Luke Skywalker vs. Ahsoka Tano: Who Would Win & Why?

Luke Skywalker Vs. Ahsoka Tano: Who Would Win And Why?

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The Star Wars cinematic universe got a lot bigger recently, with well-received shows like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett already out. A third, highly powerful character, Ahsoka Tano, is also getting a spin-off series. With her amazing combat abilities, many fans wonder, who would win in a fight between Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker?

Ahsoka Tano would beat Luke Skywalker in a fight most of the time. While Luke has stronger Force powers, certainly allowing him to win in some situations, Ahsoka’s combat skills are superior. She held her own against Darth Vader, who wasn’t holding back, while Luke struggled to keep up.

Different encounters would garner different results, but Ahsoka Tano’s versatility would eventually give her the upper hand. Let’s see how they compare in the most crucial aspects of their abilities to see why that’s the case.

Lightsaber Abilities

Luke Skywalker Vs. Ahsoka Tano: Who Would Win And Why?

Luke Skywalker trained to be a Jedi under Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of the most skilled Jedi masters ever. While his skills with the lightsaber are unique and quite good, I wouldn’t call him the most skillful lightsaber wielder out there.

Skywalker heavily relies on the Force to guide him during battles. He works almost instinctively sometimes instead of focusing on his skills. In a canon novel, Heir to the Jedi, Skywalker admitted that killing a ghest came not from his skill but “panicked reflexes and really good weapons.”

Still, with time, Skywalker became an incredible lightsaber combatant, besting even his father, Darth Vader – Ahsoka Tano’s mentor. But, comparing Luke and Ahsoka in pure lightsaber skills, she easily wins.


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At first, Ahsoka was rough around the edges but constantly made a point to enhance her skills. She first used the reverse technique with the lightsaber, holding it upside down, but then Anakin Skywalker prompted her to adopt the orthodox style instead. Hence, she mastered both styles over time.

Not long after, Ahsoka started using two lightsabers simultaneously. Eventually, she mastered the art completely. While Luke is an insanely prolific lightsaber combatant, Ahsoka eclipsed him in terms of pure skills.

Point: Ahsoka (1:0) Luke

Force Powers

There are not many Force users in history who had the same level of power when it comes to its use as Luke Skywalker. Be it helping him navigate and pilot through impossible obstacles and objectives or fighting off a whole army at once, Luke can do it instinctively.

He eventually eclipsed his father, Darth Vader, topping him in combat. Luke was also responsible for the “Impossible Shot” with his starship that destroyed the Death Star. Again, he relied on the Force to complete the mission.

On the other hand, Ahsoka showed great prominence with her Force powers, too, often combining them with her incredible combat skills. Ahsoka had Force dreams and visions and could sense disturbances in the Force, even if they were minor.

If you compare Ahsoka’s Force powers with almost anybody else, she would be the one coming out on top. However, compared to Luke Skywalker, her powers are minuscule. He is just too dominant, and when at his strongest, I wouldn’t have him losing to anybody in terms of raw Force power.

Point: Luke (1:1) Ahsoka

Piloting Skills

Luke Skywalker Vs. Ahsoka Tano: Who Would Win And Why?

Tano was a talented pilot that knew how to fly extremely well. She could handle maneuvers and incredible starship feats, but Ahsoka was also a great strategist and planner who knew how to take advantage of every opportunity in mid-flight.

During the Clone Wars, Ahsoka taught Senator Amidala how to fly a starship in combat. She was taught by none other than Anakin Skywalker – who she considers to be the best pilot in the entire galaxy. Still, as great as she became with her piloting skills, she never came close to her master in that regard.

What she “lacked” as a pilot, she more than made up as a mechanic – Tano could fix any vehicle you might need, including starships, bikes, etc.

On the other hand, Luke Skywalker was one of the best – if not the best – pilots in the galaxy. He was responsible for the Impossible Shot that destroyed the Death Star and had multiple fantastic piloting achievements that even the renowned Han Solo admired.

Like all his other skills, Luke uses the Force to guide him while he’s on a starship. He instinctively maneuvers around using the Force as his wingman, allowing him to achieve unfathomable things while airborne.

