‘Medellín’ Ending Explained: Does Réda Rescue His Brother from the Medellín Cartel?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Medellín, a new action comedy film coming straight from France, and Colombia, landing directly into Amazon Prime Video. The film lands at the hands of Franck Gastambide, one of the most prolific actors and directors in France. The filmmaker might not have his works compared with Godard’s, but he still manages to be successful by jumping between many genres and making fun and entertaining movies. Ramzy Bedia, Anouar Toubali, Brahim Bouhlel, and Essined Aponte accompany him. And a special cameo by Mike Tyson.

Sadly, the film tries to do many things at once and fails at doing all of them justice. It is a very sad event. You can see that the movie’s shooting must have been a very fun experience, but the final result feels sloppy and almost amateur, especially regarding the screenplay. The story just doesn’t manage to be as fun as it couldn’t be or as dramatic as it wants to be. The movie remains from beginning to end in this limbo of nothing. It is hard to actually execute the ideas someone has in mind, so we can say that this is not the first movie that fails to realize its vision.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Medellín. Read at your own risk.

Why Are Réda And His Friends Going To Colombia?

Medellín begins by introducing us to its main characters. First, we meet Reda. He is a very respected member of his community. He teaches boxing to the kids, keeps criminals away, and is basically the tough guy in the neighborhood. Stan, his best friend is the opposite; he is also quite respected, but he is also a lot less showy. He is more quiet and shy, you could say. One day, Reda sees something horrible on the news. A young French man has been kidnapped in Colombia. When he sees the face of the victim, he realizes it is his brother Brahim.

Brahim traveled to Colombia dressed as the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. The intention? Maybe to cause some ruckus, no one knows. The point is that he has been kidnapped, which is dangerous territory. Reda recruits every gym member to travel to Colombia and rescue Brahim. However, when the day comes, only Stan arrives at the airport. Alongside Stan, there is a little man they have known since they were kids named, Chafik. He is also ready to save Reda’s brother.

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When they reach Medellín, they start looking for clues and are led to a bar called The Barraputa. The spot is a strip club, and Stan falls in love with a woman named Cynthian there. Stan gives him his phone in case she learns something about Brahim. The trio parties hard, and when they wake up the next day, they realize they have become kidnappers. However, they don’t remember who is the guy they have in their room tied to a chair. They realize that the man is the son of El Diablo, the drug lord of the Medellín Cartel.

They send a video to El Diablo, and they call for an exchange; they give him back their son and return Brahim safely. However, they receive a call from Brahim when the video goes online. Brahim is revealed safe, and he staged his kidnapping to win followers on social media. Reda realizes they have made an enemy out of a drug cartel for no reason. El Diablo tracks Brahim and actually kidnaps him this time. So both parties agree to a hostages exchange. Cynthia calls Stan and starts asking questions. It is revealed that Cynthia is actually a policewoman.

Does Réda Rescue His Brother From The Medellín Cartel?

We see that Cynthia is actually a member of the Colombian police, and thanks to Tan, she has time a place to prepare an attack on El Diablo and capture him. Meanwhile, Reda and his team ride a boat and throw the son of El Diablo in the water, and sadly, a shark eats his legs. They take the now legless man to a veterinarian to keep him alive, they need him alive, or Brahim is dead. The vet saves him, and they steal a car to get to the meeting place. They reach the meeting place, and both sides verify that both hostages are alive.

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However, when El Diablo realizes his son has no legs, he kills everyone. Cynthia arrives and saves them. She tries to take them to the Venezuelan border, but Reda and the team decide that they must go back and rescue Brahim. Cynthia reveals her name is actually Marissa, and she will take them to someone who can help them. His name is Robbie, and he is one of Marissa’s dad’s friends. He will give the guys a crash course in weapons and guide them in the rescue operation.


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After some training, the three friends land on El Diablo’s compound and rescue Brahim from being tortured. However, when planning to escape, Reda realizes that he must stay behind and win some time so that his friends and brother can escape. They do, and Reda has one last confrontation with El Diablo. They both die as the surrounding mansion explodes to smithereens. Back in France, Stand sits down and sees one of the buildings, which has a huge painting in Reda’s memory.

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