Marvel Comics in Order: The Complete Guide

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One of the biggest fictional universes of all time is the Marvel Comics universe, which contains a lot of different superheroes and events. After all, Marvel Comics has been around for decades and has given life to a lot of different comic book characters over the course of its history. Of course, there have been a lot of different events that have happened regarding these characters and their respective storylines.

Because the Marvel Comics universe is so huge, it might become too overwhelming for people to know which comics and stories are the most important to read to understand its greater narrative. The good news is that we have the complete guide for all of the most important and interesting Marvel Comics stories in order.

Note: this reading order contains only modern-era comics, from the early 2000s till now.

Source: Comic Book Herald

Marvel Comics in Order: A Quick Glance

  • Early 2000s Until Avengers Disassembled 
  • Avengers Disassembled and Tie-Ins 
  • In Between Disassembled and House of M
  • House of M and Tie-Ins 
  • Decimation and Tie-Ins
  • Between House of M and Civil War 
  • Civil War and Tie-Ins  
  • Between Civil War and Secret Invasion 
  • World War Hulk and Tie-Ins
  • World War Hulk: Aftersmash 
  • X-Men Events
  • Secret Invasion and Tie-Ins
  • Between Secret Invasion and Dark Reign  
  • Dark Reign and Tie-Ins  
  • Fall of the Hulks & World War Hulks  
  • In Between Dark Reign and Siege
  • Siege and Tie-Ins 
  • In Between Siege and Heroic Age  
  • The Heroic Age and Tie-Ins 
  • Shadowland and Tie-Ins 
  • Chaos War and Tie-Ins  
  • In Between Heroic Age and Fear Itself  
  • Fear Itself, Shattered Heroes, and Tie-Ins  
  • In Between Fear Itself to Avengers vs. X-Men 
  • Avengers vs. X-Men and Tie-Ins 
  • In Between Avengers vs. X-Men and Marvel NOW!
  • Marvel NOW! 
  • Age of Ultron  
  • Infinity and Tie-Ins  
  • Original Sin and Tie-Ins  
  • Death of Wolverine & Tie-Ins  
  • Axis and Tie-Ins  
  • Spider-Verse and Tie-Ins  
  • Secret Wars 
  • All-New All-Different Marvel
  • Avengers: Standoff!
  • X-Men: Apocalypse Wars
  • Civil War 2 
  • Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy 
  • Inhumans vs. X-Men 
  • Marvel Now 2.0  
  • Monsters Unleashed  
  • Secret Empire  
  • X-Men: ResurreXion  
  • Venomverse  
  • Generations
  • Marvel Legacy  
  • Infinity Countdown and Infinity Wars
  • Marvel Damnation  
  • Hunt for Wolverine
  • Fresh Start  
  • Marvel Fresh Start Fast Track! 
  • X-Men Extermination 
  • Spider-Geddon  
  • Age of X-Man 
  • The War of the Realms 
  • Hickman X-Men  
  • Absolute Carnage 
  • Iron Man 2020 
  • Empyre 
  • X-Men: X of Swords  
  • King in Black  
  • Reign of X  
  • Heroes Reborn  
  • Infinite Destinies  
  • The Last Annihilation  
  • X-Men Inferno  
  • The Death of Doctor Strange 
  • Devil’s Reign 
  • Reckoning War 
  • Judgment Day 
  • Dark Web 

Marvel Comics in Order: The Complete Guide

Early 2000s Until Avengers Disassembled (1998 to 2004)

The Marvel Knights era included comic books that were published from 1998 to 2004 and introduced a lot of different characters that are crucial to the world of Marvel Comics. Some people would tell you to start with Avengers Disassembled, but it is important to know the background behind how and why Avengers Disassembled started. As such, it is best to start with the comic books that you can find in the Marvel Knights era.

Avengers Disassembled and Tie-Ins (July 2004 to January 2005)

avengers disassembled

This is one of the most important eras in Marvel Comics history because of how life-changing Avengers Disassembled is. Of course, the storyline in this comic book era includes plenty of drama and action that fans will certainly love. And the best part is that there is some huge universe-building going on in this era, even though some of the old-school fans aren’t necessarily too fond of Avengers Disassembled.

