Marvel Studios Discussing ‘Thor 5’ with Chris Hemsworth; Taika Waititi Not Returning as Director

Thor 5 in development

‘Thor: Love & Thunder,’ released in 2022, received criticism for being cringy, particularly in contrast to Taika Waititi’s well-received first Thor film, ‘Ragnarok.’ The movie faced backlash for its excessive and out-of-place humor, especially given the serious themes of Foster’s cancer and the powerful villain Gorr the God Butcher from Marvel Comics.

Considered a failure on many fronts, ‘Love & Thunder’ lacked redeeming qualities. Post-release, Chris Hemsworth took a break from acting due to concerning test results suggesting a higher risk of Alzheimer’s, though he clarified later that the hiatus was to spend more time with his children.

Now, it appears Hemsworth is ready to return for ‘Thor 5,’ engaging in talks with Marvel Studios. However, Taika Waititi won’t be directing the film, citing a busy schedule in a Variety interview. Currently focused on adapting ‘Klara and the Sun,’ Waititi expresses a strong interest in the dystopian sci-fi novel, prioritizing it over other projects, including a manga-based live-action ‘Akira.’


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He mentioned that engaging in those kinds of films is an incredibly exhausting undertaking, something he required a hiatus from, and he doesn’t anticipate participating in such projects for at least the next six years.

Fans have responded to the news with varied reactions, with many applauding Taika’s choice to distance himself from Thor. They believe that Marvel, as a whole, requires a shift in direction, and while Taika’s “humorous” approach to the iconic character did represent a change in direction, it wasn’t quite what they had in mind.

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