Minecraft Feather Falling Enchantment: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

minecraft feather falling

Enchantments will become a staple as players progress through the Minecraft world, as their benefits will greatly increase both the quality of gameplay as well as players’ chances of survival. There are plenty of threats awaiting in Minecraft, ranging from aggressive mobs to dangerous environments, but gravity and teleportation can also pose risks to players. Thankfully, the Feather Falling enchantment has you covered when it comes to these Minecraft hazards.

The Feather Falling enchantment, also known as Plume Falling, is exclusive to boots and is an extremely popular option since it reduces fall damage and Ender pearl teleportation damage. These effects can help decrease natural damage taken throughout gameplay, increasing the odds of players’ survival.

While there may be other amazing enchantments for boots, this boot-exclusive enchantment stands out as the best option for this slot. The Feather Falling enchantment is incredibly popular as it focuses on very common threats, enabling players to survive for much longer overall. Stick around to find out exactly how Feather Falling works in Minecraft and why acquiring it is worth the effort.

What Is The Feather Falling Enchantment In Minecraft?

The Feather Falling enchantment, also known as Plume Falling, is exclusive to boots, meaning it cannot be applied to any other piece of armor, tool, or weapon in Minecraft. This enchantment is an incredibly popular option for countless players since it reduces fall damage and Ender pearl teleportation damage.

Minecraft Feather Falling Enchantment: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Fall damage and teleportation damage can really take a toll on players without any form of defense against it. The Feather Falling enchantment’s effects make it really useful for general usage and invaluable for all playstyles since it can also stack with Protection for an overpowered and tough gear setup.

Below is an overview of the Feather Falling enchantment in Minecraft:

Enchantment NameFeather Falling aka Plume Falling
Upgrade LevelsI; II; III; IV (1-4)
Compatible WithProtection enchantment
Item SlotExclusive to boot slot
Primary EffectsReduces fall damage
Reduces Ender pearl teleportation damage
(depending on upgrade level and influential factors)

It is a really great enchantment to have in your Minecraft boot slot. Although it will protect players against gravity and teleportation damage, it won’t make you invincible or immune to all possible damage – even from these factors. While the odds are far less likely, players may still die from fall damage if they fall from an extremely high place in Minecraft, so care and caution will still be necessary.

Benefits of Minecraft’s Feather Falling Enchantment

The highest enchantment level for the Feather Falling enchantment is IV, although upgrading this enchantment to its max level will take time and dedication to the grind. Still, the Minecraft Feather Falling enchantment is really worth enchanting your boots with, as it offers a selection of highly beneficial effects in Minecraft.


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Significant aspects that make this enchantment valuable for your Minecraft boots include the following:

1. Reduces Fall Damage

This enchantment will help you reduce the amount of fall damage in Minecraft, decreasing the expected damage that players will take when falling from higher places. Each level of this enchantment will reduce the player’s fall damage by 12%. As a result, players will get their fall damage reduced by 48% when feather Falling is upgraded to the highest enchantment level (level IV). 

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While Feather Falling does not affect fall speed as the name might suggest, players can expect up to 48% reduced fall damage and up to 80% reduced reduction when combined with Protection enchantments. Although, the stacking effects do not apply when the boots are enchanted with Protection and Feather Falling.

2. Reduces Ender Pearl Teleportation Damage

This enchantment will help you reduce the damage from Ender Pearl teleportation. Usually, a player would take 2.5 heart damages whenever they teleport using Ender pearls, which can put players in a vulnerable predicament upon their arrival.

You can reduce the amount of heart damage by equipping Feather Falling enchanted boots. Although defense against fall damage from high places is more of a benefit overall, the protection against Ender pearl teleportation is still invaluable, and it can be the most important benefit that some players can get from this enchantment.

3. Increased Durability

Although the feather Falling enchantment does not necessarily affect your boots’ durability, players will be rewarded with an extra effect if they upgrade this enchantment to its max level. The Feather Falling IV enchantment increases the durability of your Minecraft boots, making them last a bit longer in your gameplay. 

4. Increases Player Survival Chances 

A pair of boots enchanted with Feather Falling will help players survive for much longer throughout gameplay. You will be able to fight with your enemies much more effectively and comfortably with the help of this enchantment.


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There are various situations and contexts that this enchantment can help out with, making it a great choice for just about any Minecraft player. Some examples of situations where the Feather Falling enchantment can be a lifesaver include the following:

  • Getting knocked off a cliff or ledge by an enemy in PvP.
  • Getting blown off a cliff by explosives, projectiles, or blasting enemies.
  • Insanely useful while building tall structures, buildings, or survival bases.
  • Handy when exploring mountain areas, where one may stumble off by accident.
  • Useful for exploring underground caverns, where their depths may not be visible.
  • Useful for players who teleport using Ender pearls often.

How Do You Get Feather Falling?

Considering all of this enchantment’s awesome benefits and effects, it’s understandable that any Minecraft player would want to obtain it as soon as possible. However, the Minecraft Feather Falling enchantment is one of the rarest enchantments in the game, so getting this enchantment for your boots will be a bit trickier than others.

Minecraft Feather Falling Enchantment: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

There are fewer chances of getting this enchantment from the enchanting table, but you can still get this excellent enchantment and upgrade it to max level in several ways, including the following:

1. From Trading

You can also trade with Minecraft villagers for this enchantment, as various Minecraft villagers can offer you this enchantment in exchange for currency or items.


