MCU’s ‘Vision Quest’ Reportedly Gets a Filming Update

Rumors MCU Project Focusing on White Vision Gets a Release Date Update

MCU series ‘WandaVision’, focusing on Wanda Maximoff and her journey after a significant loss, received praise for its unique storytelling and deep exploration of characters’ emotions. It was successful enough to spawn two spinoffs: ‘Agatha’, set to premiere on Disney+ later this year, and ‘Vision Quest’, whose release date is still uncertain.

Last year, the WGA Directory mentioned ‘Vision Quest’ was expected to come out during the 2024-2025 TV season. Many fans were excited about it, but due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, several projects, including this one, faced delays and cancellations.

Fortunately, ‘Vision Quest’ wasn’t scrapped like some other shows. Recent rumors suggest it might hit screens as soon as 2026. Now, a few weeks later, there are new reports about the show’s production.

According to Scarlet Witch Updates, filming for the show could begin in the latter half of 2024 or possibly next year. The showrunners also seem keen on shooting it in the UK.

Many fans have already noted that there’s a significant gap between the release of ‘WandaVision’ and ‘Vision Quest’. They argue that the MCU risks making a mistake by introducing characters and then delaying their standalone projects for several years. A similar situation occurred with ‘Ironheart’, which was recently confirmed to still be in development after rumors of cancellation.

In October 2022, Deadline reported that the second ‘WandaVision’ series was in the works, with Jac Schaeffer as the head writer and executive producer. In May 2023, it was announced that Eileen Shim had joined the series as a writer. Currently, the series is in development, and details are scarce, but it’s known to focus on White Vision.

In the finale of ‘WandaVision’, we witnessed the introduction of a new version of Vision created by S.W.O.R.D., dubbed White Vision. Wanda’s Vision attempts to restore White Vision’s memories using the Mind Stone from his own forehead, sparking a philosophical discussion about the essence of being a “real” Vision. Eventually, White Vision recovers his identity but departs abruptly without explanation, leaving his future uncertain.

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