Michael Keaton on ‘Morbius’ and Jared Leto: “I’m Gonna Steer Clear”

Michael Keaton on Morbius and Jared Leto Im Gonna Steer Clear

It’s only been a few weeks since ‘Madame Web’ hit theaters, and both the box office numbers and the reception aren’t looking good. This has led many critics and fans to compare it to ‘Morbius’, a movie that gained popularity for being so bad it’s good, spawning numerous memes and catchphrases, the most famous being “It’s Morbin’ time.”

‘Morbius’ was received so humorously that Sony decided to re-release it in theaters. However, it wasn’t just the audience who were puzzled by ‘Morbius’. Even some actors, two years after its release, are reflecting on their roles and wondering, “What was that about?”

During a discussion with Josh Horowitz, Michael Keaton, who played Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture, in the MCU, admitted that he had no clue about his role in ‘Morbius’, and the filmmakers couldn’t explain it either.

Keaton’s return for a cameo in recent years has sparked confusion among fans, and even Keaton himself, regarding his character’s connection to the broader Marvel universe and the possibility of a Sinister Six film. Although some speculated that his cameo hinted at a potential ‘Sinister Six’ project, there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding the expansion of the Sony Spider-Man Universe. When asked about the role and its significance, Keaton had some intriguing responses.

No. No Idead. None. Zero. I mean you know they said okay, and even they couldn’t quite explain it.

Keaton mentioned that they attempted to clarify the purpose of his cameo and the storyline, but it was too complex for him to grasp. Nonetheless, he decided to accept the role and come to terms with it. Keaton also paused to consider Jared Leto’s method acting in ‘Morbius’.

He’s such an interesting dude you know like in the scene you know. He’s very nice toward the end. But the minute I showed up I said “Oh I get what he’s doing. I’m gonna steer clear.”

I don’t think we’re ever going to find out what Keaton was doing in ‘Morbius.’ Got something to contribute? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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