Marvel Subpoenas Instagram for Leaker’s Identity Regarding Leaked ‘Brave New World’ Footage

Matthew Orton Tapped for Reshoots on Captain America Brave New World Slated for Mid2024

If you’ve been keeping up with our publication, you likely know about the multitude of Marvel leakers and insiders online who possess privileged information.

Occasionally, the details they share are fictitious, reflecting personal opinions on the direction of future movies or TV shows. Yet, at times, their leaks are remarkably precise, risking spoilers for projects years ahead.

One mysterious leaker, known as CanWeGetSomeToast, remains unidentified. Operating primarily on X, they even offer a paid leak channel where users can access insider information such as castings and plots for a fee.

Typically, Marvel Studios, and consequently Disney, tolerate these leakers as they inadvertently promote their projects without causing significant harm to marketing efforts. However, there are instances where matters become serious. Recall when the entire script for ‘Quantumania’ was leaked on Reddit, or the even more alarming ‘Avengers: Endgame’ leak?

Now, a few weeks ago, CanWeGetSomeToast shared footage from ‘Brave New World’ of Sam Wilson flying to their Instagram story. The footage was quickly removed but the harm was done. Now Marvel Studios is lawyering up and Instagram has been subpoenaed to reveal the leaker’s identity, an act that usually leads to a lawsuit, but as of currently, the leaker HASN’T BEEN SUED by the company despite other similar articles reporting the situation as such.


In late April, Instagram received a DMCA notice regarding a disputed story featuring a “leaked, pre-release image” from the Captain America film, deemed unauthorized for public sharing. The film company has enlisted Instagram’s aid in identifying the account holder, requesting extensive details such as names, addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and payment account information.

Marvel has employed a DMCA subpoena to unveil the owner of the ‘CanWeGetSomeToast’ Instagram account, accused of leaking Captain America footage. Despite the ephemeral nature of Instagram’s 24-hour story feature, Marvel is determined to pinpoint the individual responsible for the unauthorized post, according to Matthew Slatoff, VP of Global Security and Content Protection.

What if Instagram provides the data? If the individual in question is a Marvel Studios employee, termination is probable. Likewise, if they have connections within Marvel Studios leaking information to them, termination is once again likely. As for the possibility of Marvel suing CanWeGetSomeToast, it seems unnecessary except as a deterrent for other leakers and insiders leaking confidential information online.

Monetary gain may not be the primary motive for Marvel; rather, they might seek to discourage those who spoil surprises prematurely. What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments section!

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