Merge Dragons: Cheats, Codes, Events, Tips & Tricks

Merge Dragons: Cheats, Codes, Events, Tips & Tricks

Merge Dragons is a fun and interactive game that allows you to play as dragons. You can build your own habitats, expand your land, and collect items such as gold coins! If you’re looking for some tips, codes or cheats on how to beat the game or are just plain bored then this article will give you everything that you need. 

Merge Dragons is a very popular puzzle game that allows players to enjoy their time while they play with different dragons. The goal of the game is easy: merge similar colored objects together in order to create new ones. It sounds like an easy task but it’s not as simple as it seems due to limited moves per level. However, there are ways around this problem using cheats, codes, tips, and tricks which are explained below so keep reading if you want some help on getting past those difficult levels.  

Merge Dragons Cheats 

Merge Dragons: Cheats, Codes, Events, Tips & Tricks

First, remember one thing, cheats and cheat codes are two different things.

Using cheats in any gameplay a pivot role in the overall performance of your gameplay. And Merge Dragons are getting tough and you need every advantage to win.

But, for your information, there are no cheats in Merge Dragons. These fake websites say that we offer “cheat” but in reality, these hacks do nothing and will only get you frustrated. Stay away and avoid all fake websites that say otherwise, including people who offer codes for real-world money or even chat you up on Discord about it! Please don’t disclose any of your payment details to these scammers – they’re just trying to get info so they can take advantage later on.

Merge Dragons Codes

The codes you can utilize in this game are no less than a blessing for you. You will be able to give a fresh look to your gameplay. Aside from that, you will also get a chance to grab some dragon gems along with a handful of unique chests. 

There are endless cheat codes once you enter this magical world full of fun opportunities. Let’s explore the Merge Dragons codes a bit here. 


It is one of the main and oldest Merge Dragons Codes. You can easily obtain nearly 100 Dragon gems with this code in your gameplay. 


This code will help you get your hands on a pile consisting of 160 dragon gems. It will help you upgrade your game as well. 


Well, you won’t find any other Merge Dragons code better for you than this one. This code will help you get almost 3200 dragon gems at once.

So stop worrying about having no gems in your account and go get a cauldron full of them by using this code in your game.  


It is another value-added code for your game. You can get 400 dragon gems with this amazing code. The bad new? You won’t probably be able to use it now as it has expired. But it is known to work every once in a while so you can definitely try your luck.


This code will give you a bonus of almost 960 dragon gems in your game’s inventory. It is one of the most-used codes in this game. After all, who doesn’t like free gems?


Using this code in your gameplay will help you get 250 dragon gems at once. So you need to try code as well. 


Some Merge Dragons codes can also make you able to get dragon gem payouts in your game. With this code, you’ll get a 30-day dragon gem payout. 

Currently, there are no codes that are working. All the Merge Dragons codes mentioned above have already expired. Players have used them in the past or the early times of this game. 

But some of them are known to work every now and then. So you can always keep checking.

Merge Dragons Events

Merge Dragons: Cheats, Codes, Events, Tips & Tricks

Merge Dragon events lie at the heart of this adventurous game. You will see that there are tons of events that will help you make your magical world more beautiful and appealing. You can also use visually aesthetic and small items to make powerful things out of them. Let’s find out a few such events to add to your knowledge. 

All the events fall into one of the following categories. Let’s get to know about those categories first. 

  • Merge Dragon Den Events
  • Merge Dragon In Camp Events
  • Merge Dragon Out-Of-Camp Events
  • Merge Dragon Event Seasons 

Now I will give you a few examples of the Merge Dragon events. Let’s get started. 

  • The camp and chill event (In-Camp Event)
  • Revolving around healing dead land (Seasons Event)
  • Tapping event quest stars (Seasons Event)
  • Opening event chests (Out-Of-Camp Events)
  • Merging and harvesting specific items (Seasons Event)
  • Harvesting and tapping unlimited event harvestable (Out-Of-Camp Events)
  • Unlocking cloud keys (Out-Of-Camp Events)
  • Collecting limited event harvestable (Seasons Event)

 Merge Dragons Tips & Tricks

Merge Dragons will take you to a magical world where you will be able to get your hands on mystical and new items, dragons, and even zomblins. There you will be able to plan out your land. You can make a new land by merging two or more items from the land. As a result, you will get many new things with increased performance of your gameplay.  

Merging different things (dragons, items, and coins) will take your gameplay to a higher level. Here I will share some of the most useful tips & tricks with you.