Whatever the case may be, it all starts in this era. You won’t be able to understand all of the other important eras without understanding the entire drama that went into Avengers Disassembled. And that means that you won’t be able to understand things like Civil War or Secret Invasion without reading the comics in this era.

In Between Disassembled and House of M

After Avengers Disassembled finished up in 2004, House of M was supposed to be the next great event. That meant that there were still comic books released between 2004 and June 2005, as the books in this era are crucial for you to understand the events leading up to House of M, which was one of the best moments in Marvel Comics history during the middle of the 2000s. Of course, we are looking at a period without the Avengers because they disassembled and broke up in the prior era.

House of M and Tie-Ins (2005)

House of M followed the success of the previous X-Men crossover events, as this was one of the most memorable arcs in the history of Marvel Comics during the 2000s. In that regard, House of M offers one of the greatest events you could ever have because of how it was able to work on the events that happened before it. And trust us when we say that House of M is the favorite 2000s event of many comic book fans because of how dramatic and action-packed it is.

Decimation and Tie-Ins (2006)

The events of House of M completely changed the landscape of the world, especially because of the fact that a lot of mutants were wiped out. Decimation is a series that focuses on what happened to the mutant community following the events of House of M. It promises to deliver great action and a lot of different events that will keep you glued on the pages for hours. Of course, the mutants are going to have to face a tough battle ahead of them during this era.


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Between House of M and Civil War (Nov ’05 – July ’06) 

The announcement of the Civil War as the next big event in Marvel Comics allowed people to wait was going to happen after House of M. But there were still comics that were released leading up to Civil War, and that is why this period covers some of the storylines that are important when it comes to the events of Civil War. 

Civil War and Tie-Ins (July 2006 – Jan 2007) 

Avengers Disassembled started the entire Marvel Comics universe in the 2000s, but Civil War is the single biggest event of the 2000s in Marvel Comics because it is a Hero vs. Hero event that allowed us to see Captain America fighting Iron Man in what was a battle between two of the most iconic Marvel figures in history. Of course, this was adapted by the MCU in the Captain America: Civil War movie that was released in 2016.

Between Civil War and Secret Invasion (Dec 2006 – June 2008)

Even though Civil War was regarded as the cream of the crop of the 2000s, there were still events that happened after it. Of course, the next big event was Secret Invasion. That’s why there were comics released after Civil War and before Secret Invasion to allow us to see what happened in the Marvel Comics universe after the huge Hero vs. Hero battle. And some of these events in this era allow us to understand the stories that lead up to Secret Invasion, which has been adapted into a series by Marvel Studios and is part of Phase Five of the MCU.

World War Hulk and Tie-Ins (July 2007 – Jan 2008) 

While people were waiting for Secret Invasion, World War Hulk happened, and this is one of the most action-packed events in Marvel Comics history because we saw one of the most unstoppable versions of the Hulk. Of course, the storyline focuses entirely on a very angry Hulk that made New York his own coliseum. And he has to contend with some of the strongest heroes on Earth during this huge event in Marvel Comics history.

World War Hulk: Aftersmash 

As the title of the era suggests, the comic books in this era are the ones that were released after World War Hulk. They tell the stories of the different Marvel heroes that had to clean up after the events of the huge Hulk-related storyline. This also allows us to see the ongoing storylines of The Red Hulk as well as some of the storylines related to the Hulk’s own son.

X-Men Events (2007 to 2012) 

There were still events happening in the world of the X-Men in the aftermath of House of M, and these X-Men comic books will allow you to catch up with the mutants and see the different stories related to the X-Men. These comic books were released from 2007 to 2012, and it is important for you to read them to understand what has been going on in the lives of the mutants.

Secret Invasion and Tie-Ins (June 2008 – Jan 2009) 

Secret Invasion Vol 1 1

After Avengers Disassembled and Civil War, the next big event in Marvel Comics during the 2000s was Secret Invasion, which allowed us to see a literal secret invasion happening from within the Marvel universe. Of course, some of you already have an idea that this entire comic book storyline is related to the Skrulls. You probably already know that Secret Invasion has been adapted by Marvel Studios to become part of Phase Five of the MCU and will be released in 2023.

