Marvel’s Eternals: Check out the new promo video!

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Marvel Entertainment released a new 30-second promo video – Protect – to build up the hype for the upcoming movie ‘Eternals’ a bit more ahead of its release next month.

Promo video is teasing us with a bit of new footage featuring Angelina Jolie’s Thena, Richard Madden’s Ikaris, and other numerous stars. The film will be split into two separate storylines; the one set in the past will show us the origins of the titular heroes, while the second storyline will show us where were they when Thanos was attacking the universe and what are they doing now in the post-Endgame era.

Directed by Chloé Zhao, the movie features numerous stars. With Jolie and Madden, we will also see Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Harish Patel, Kit Harington, and Salma Hayek as powerful newcomers to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eternals is the third movie in MCU Phase 4. It will be released on November 5. We’re counting down the days.

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