While Ahsoka became an amazing pilot, she never came close to being as good as Anakin, whereas one could argue that Luke eclipsed his father in that regard. For that, Luke Skywalker gets the point in piloting skills.

Point: Luke (2:1) Ahsoka


Luke Skywalker wore the common Jedi garments and clothes but never wore any armor. He relied on his skills with the lightsaber and the Force to protect him from harm. That’s probably why he lost his first lightsaber – it was actually Anakin Skywalker’s old weapon that Obi-Wan Kenobi retrieved and gave to Luke, his son.

However, battling against his father on Bespin, Luke lost his hand and the blade but survived to fight another day. He built himself a new lightsaber with a green blade, which he used for the better part of his life later on. If we don’t count starships as equipment, that’s about as far as Luke goes.

On the other hand, Ahsoka used two different sets of lightsabers throughout her career. She built her first lightsaber before even becoming Anakin’s Padawan. It had a green blade, and it was Tano’s only weapon for quite some time before she constructed another saber with a yellow-green blade.


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Ahsoka left the blades behind after leaving the Jedi Order. During that time, Anakin improved them, which turned their blades blue and returned them to Tano a while later. She lost them eventually, constructing two new blades after the Clone Wars, this time having her signature white blades.

As for other equipment, Tano used a headgear with a hood to hide her identity for a while and a blaster, which she destroyed in one of her many battles to distract the enemy and escape. 

Also, Ahsoka had a partial armor consisting of tights, a short skirt dress, boots, forearm plates, and fingerless gloves. The entire uniform had Mandalorian beskar plating – one of the strongest metals in the galaxy. I bet Luke wishes he had Tano’s forearm armor in the battle where he lost his arm.

Point: Ahsoka (2:2) Luke

Combat Skills

Luke Skywalker Vs. Ahsoka Tano: Who Would Win And Why?

Last but not least, one has to compare their overall combat skills. While Luke Skywalker is an extremely talented combatant – one of the best the galaxy had ever seen during his prime – if we’re comparing skills alone, Ahsoka is superior.

Luke relies on the Force in his battle, using it as an instinct to block, parry, attack, etc. The Force is incredibly strong in him, giving him an edge over just about anybody. But, in terms of pure combat skills, only a few could match Ahsoka Tano.

Her phenomenal hand-to-hand combat skills had her easily beating Cad Bane – one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy – in a fight. She single-handedly defeated an entire group of Mandalorian Secret Service members using nothing but her hands and legs. Several guards and Prime Minister Almec couldn’t handle her even while handcuffed.

And, that’s only her hand-to-hand combat skills. Tano is extremely gifted, wielding two lightsabers simultaneously, as well as implementing the Force to aid her in any battle, just like Luke.

If we’re talking about pure combat skills only, Ahsoka is superior to Luke. Even when you count in the use of the Force, Luke might be more powerful in that regard, but Ahsoka isn’t that far behind to make her combat skills inferior.

Point: Ahsoka (3:2) Luke

Luke Skywalker Vs. Ahsoka Tano: Who Wins?

Luke Skywalker Vs. Ahsoka Tano: Who Would Win And Why?

In the end, the score is 3:2 in Ahsoka’s favor. And, that’s exactly how I believe this fight would go down – Tano would win at least 3 out of 5 fights against Luke.

Although Luke is arguably the strongest Force user ever, Ahsoka’s years of training, experience, growth and development in combat skills would put her over the top more often than not. She’s just too agile, quick, and skilled in all types of combat for Luke to keep up every time.

Even if he does by using the Force to a greater extent than Ahsoka can, the difference in equipment would push her over the top. Tano has partial beskar armor, while Skywalker has – cloth.

Now, if the fight goes airborne, with Ahsoka and Luke piloting starships against one another, then I’d give Skywalker a clear win. He might also win a couple of fights in a classic face-to-face collision, overwhelming Ahsoka with the Force.

However, Tano’s combat skills, two-blade expertise, superior equipment, and incredible tactical intelligence would grant her the win more often than not.

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