Between Secret Invasion and Dark Reign (June 2008 – Dec 2008) 

Of course, while the Secret Invasion was happening throughout the Marvel Comics universe, there were still comics that were not affected by the assault of the Skrulls. As such, these events are the ones that happened after Secret Invasion and the ones that led to the entire storyline of Dark Reign, which is one of the most interesting storylines during the end of the 2000s.

Dark Reign and Tie-Ins (Dec 2008 – Dec 2009) 

Dark Reign happens after the events of Secret Invasion, but it isn’t necessarily connected. This is where you get to see the Marvel universe getting taken over by Green Goblin himself, as he was able to do so in a systematic way where the superheroes and the villains reversed their roles. Dark Reign introduces a very unique concept that should be quite captivating to a lot of different comic book fans out there.

Fall of the Hulks & World War Hulks (Dec 2009 – August 2010) 

Even after the events of World War Hulk, we get to see the Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks, where the strongest character gets to take on some of the most intelligent villains in the Marvel universe. As such, Red Hulk and Bruce Banner have to work together to stop these intelligent villains.

In Between Dark Reign and Siege (Dec 2008 to Dec 2009) 

After Dark Reign was supposed to be Siege, which is another big Marvel event. Of course, there were still comics that were released in between them so that fans could see what led to Siege and what the other characters had been up to before the events of the next big event. 

Siege and Tie-Ins (Dec 2009 – May 2010) 

Siege is the storyline that follows the siege of Asgard, as we get to see Norman Osborne himself trying to find a way to overthrow Asgard and make sure that the gods would not threaten the US. As such, the events of this comic book mark the end of the 2000s and opens up the 2010s to a new era.

In Between Siege and Heroic Age (Jan 2010 – May 2010) 

Siege was the last big dark event during the darker 2000s era in Marvel Comics. Of course, the 2010s opened up the opportunity for the heroes to rise up again, as these comic books after Siege allows you to read more about the different heroes and characters leading up to the Heroic Age, which is an era when the heroes are now on top once more. As such, this marks a huge change in the history of Marvel Comics.

The Heroic Age and Tie-Ins (May 2010 – November 2010) 

Heroic Age Heroes Vol 1 1

The Heroic Age is simply what it means, and that means that we are looking at an age where the Marvel heroes are now on top once more, especially after the devastating events that happened during the 2000s era. This is a great turning point for the heroes after one big event happened after another during the 2000s when some of the characters completely changed the landscape of Marvel Comics.

Shadowland and Tie-Ins (July 2010 – Dec 2010) 

Daredevil is one of the most popular street-level heroes in Marvel Comics, and that’s where these Daredevil comic books come in. Shadowlands takes place right after Siege, and that’s why it is important for you to read it after that event and together with the other events that transpired right after Siege.

Chaos War and Tie-Ins (Oct 2010 – March 2011) 

Chaos War is one of the lesser-known events in Marvel Comics history, but it is still an important event. In Chaos War, we see the rise of the Chaos King, who wants to unmake the living universe. As such, it is an event that should be on par with the Infinity Gauntlet event but is somewhat of an anomaly because it is not as popular as the other huge events in Marvel Comics.

In Between Heroic Age and Fear Itself (May 2010 – April 2011) 

Heroic Age was a triumphant era for Marvel’s greatest heroes, but there were still events that were going to happen right after it. In that regard, the comics that were released during this timespan were the ones that led up to Fear Itself, which is another big event in Marvel Comics. This is also a pretty fun time period in the comic book universe because of the fact that it continued a lot of different storylines, such as the Secret Warriors and the Fantastic War.

Fear Itself, Shattered Heroes, and Tie-Ins (April 2011 – April 2012) 

Fear Itself follows the story of Odin’s greatest failure, as different hammers fall to the Earth to possess those who are worthy of their power. But the thing about Fear Itself is that it seems to be quite different compared to the larger scheme of things because of the fact that it doesn’t necessarily follow the usual Marvel format, but it still is quite successful and engaging. It is also worth noting that Fear Itself has a small storyline in-between called Shattered Heroes.

In Between Fear Itself to Avengers vs. X-Men (April 2011 – April 2012) 

It has been a while since the last X-Men event, and there were a lot of different X-Men storylines that happened since House of M. As such, the events that happen after Fear Itself allow us to see some of the storylines leading up to the next big X-Men crossover event, which is Avengers vs. X-Men. That means that we have to read these comic books to understand what has been going on with the Avengers and the X-Men.