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In most cases, players will have to give trading villagers some everyday items from their inventory, making trading one of the most economical methods for this enchantment’s acquisition. 

2. From Loot Chests 

It is somewhat common for players to get Feather Falling enchantment for their boots via loot chests, which can be found in numerous locations around the Minecraft world. You can get many enchantments from the loot chests in Minecraft, including the Feather Falling enchantment, although this method will take time and dedication to exploring various regions and fighting off plenty of enemies along the way.

3. From Enchanting Tables 

Feather Falling is one of the hardest enchantments to get from an enchantment table, and the odds of obtaining it via this method are fairly low at only 1.6% according to the Minecraft Enchant Calculator. Still, players can use this method for obtaining the Feather Falling enchantment in difficult times, when other methods are ineffective or impossible.

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All you need to do is to collect plenty of bookshelves and place them near your enchanting table in Minecraft. It would be best if you have your inventory full of boots. The more books, the better, since an increased number of bookshelves around an enchantment table in Minecraft can increase the odds of receiving top-tier or rare enchantment books.

Enchant Command for Feather Falling IV

Once you are done with acquiring the Feather Falling enchantment, you can use it for your boots (preferably higher quality boots wherever possible). Minecraft offers you an enchant command for this enchantment. You can use the given command from your Minecraft inventory if you want to enchant your boots with the Feather Falling IV enchantment. 

Use the following command to enchant your boots with Feather Falling IV: /enchant @p feather_falling 4

How Many Blocks Can You Fall With Feather Falling?

Minecraft players often die by falling from higher places – it’s actually one of the most common natural causes of death for countless Minecraft characters. You can get rid of many unfavorable circumstances and consequences with these special abilities – to an extent.

Minecraft Feather Falling Enchantment: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The Feather Falling enchantment acts as a type of emergency life-saving equipment when used. However, as mentioned above, it will not make players invincible, and it may still be possible to die from fall damage depending on the following influences:

  • Height of the fall
  • Feather Falling enchantment level
  • Character health
  • Quality of the boots
  • Additional armor piece quality
  • Additional enchantments

Players can generally fall from a 40 block height with this enchantment on average while taking reduced damage. This height is considerably more generous than fall damage without the enchantment, enabling players to survive a fall from higher than usual places. 


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The total fall damage of Feather Falling enchantment reduces at its highest level. The damage reduction is around 48% at max level, applying to around 40 blocks of fall damage. However, the damage will also depend on the player’s health, since Feather Falling can also allow you to fall from up to 50 blocks if you are in good health. But, players will likely die when falling from a height of 55 blocks in gameplay. 

Luck, other armor pieces, and context are also factors, and some players may be able to resist the fall damage ranging anywhere between 40 and 90 blocks using the Feather Falling enchantment. But, that too depends upon the performance and health of your Minecraft character and your pair of boots.

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Players can increase their expected fall height by equipping themselves with higher-level Protection enchantments on other armor pieces, as this will protect against various types of damage. As a result, players will need to enchant their boots with the Feather Falling enchantment and enchant their other pieces of armor with the Protection enchantment.  

Can You Stack Feather Falling?

You can stack Minecraft Feather Falling enchantment up to a cap, which amounts to about 20 EPF or 80% damage reduction. Each level of Feather Falling enchantment gives you 3 EPF in Minecraft, and you can get the increased value of EPF in Minecraft if you stack Feather Falling enchantment. 

Does Feather Falling Reduce Kinetic Damage?

Kinetic damage is a kind of damage in Minecraft that a player takes by hitting a wall or unloading chunks. If you want to survive longer, you will need to use an enchanted helmet in Minecraft since Kinetic Protection helmets are helpful in this regard. They also increase the performance of your Minecraft gameplay. It is the best way to make your footholds even stronger in the Minecraft gaming world.

Feather Falling Enchantment Levels

In Minecraft, there are four levels for the Feather Falling enchantment, which means you can enchant your boots with up to Feather Falling IV in your Minecraft gameplay. The higher the level, the more powerful the enchantment will be in Minecraft, with each level of Feather Falling enchantment enabling players to fall from higher places with less fall damage.

As mentioned above, the effect will not always be consistent throughout all fall instances, as the total damage will also be influenced by health, height, context, environment, as well as additional armor pieces and enchantments. The four different levels of Feather Falling enchantment and each of their effects are as follows:

Feather Falling LevelEffect (12% Increments)
Feather Falling I (1)Reduces fall damage by up to 12%
Feather Falling II (2)Reduces fall damage by up to 24%
Feather Falling III (3)Reduces fall damage by up to 36%
Feather Falling IV (4)Reduces fall damage by up to 48%
Increases boots’ durability
Feather Falling IV (4)
+ Protection
Reduces fall damage by up to around 80%
Increases boots’ durability

There are quite a few amazing enchantment options for the boot slot, but, all-in-all, Feather Falling is typically considered the best option for boots in general. This enchantment’s function and effect are very simple but highly advantageous to just about any Minecraft player since it can be an absolute lifesaver in many situations – whether you end up breaking the only block under you while building, or get punted off a cliff by an unexpected creeper blast.

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