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace’ is a Christian movie. There is nothing bad about that per se, but when it comes to telling a story, these types of movies are anything but subtle. They spent most of their time pushing Christian values into the story instead of actually creating characters that the audience could follow and learn from.

There is no exception with ‘Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace.’ Most of the characters serve as archetypes, with little else going for them. They are in service of the movie’s values, but they don’t represent them in a natural or realistic way, making it hard to connect with the characters.

And so, we meet one of our main characters, Lucy Shimmers, a five-year-old girl living with her family. The Shimmers look like the perfect family; they love each other, don’t fight, and take care of their daughter with all their heart and soul. However, there is something very peculiar about young Lucy: she sees her dead grandpa, Jackson. This is very strange. You could explain this by saying that kids are very sensitive, more so than most people.

And yet, this feels like it is going somewhere else. This is more than just a girl who is sensitive to supernatural forces. She doesn’t just see him; she also talks to him, and they interact.

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace Ending Explained 2

Lucy is in trouble, though. Even though Lucy is just a five-year-old, her health seems to deteriorate quickly. The family takes her to a doctor, and they discover that she has caught pneumonia, which is very dangerous at any age.

The family keeps visiting doctors and buying medicine for Lucy, but nothing seems to be working for some reason. Finally, the final decision is made, and Lucy needs to stay in the hospital so the doctors can better care for her. Here at the hospital, Lucy begins to see Jackson more and more. However, even when she reveals information that only Jackson would know, nobody believes she is actually seeing her dead grandpa.

Her grandma explains that Lucy has always been a very special girl and that she might have been blessed with a gift. Nevertheless, their parents believe she only says things as if Jackson were only an imaginary friend. Here, at the hospital, we meet our second main character. A man named Edgar develops a very particular relationship with Lucy throughout the story. One that will change their lives forever.

Does Edgar Get His Transplant?

The first thing that we will notice about Edgar is that he is a criminal and in jail, but he is sick. So he has been taken to the same hospital as Lucy to keep him alive. Edgar is suffering from kidney failure, and so he doesn’t only feel pain, but he can barely stand and move. He needs dialysis to survive. The prison’s hospital doesn’t have that equipment, but the people from the prison, all of the Christians, are willing to do everything for Edgar. They treat him as if he will die and only make his last days the most comfortable they can be.

It is scary, and while Edgar puts on a tough face, it is clear that he is as scary as someone can be in that situation. He is told to read the Bible, as it holds the answers to everything, but he avoids reading it. Of course, fate has a different thing in mind. Lucy has been seeing Edgar in her dreams; she knows he needs help. Jackson helps her sneak out when her parents are sleeping and visit Edgar in his room. Lucy begins to do this every single night. At first, Edgar is weirded out that this little girl visits him and treats him like a person. They start reading the Bible together. Lucy says Jesus will forgive him if he repents of his actions.

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace Ending Explained 3

Edgar opens up more and more to God and even gets visited by her daughter and wife, two people he thought he had lost forever. Meanwhile, the doctors don’t know what is happening to Lucy. Her health worsens, and none of the treatments seem to have any effect, which is alarming for the family. Finally, the doctors talk to Lucy’s parents and close family; it seems nothing can be done for the little girl, and she will probably die. Lucy is not alarmed by the news because she will be with Jackson in the afterlife and then with her parents when the time comes.


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However, Lucy has a dying wish; she wants one of her kidneys to be given to Edgar. The doctor says that such a procedure can save Edgar’s life. Lucy’s parents accept their pain. Finally, Lucy dies, and she goes with her grandpa. The family and even Edgar mourn the passing of little Lucy. Jackson explains that we are not often given what we want but what we need. It is one of those explanations religion gives to justify the existence of suffering.

God works in mysterious ways, and Lucy’s death gives Edgar’s life a second chance to correct his mistakes. Edgar does just that, and from that moment on, he and his family celebrate Lucy’s life every Christmas. Lucy’s parents are given another kid as a substitute.

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