Avengers vs. X-Men and Tie-Ins (April 2012 – Sept 2012) 

One of the things we know is that the Avengers and the X-Men are two of the greatest Marvel comic book superhero groups of all time. In that regard, as the title of this era suggests, Avengers vs. X-Men will allow us to see these groups clashing with one another in what was a great event for fans all over the world. Of course, our favorite event here was Magneto going up against Iron Man himself.

In Between Avengers vs. X-Men and Marvel NOW! (April 2012 – October 2012) 

After Avengers vs. X-Men, there were still comic books released in preparation for Marvel NOW!, which was a huge overhaul for Marvel Comics. In that regard, we get to see a few good comic book storylines following characters like Daredevil and the Amazing Spider-Man in this in-between era.

Marvel NOW! (October 2012 – 2015) 

Marvel NOW! is one of the biggest Marvel Comics events because of how it allows everything to lead up to the incredible Secret Wars event in 2015. This comic book era happens right after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men as it allows us to understand the state of the world after that event. In that regard, it isn’t necessarily a Marvel event but is merely a comic book era that allows us to see the state of the world and what has happened to the world in what seemed to be an event that nearly overhauled the entire Marvel Comics universe as it was.


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Age of Ultron (March 2013 – June 2013) 

You may be familiar with this title as the title of the second Avengers movie, but this is one of the best storylines in Marvel Comics ever since the 2010s began as the titular villain has become the ruler of the planet and is now taking cue from Apocalypse in the sense that he has become so powerful that he has now given the heroes of the planet a choice to either submit to his rule or to die. Of course, the heroes choose to fight him instead of submitting to his will as we get to see an amazing storyline that was able to give Ultron the limelight that the character deserved.

Infinity and Tie-Ins (Aug 2013 – Dec 2013) 

Thanos has returned to Marvel’s Infinity event as we get to see the Mad Titan in action once more. Of course, there are plenty of Thanos fans out there, as this is the first mega-event of the 2010s to actually become universe-shattering enough that it was able to affect the entire Marvel universe as it is. Although Infinity could have easily gone off its course, it was able to deliver the storyline quite well, as this is merely one of the events that led to the bigger event of the 2010s, which is Secret Wars.

Original Sin and Tie-Ins (March 2014 – September 2014) 

Original Sin isn’t the biblical original sin you may be thinking of, but it is actually one of the storylines that follow the mysterious death of the cosmic being known as Uatu, who is also called the Watcher. It is also one of the smaller stories that lead up to the bigger event called Secret Wars, and that’s why it is a very important read for those who want to understand the greater narrative behind the upcoming mega-event.

Death of Wolverine & Tie-Ins (September 2014 – 2015) 

Death of Wolverine really is the actual death of Wolverine, as the title of the comic book series already spoils the events to the fans. But the best thing about this comic book event is that it was able to tell a great story surrounding a man that was supposedly immortal but already needed to die. That’s why it is best to focus more on Wolverine’s “journey” to death instead of his actual death. It has its own flaws, but it still is a wonderful story to follow if you’re a big fan of the character.

Axis and Tie-Ins (September 2014 – December 2014) 

There were a lot of events that led up to Axis because those who’ve read the Uncanny Avengers storyline would know that this was an event that Marvel tried to build up. Of course, the events of this storyline follow Red Skull’s improved abilities as he augmented himself with the brain of the recently deceased Professor X. As such, he became an even bigger threat to the Marvel universes, and that means that the heroes have to find a way to stop him from causing genocide.

Spider-Verse and Tie-Ins (September 2014 – February 2015) 

We all know the Spider-Verse as one of the most successful animated movies of all time, and the Spider-Verse event in the comics is also one of the best storylines in Peter Parker’s history. This event happened as a result of Morlun, a great threat to Spider-Man, who also threatened every version of the character in every reality. As such, you get to see all of the different versions of Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse comic book event.

Secret Wars(1984 – 2015) 


Secret Wars is the celebration of an event that began 30 years ago, as this allows you to see the different storylines that lead up to the 2015 Secret Wars mega-event. Of course, this is the biggest Marvel event since Age of Apocalypse, and that means that you’ll find a lot of different characters and heroes participating in what is one of the most celebrated events in comic book history.

