Magneto’s Voice Actor from ‘X-Men ’97’ Suggests Magneto Could Quickly Defeat Thanos

X Men 97 Voice Actor Claims that Magneto Could Have Beaten Thanos Relatively Quickly

‘X-Men ’97’ was a surprising success for Marvel Studios. After several disappointments in 2023, the studio needed something to regain faith in the franchise.

Enter ‘X-Men ’97,’ a revival of the classic ‘X-Men: The Animated Series.’ Fans were pleasantly surprised as the showrunners stayed true to the original while adding modern twists.

One of the big players in the first season of the show was definitely Magneto, voiced by Matthew Waterson. Matthew chatted with Phase Zero about how fans reacted to the show, Magneto’s romantic entanglements, and even how Magneto could take on Thanos pretty easily thanks to his mutant abilities. They also asked if he’d be into crossing over with other MCU stuff, and his response was pretty cool.

I mean, there are obvious ones if you’re looking in terms of what Marvel has been doing recently. Magneto might have been an interesting addition to the Thanos thing because the glove is metal. So, it’s one where I’m like, Magneto would be able to solve that relatively quickly. I don’t what it was actually made out of. It looked metal, but you know. There are things like that where you can have a lot of fun with it starting to say, okay, well, to what extent does this person’s powers actually give them an ability to manipulate whatever that is? It’s like interactions between Magneto and Wolverine have always been so much fun because Wolverine has such an “I don’t care” attitude. And Magneto is always just looking at him going “I can literally just disassemble you because you’re made out of what I manipulate.’

Matthew has a valid point about Magneto’s powers being often linked with metal manipulation. However, it’s not entirely accurate to assume that metal control defines his abilities. Magneto’s mastery lies in manipulating magnetism. Therefore, controlling metals without magnetic properties poses a challenge, particularly those of supernatural or alien origin.

Nevertheless, even if a metal lacks overt magnetism, every object possesses a minute magnetic field. Hence, theoretically, Magneto could exert some control over it. This complexity demonstrates the challenge of definitively outlining Magneto’s powers.

Magneto can manipulate wood, despite it not being metal, by controlling the object’s electromagnetic field and the Earth’s field to lift and throw it. However, this requires more concentration, accuracy, and energy since he’s essentially managing the force field around the object, not the object itself – but it’s within his capabilities.

The real question is whether he could snatch the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, say, during Infinity War or Endgame. Ultimately, he wouldn’t succeed because Thanos’ mastery of all Infinity Stones grants him a significant advantage, allowing him to alter reality and nullify Magneto’s powers completely. Plus, plot armor comes into play.

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