Master Chief vs. Doomguy: Halo vs. Doom, Who Would Win?

Master Chief vs Doom Guy

Two of the most iconic first-person shooting game heroes in the world are Halo’s Master Chief and Doom’s Doomguy, also known as Doom Slayer. These two are so iconic because they look similar but are entirely different characters coming from entirely different games. So, with that said, if we were to pit Master Chief and Doomguy in single combat and if we were to compare their abilities and feats, who would win?

Doomguy is leagues ahead of Master Chief in terms of what he can do. He is essentially a god because of his transcendent human physiology and his abilities. Doomguy has also killed godlike beings as well. Master Chief may be a super soldier and is humanity’s best hope against the Covenant, but he is no god.

There might have been a point in time when Master Chief could have stood a chance against Doomguy. However, after centuries of fighting demons, Doomguy is no longer just a simple human or even a superhuman, as he may have reached godlike levels in terms of his capabilities and feats. This is why he is by far the better armored FPS hero when compared to Master Chief.

Physical Abilities

Master Chief is a towering man that 6’10” without his armor and over seven feet tall when wearing his armor. That means that he is far bigger than regular human beings. On top of that, he is a super-soldier with augmented human capabilities that match his towering frame without sacrificing his overall mobility. You can think of Master Chief as an armored and much taller version of Captain America.

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Doomguy started out as a normal human being but eventually transcended humanity after fighting demons for centuries. This has allowed him to develop transcendent human physiology that allows him to perform superhuman acts that are well beyond what regular humans can do even at their peak. He can easily lift extremely heavy objects and throw them with ease. Doomguy also has the size and frame that goes well with the godlike human capabilities he possesses.

This is a no-contest because, even if Master Chief may have peak human capabilities that allow him to perform feats that are nearly superhuman, he has nothing on the godlike physical abilities that Doomguy possesses. And while Doomguy isn’t as big as Master Chief, he sure is far ahead the more impressive out of the two when it comes to his physical capabilities.


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Points: Master Chief 0, Doomguy 1


Master Chief lives 500 years from our current timeline and has the benefit of being able to use scientifically advanced weapons that were made to combat the Covenant. That means that he has a host of different weapons that he can use when fighting different types of opponents, regardless if we are talking about guns or close-combat weapons that he is also great with. As long as he is armed with the right weapons, he can possibly take out any opponent.

Doomguy lives in the 22nd century, which is still 300 years less advanced in terms of technology compared to the timeline where Master Chief lives in. He is still armed well enough with his shotgun and melee weapons, but most of Doomguy’s weapons are just augmented regular weapons that became powerful because they are used by someone with demi-god abilities.


We aren’t belittling the super shotgun and the host of different weapons that Doomguy uses. However, technology tends to beat out older weapons in almost any situation. So, if we were only going to look at their armaments, then Master Chief has the better weapons compared to Doomguy, despite the physical superiority that the latter has.

Points: Master Chief 1, Doomguy 1


Master Chief has always been one of the more iconic characters to wear the large green suit that has become quite the staple in Halo lore. The suit that Master Chief wears is not only meant to be armor that protects him from the Covenant but it is also used to augment his physical capabilities. In his suit, Master Chief is stronger and faster. The suit that he wears also allows him to survive all sorts of harsh environments while also doubling as a life-support system.

Halo 4 box art 1280x720 1

When wearing the praetor suit, Doomguy is downright unstoppable to the point that not even the strongest demons of Hell can stop him. This suit allows Doomguy to withstand and take hits because it was tailor-made for him to be able to take on the armies of Hell. Of course, the suit also allows Doomguy to survive the harshest environments, such as the vacuum of space and the hot flames of Hell. The suit also contains numerous attachments that allow Doomguy to improve his maneuverability.

Master Chief’s armor is indeed very impressive because it can enhance the already impressive physical abilities that he has. However, Doomguy’s armor is nearly indestructible and has allowed him to go through the fires of Hell. The Covenant might be tough opponents, but Doomguy has been through Hell and back with his armor.

Points: Master Chief 1, Doomguy 2


Master Chief isn’t called humanity’s strongest soldier and best hope against the Covenant for nothing. As the main playable character of the games, all of the different things and feats you achieve in the game can be credited to Master Chief. He went through numerous missions and has been able to thwart the Covenant on plenty of different occasions throughout his run as the main character of Halo.

Doomguy has been known to slay gods and demons alike throughout his entire run as the main character of Doom. He has spent countless years slaying all sorts of godlike entities and has never stopped doing so since the dawn of time. And you cannot even count how many world-ending or universal threats he has stopped and killed throughout his entire lifetime.


Stopping the Covenant might be an amazing feat and all, but Doomguy slays gods for a living. This is a no-contest here, as Master Chief couldn’t possibly be able to slay the gods that Doomguy has killed for countless years.

Points: Master Chief 1, Doomguy 3


Master Chief is a regular human living a regular human lifespan, despite his augmented physical capabilities and advanced combat training. Canonically, he is no older than 46 years old, and that means that he has spent decades fighting the Covenant. And on top of that, he has racked up a ton of experience because he is almost always on the frontlines as humanity’s strongest soldier against the Covenant, as he began fighting them long before the first Halo game.


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If you follow the timeline of the entire Doom series, it might be confusing. However, the truth is that Doomguy has been around for eons, and that means that we cannot count how long he has been killing and slaying gods and demons alike. He is a legend for a good reason because he has been around for as long as time itself, and that means that his experience is also immeasurable.

No ordinary human can match the experience that Doomguy has collected in the eons that he has spent killing demons. That is why you cannot really compare Master Chief’s experience to Doomguy, who no one can really match in terms of experience.

Points: Master Chief 1, Doomguy 4

Master Chief vs. Doomguy: Halo vs. Doom, Who Would Win?

Master Chief may be a strong soldier with all of the feats and accomplishments that match his augmented abilities, but he is no god. On the other hand, Doomguy is basically a demi-god that has spent eons killing gods and demons alike. He has transcendent abilities that rival the gods, and that means that there aren’t a lot of video game characters that can really stand a chance in a fair fight against him.

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