All-New All-Different Marvel (October 2015 – May 2016)

After the Secret Wars mega-event, Marvel decided to rebrand and relaunch the entire Marvel Comics universe with All-New All-Different Marvel, which allows us to see a lot of different lineups of comic books. That means that we will be seeing new #1 issues that will be launched because of this event, as it allows us to see new story arcs surrounding the different characters and how Secret Wars affected the universe.

Avengers: Standoff! (Mar 2016 – April 2016)

Avengers: Standoff is actually the prelude to the 2016 Civil War II event. This is a crossover event that features various comic books from the Avengers and SHIELD. As such, most of the storylines in this event come from various characters involved with both those organizations and groups. Characters like Sam Wilson will be under the spotlight at this event. 

X-Men: Apocalypse Wars (Mar 2016 – June 2016)

All-New All-Different also meant that there was a new status quo for the mutants in Marvel as they are now experiencing an entirely new event that’s different yet quite the same as any of the other events that they’ve experienced in the past. In that regard, Apocalypse returns once more to make sure that only those who are strong enough get to survive.

Civil War 2 (May 2016 – December 2016)

Civil War 2 is the second installment of the Civil War storyline, as it happened a decade after the original one concluded. In that regard, this is another Hero vs. Hero matchup as we get to see different characters squaring off against each other in this action-packed event.

Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy (October 2016 – February 2017) 

Clone Conspiracy is a huge Spider-Man event that revolves around the Jackal and how he affects the life of Peter Parker. Of course, we also get to see clones of different characters that were supposed to be dead but are no longer dead. This adds a lot of drama to the overall storyline of Clone Conspiracy.

Inhumans vs. X-Men (December 2016 – March 2017)

Inhumans vs. X-Men follows the same formula that Avengers vs. X-Men followed in the sense that it is another superhero group clashing with the mutants. This is a huge vent that has roots that trace back to the 2013 Infinity event as we get to see the impact of Infinity on the lives of the mutants. Of course, the comic books in these storylines also showcase how the Inhumans eventually clash with the X-Men.


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Marvel Now 2.0 (October 2016 – October 2017) 

After the events of All-New All-Different, it is now time for us to see the state of the world through the Marvel Now 2.0 event that allows us to see the Secret Wars event shape or transform the entire Marvel Comics universe. In that regard, we get to follow a storyline that’s fresh off the heels of Civil War 2. 

Monsters Unleashed (January 2017 – March 2017) 

Monsters Unleashed is a big event for those who love some heroes vs. monsters action as we get to see a lot of different monsters getting unleashed. As such, it is now up to the heroes to make sure that these Marvel monsters are defeated. This sure is a fun treat for those who want to see their favorite heroes fighting actual monsters instead of villains or other heroes.

Secret Empire (April 2017 – September 2017) 

Secret Empire is actually one of the most controversial buildups in recent memory because of how it was defined by the character transformation of Captain America from Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson. Nevertheless, this is still quite a good storyline to follow if you want to see how the different Captain America storylines are related to the greater scheme of things.

X-Men: ResurreXion (April 2017 – October 2017) 

RessureXion is actually another one of the events where there is a welcome change in the X-Men storyline as the mutants are no longer as endangered as they were (even though they still are). In this storyline, the X-Men will once again regroup to form their classic teams that were quite popular during the 80s and 90s, as this is one of the most nostalgic X-Men storylines to date.

Venomverse (July 2017 – October 2017) 

We had Spider-Verse a few years ago. Now we have the Venomverse, which follows a venomized version of the Marvel universe as symbiotes are running wild throughout the world. Nevertheless, this is a great storyline for fans to follow if they love Venom.

Generations (July 2017 – October 2017) 

Generations follows the many different storylines of the characters that have become truly popular in the history of Marvel Comics. This is a ten-issue anthology that allows you to see how characters tie up with one another, especially if they have similar titles, names, and roles throughout the history of the Marvel universe. For example, we get to see the younger characters team up with the older ones in what is a spectacular “changing of the guard” event.

Marvel Legacy (October 2017 – April 2018) 


Marvel Legacy is a throwback look and feel to the Marvel universe because of how it follows the old numbering of the classic Marvel comic book series. As such, the classic universe was restored as we get to follow issues and storylines that connect to the roots of Marvel comics. In fact, Legacy was a great event for old-school fans who preferred the classics instead of the “all-new” branding that followed after Secret Wars.

