‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Mike Find Iris in Mayor of Kingstown?

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Mayor of Kingstown, Season 2, Episode 3. The series has really become one of the most exciting spin-offs from the Yellowstone Universe, and this new episode brings a new set of stakes that might make Mike’s life a lot harder. The episode follows the aftermath of the last episode, where Mike made a deal with Bunny and the rest of the gang generals to put them inside prison, so they could put order and create a structure inside of it.

After the massacre that was the riot at the prison, there are no more gang leaders inside the prison, and different factions are basically wreaking havoc around the city. Mike’s plan was approved by everyone, but it seems that the tough gangbangers are not so sure about being in prison and doing their part. The mission seems to be too great. Meanwhile, Milo has come from hiding, and Iris has gone to him. It is a very nonsensical move by Iris, but maybe she has a hidden agenda. If not, then we can say she is just plain dumb.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown, Season 2, Episode 3. Read at your own risk.

Are The Streets Leaders Able To Create A Hierarchy Inside Prison?

Mike’s main plan to put street leaders inside the prison seems to be a lost cause. Bunny, our main point of view inside the prison, and someone that we know as a character, suddenly turns from a tough guy into a fearful guy. It makes sense; he is completely exposed in prison. His people are by his side, but he is paranoid and doesn’t know if he can trust any of them. Not truly. On top of that, the other generals that went inside with him have all created their own groups. It seems that collaboration is not on anyone’s mind.

The situation in prison is about to transform into a huge battle royale, where the strongest will be able to go out alive, while the weak, well, the weak better say goodbye. It is disappointing to see that Bunny cannot step up and do what he is supposed to do. The police are also not making things any easier when they raid Bunny’s grandmother’s house. They think they are being respectful, and that they are only doing their police, work, but as Mike says to them, they are just a bunch of idiots. They are not able to think two steps ahead of themselves. They are just creating more friction.

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Meanwhile, Kyle seems to have been put on leave. After the events of the last episode, where he killed two people and left a baby orphaned, he doesn’t seem to have any future in the police force. However, this is the only thing he knows how to do, so he is desperate. He goes to the station and talks to Ian, but he cannot force his reintegration into the force. He also begs Mike to give him something to do, but Mike has too many issues to think about. He says he can help him track Iris, but Kyle doesn’t think that is a job for him.

There is also a scene where Mike, Kareem, and Rebecca visit another prison, one where some prisoners from the Tent Camp will be sent to. The person who runs the facility talks very much like a real state agent, and it really shows the more greedy and corporate side of the prison system in America. Mike sees how unequipped the guards at this prison are, and fears for the future.


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Does Mike Find Iris In Mayor Of Kingstown?

The situation inside and outside the prison is the main focus of the episode, but there are certainly other things to consider. For Mike, our main character, the second more worrisome thing is Iris’ fate. She left his mother’s house, and now no one knows where she is. We know she went to see Milo; she knew exactly where he was hiding, and he welcomed her back. There is a small conversation at the beginning of the episode, where Milo asks Iris if she had sex with Mike; she says no, and he believes her because it is the truth.

However, it seems that Iris coming back is not a very welcome one. She was at some point a high-value prostitute, but now she is being placed in the brothel with the rest of the normal workers. They put the tracing chip once again inside her body, and she is told she needs to do $5000 every night. If she does $4000, then she is going to be in trouble. A woman comes close to Iris and gives her drugs. It seems this will be the only way for her to face her new situation.

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The same woman then approaches Mike outside his office and tells him that she knows where Iris is, and that she is fearful for her well-being. She says she will leave the back door to the club open, so he can go inside and rescue Iris. Mike takes the offer that night, but he is captured. He manages to escape thanks to his gun, but it seems like getting Iris back will be harder than we thought.

Everyone seems to think that Mike is an all-powerful being able to do everything he needs when they need it. The city seems to rely too much on his negotiating powers, and it doesn’t look like they value Mike very much. Maybe this is the show telling us that Mike will definitely leave Kingstown and everything behind very soon.

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