  • Merge Everything 

Discovering and collecting brand new items with enhanced effects are crucial for the Upgradation of your gameplay. For this purpose, you can merge everything (dragons, things, and items) to get new items. There are chances that you can merge pretty much everything you have in the game. This method will suit you best when you have no other option in your mind. 

  • Keep Replaying Levels 

If you are looking for a way to get some extra prizes to add to your game’s inventory, then this tip will serve you well. If you keep on replaying levels of your game, you will get several extra prizes. 

There are chances that you will get some rare items or rewards (egg nests) with a higher level of gameplay. 

  • Only Merge 5 Items

Want to get maximum output by merging your game’s items? Well, I have a better option for you. This tip is all you need to maximize your output.

You can merge 5 things (in clusters of 5) to double your results. You will do so to get the most out of merging for the betterment of your gameplay. That’s what helps you in the long run as well. 

Merging three things will give you one flower at the end. At the same time, merging 5 things will help you get 2 flowers instead of 1. This increased output will be valuable for your world’s outlook. 

  • Save Merges 

It is another important tip for getting new items for your game. Save Merges means to place your items (usually 5) in a row. It will help you save them for future use. You can also place them with a little distance between each merge. Or else, you will end up with the merging of your items. 

It will certainly put you in a difficult situation.

  • Farm Bricks By Harvesting Rocks

If you want to upgrade your building and camp base, then here you go with this amazing tip for your game. What you will do is to farm as many bricks as you can. 

Farming bricks will help you get many useful game items. You can get chests for the storage of many useful items. You can easily farm bricks by harvesting rocks in your gameplay. Farming bricks will let you end up with powerful brick stones in your game’s inventory. 

  • Farm Coins By Harvesting Fruit
Merge Dragons: Cheats, Codes, Events, Tips & Tricks

This tip will ask you to harvest fruit trees to get a large number of coins to make your gameplay much effective and highly performant. With such a large number of coins, you will be able to buy more dragons and buildings. 

You can calculate the output with this simple example. If you merge 5 fruits, you will be able to get a tiny magical coin in return. That’s how this tip will help you to take your game to the next level. 

  • Keep A Close Eye On Your Dragons

If you simply keep an eye on your dragons, then chances are there that you will get your required items. This thing will help you prevent your dragon from regular harvesting in your gameplay. 

You can stop your dragons from wasting their stamina in your gameplay. 

  • Spend All Your Items To Start A New Level 

Well, this tip will help you save from wasting your extra bricks and coins before you start your gameplay. If you don’t spend all your coins and bricks before starting a new level, then you will have to suffer a great loss. You will end up with all the hard work that you have made in collecting such a large number of bricks and coins. 

So, stop saving these things for your future use. 

  • Play Levels To Gain More Coins/ Bricks 

Well, this tip will help you get higher-level items for your gameplay. You can play higher levels to get a large number of bricks and coins. Now the question arises, why would you do so? 

Well, that’s because you will need to make a magical area from where you will rule over the entire land. You can also get many dragon gems by using this tip in your gameplay. 

  • Redirect Your Dragons On The Camp 

This option is for all those players that want to direct their game on their terms and conditions. You will be able to start harvesting in your game. If you want to stop harvesting something in your game, then this trick will help you a lot in this regard. 

  • Save Your Dragon Gems 

This trick will save you time from refilling your stamina bar again and again in your gameplay. It would be totally up to you to choose the events and time for which you should use your stamina and dragon gems. You will also be able to save extra dragon gems as well. 

  • Sell Some Dragon Chests For Coins 

Opening a dragon chest will cost you a few dragon gems. There are a few dragon chests that are not worth opening. So, avoid stopping such chests to save your gems for future use. Such chests are not worth spending your gems on. As a result, you will get only trivial items in your hands. 

  • Keep An Eye Out For Secret Levels 

When you look at the map of Merge Dragons, you will see secret levels scattering all around the map. Try to get these secret levels to get some extra rewards in your game. It’s a kind of cheating as well. Still, you can do it without any shame and hesitation. 

This tip will help you get your hands on some of the hidden rewards as well. 

Where To Put Cheat Codes In Merge Dragons?

Many cheat codes have been made known for this game. Some of them used to work in the past but for now, most of them have already expired and stopped working in any game.

If you still want to try your luck, here’s how to use those cheat codes.

  • First you will go to the Game Settings. You will need to scroll down to the end of the page. There you will see a button named “Whoop Button” at the end of the page. 
  • Press that button and it will take you to an empty box. 
  • Fill that box with your cheat code. 
  • Press “Okay” to confirm your cheat code.
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