Infinity Countdown and Infinity Wars (February 2018 – December 2018) 

Infinity Countdown and Infinity Wars allow us to see how the entire Infinity Wars came about. Of course, the opening issue of this storyline was full of action as Wolverine, back from the dead, ends up with an Infinity Gem that Loki tried to get his hands on by attacking a SHIELD facility.

Marvel Damnation (February 2018 – May 2018) 

Damnation is the next mega-event that happened after the Secret Wars. This storyline follows the many different changes that happened to the Marvel Comics universe after the events of Secret Empire. This event was originally supposed to be a standalone Doctor Strange series but turned into a larger event that elevated the mystical side of things in the Marvel Comics universe.

Hunt for Wolverine (Jan 2018 – February 2019) 

While we all thought that Wolverine was finally dead, things are never permanent in the Marvel Comics universe because Wolverine has now returned. Of course, there are numerous characters that carry the Wolverine mantle, as we get to see some of the most interesting stories regarding some of the different Wolverines in this interesting event about the most popular X-Men character of all time.

Fresh Start (May 2018 –) 

Fresh Start was simply a rebranding of the Marvel Comics publishing line beginning in 2018. Of course, the name itself also means that there will be more comics that will be getting new number one issues.

X-Men Extermination (August 2018 – December 2018) 

X-Men Extermination is an event that once again follows the X-Men as the storyline allows us to take a look at the future of the mutants. This event will allow us to see the original X-Men while also allowing us to see a glimpse into another mutant reality, much like how we were able to see something similar in the Days of Future Past event.

Spider-Geddon (September 2018 – December 2018) 

Spider-Geddon is basically the follow-up to Spider-Verse as we see more versions of Spider-Man taking action in this entertaining comic book event. Of course, we get to see some Spider-Man versions that we never got to see in the first Spider-Verse storyline. This includes a Japanese Spider-Man and Spider-Punk. There are also “what if” storylines involving the classic Spider-Man origin story.


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Age of X-Man (February 2019 – May 2019) 

Nate Grey is the star of the Age of X-Man Marvel event as we get to see how complicated his story is. While he has almost always been a supporting character in the past, he gets his own storyline here as we follow events that focus more on him as the X-Man. It’s another great X-Men storyline to follow if you’re a big fan of mutants.

The War of the Realms (April 2019 – July 2019) 

The War of the Realms, believe it or not, is actually the culmination of what has been the longest-running Marvel storyline in the 2010s. That’s because this is a full-on Marvel universe event that follows different versions of Thor and how they all tie into the War of the Realms. And yes, Jane Foster, as the Mighty Thor, will be in this event.

Hickman X-Men (July 2019 –) 

Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men welcomes back one of the most storied writers in the history of Marvel Comics as we get to see him working on the X-Men once more after he spent time working on larger events like Secret Wars. In that regard, this is where the X-Men regain their footing as major players in the Marvel Comics universe, especially with Hickman’s imaginative mind working behind the scenes.

Absolute Carnage (August 2019 – December 2019) 

Absolute Carnage is a Marvel Comics event that isn’t too shy to say that it is all about Carnage. As such, there are a lot of different comic book storylines that lead to this event. Of course, this includes comic books that also include Venom.

Iron Man 2020 (January 2020 – February 2020) 

iron man 2020

Iron Man 2020 is the Arno Stark version of the character as we get to see how different he is compared to Tony and how he makes use of different kinds of technology to the Iron Man mantra. In that regard, we get to see an entirely different kind of Iron Man in Iron Man 2020. Fans of Tony Stark should still be able to enjoy Arno’s run as the titular character.

Empyre (July 2020 – August 2020) 

Empyre is a huge Marvel Comics event that covers a lot of different Marvel storylines, as this event brings them all together to deliver one of the most recent huge events in the pages of the Marvel universe. Of course, this event includes some of the most prominent writers in the business, as there is no doubt that this is one that people should be excited to read.

X-Men: X of Swords (September 2020 – November 2020) 

Pronounced Ten of Swords, this event is the first crossover event involving the X-Men during their Krakoa era, as we get to see several issues telling an intriguing story that currently includes 17 issues. At this point, the storyline isn’t as fleshed out as some of the other storylines are, but it promises to be as entertaining as any other X-Men event out there.

