Main Cast for TV Anime ‘When Will Ayumu Make His Move?’ Revealed in Teaser PV

Sōichirō Yamamoto’s manga When Will Ayumu Make His Move is getting a TV anime adaptation under the same title. It is set to premiere this year in July. On Thursday, January 13, a one-minute teaser PV (promotional video) was uploaded on the upcoming anime’s official website. In it, the main cast members were introduced. 

You can watch the teaser PV below: 

When Will Ayumu Make His Move follows the story of first-year high school student Ayumu Tanaka and his mission to confess his love to his senior, Urushi Yaotome. Both students are members of their school’s Shogi Club; in fact, they’re the only two members. 

Ayumu is head over heels over Urushi but doesn’t show it. He vows to himself that he’ll profess his affection to his senior if he beats her at Shogi. Sadly, Urushi beats the poor Ayumu, who’s a complete beginner, in every battle. 

Silver Link Studios is animating the series, with Mirai Minato as the director. Yohei Azakami will be playing Ayumu Tanaka, and Kanna Nakamaru will be playing Urushu Yaotome. Other confirmed cast members are Tsubasa Gouden as Takeru Kakuryu and Hina Yomiya as Mikage Sakurako. 

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The main protagonists of the series shared a couple of words in a short interview with Comic Natalie staff. Yohei Azakami said that he loved to ad-lib some lines to get his co-star, Kanna, all flustered. On the other hand, Kanna shared that she had friends telling her that she was just like Urushi, the character she’s voicing. Kanna told fans that she’s honored to bring Urushi to life and that she’s looking forward to making everyone swoon while watching the anime. 

Source: Comic Natalie 

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