King in Black (December 2020 – February 2021) 

King in Black is one of the biggest Marvel Comics events in recent memory because of how it introduced a universe-level threat in Knull, who is the god of the Symbiotes and is basically one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Considering that this storyline is related to the Symbiotes, expect carnage to be a part of it. Of course, this event is also full of brutality, as Knull is an incredibly powerful being that has existed before the universe itself.

Reign of X (December 2020 –) 

Reign of X is a storyline that follows Hickman’s X-Men era as we get to see how the X-Men live their lives following the swords era. In that regard, the mutants are still living peacefully on the island of Krakoa as they are growing in numbers. But there are still problems that they need to resolve as there are still villains everywhere. 


Heroes Reborn (April 2021 – June 2021) 

Heroes Reborn is an alternate-reality event that allows us to see a world without the Avengers. Of course, we get to see what the heroes would look like had they not been heroes. As such, we are allowed to see what happens to the world if the mightiest protectors of the planet do not exist. It’s similar to the Onslaught Saga event but is quite unique and different on its own as well.

Infinite Destinies (Summer 2021) 

Infinite Destinies tells the story of how the Infinity Gems are now once again the focus of the event. Of course, we know for a fact that the stones are incredibly powerful. Nevertheless, while the Fresh Start era of Marvel has seen its fair share of Infinity Stones storylines, this one promises to be quite unique in its own right, especially if you are tired of all of the different comic book issues talking about the Infinity Gems.

The Last Annihilation (July 2021 – September 2021) 

The Last Annihilation follows the footsteps of the 2000s Annihilation event. This time, it follows a space-age storyline that should be a good step in the right direction for Marvel Comics, especially when it comes to those who enjoyed King in Black. It’s an entirely different storyline but still carries the same universe-wide ramifications that some of the other huge events had.

X-Men Inferno (September 2021 – December 2021) 

X-Men Inferno is the fiery conclusion to Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men comic book storylines. Inferno will continue the story of the mutants and the different things that were revealed by Moira X while the mutants were residing on Krakoa. Of course, there are still numerous threats lying around to make life tough for the mutants, but this event promises to shake the very foundations of the X-Men for years to come.

The Death of Doctor Strange (October 2021 – January 2022) 

The title isn’t exactly quite subtle because we have seen a lot of “death of” events in Marvel Comics. Nevertheless, this is somewhat new as this mini-event follows the storyline of how the Sorcerer Supreme gets killed. Of course, we all know that everyone that gets killed in Marvel Comics gets revived eventually. But you have to love the overall storytelling that goes into these “death of” events.

Devil’s Reign (January 2022 – April 2022)

Devil’s Reign follows the story of Wilson Fisk as the mayor of New York City, as he now wields more power than he has ever had in his life. As such, the storyline focuses more on the Kingpin of Crime instead of Daredevil. And it is this very reign by the Kingpin himself that threatens the lives of the street-level heroes of New York.

Reckoning War (February 2022 – July 2022)

recoking war

Reckoning War is a Fantastic Four storyline that also has cosmic ramifications. This series was actually teased 15 years ago but has only come into existence in 2022. Nevertheless, this Reckoning War that primarily involves Marvel’s first family should be quite entertaining for those who want to see some Fantastic Four action on their pages. And there are also other stories that tease Reckoning War.

Judgment Day (May – November 2022)

Judgment Day is one of the newer Marvel Comics events that are yet to conclude. The storyline began in May of 2022 and is still ongoing as of this writing. In this storyline, the Avengers try to prevent a war between the Eternals and the X-Men as the Eternals actually discovered a secret about the mutants that could very well have an underlying impact on the world itself. As such, it is a great crossover that allows us to see three different groups of superheroes clashing or working together.

Dark Web (Fall 2022 –)

As of this writing, Dark Web is the newest event in Marvel Comics because it only launched in the Fall of 2022. This is a crossover between a lot of different comic books, including Spider-Man, X-Men, and Venom. Of course, everything stems from the influence of Krakoa on the larger Marvel universe. That means that Dark Web is somewhat related to the events of Judgment Day as well but we are yet to see the conclusion to this storyline.

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