10 Best Boot Enchantments In Minecraft

minecraft boot enchantments

Tools, weapons, and equipment will be your best friends when it comes to surviving in Minecraft, as they offer can players an endless list of benefits and advantages. Since most of your time will be spent running around in search of resources, treasures, locations, and more, enchanted boots can be one of your best assets. But, things can be tricky with so many awesome enchantments to choose from.

10 Best Boot Enchantments In Minecraft

Boots are going to get you from A to B, but they can also help you survive by granting some useful benefits and effects. There are 6 types of Minecraft boots with varying levels of renewability, efficiency, and durability readily available to players, and applying enchantments will be the best way to get the most out of your boots – especially if they’re high level.

Below is an outline of all of the best boot enchantments in Minecraft, as well as their number of available upgrade levels, their primary uses, and their potential disadvantages:

Enchantment NameUpgrade LevelsBeneficial EffectPotential Cons
Feather Falling/ Plume Falling4Reduced fall damage
Reduced Ender teleportation damage
Does not stack with Protection on boots only
Depth Strider/ Profundity Strider3Increased underwater movement speedCannot be combined with Frost Walker
Thorns3Counterattack effect during enemy encounters
Applies a knockback effect
Durability penalty when the effect is activated
Protection4Reduced damage overallNot useful in all instances
Incompatible with some enchantments
Insurance4Decreased damage intake overallGeneral usage; no exceptional abilities or effects.
Soul Speed3Increased movement on Soul Sand and SoilOnly really useful when spending time in the Nether
Blast Protection4Reduces damage received by blasts and explosionsIncompatible with other Protection enchantments
Frost Walker/ Ice Walker3Increased movement on ice
Creates ice blocks whenever players touch water
Protects players from magma blocks
Players are not shielded from lava
Mending1Restores boots’ durability
1% chance of spawning a side enchantment from any max level enchantment
Restoration effect costs XP Orbs
Unbreaking3Increased durability overall
Chance to ignore hits that lessen boots’ durability
Mainly useful for extended bouts of normal activities

Some enchantments are exclusive to boots, while others can be used on various items but can still be effective when used on boots. An important factor to always consider is that the boot-specific enchantments should always be chosen first where possible, as many other beneficial enchantments can be applied to other armor pieces instead.

Enchanting Table minecraft

These enchantments cannot necessarily be ranked as every Minecraft player may have different needs. But, they’re all incredibly advantageous and can greatly increase the gameplay experience depending on the situation and context in-game.

However, the most popular boot enchantments are Feather Falling, Depth Strider, and Ice Walker. Below is an overview of each of the best boot enchantments in Minecraft, with images thanks to the Minecraft WikiFandom.

1. Feather Falling/ Plume Falling

The Feather Falling enchantment is exclusive to boots and is a fairly popular option since it reduces fall damage and Ender pearl teleportation damage. These effects make it really useful all-around and can be invaluable for all playstyles since it can stack with Protection.

All-in-all, Feather Falling is generally considered the best option for boots in general. Their function is very simple, but it can be an absolute lifesaver in many situations – whether you end up breaking the only block under you while building, or get punted off a cliff by an unexpected creeper blast.


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While it does not affect fall speed, players can expect up to 48% reduced fall damage and up to 80% reduced reduction when combined with Protection enchantments. Although, stacking effects do not apply when the boots are enchanted with Protection and Feather Falling.

2. Depth Strider/ Profundity Strider

Players have been itching to see what Minecraft’s underwater worlds have in store since its beta days, and new threats have arisen since the relevant updates. Being underwater involves many inconveniences and dangers, from the threat of drowning to aquatic enemies and effects.

minecraft Aquatic

Thankfully, the Depth Strider enchantment can help out players who want to explore underwater spaces more comfortably. It enables players to move faster underwater, with its max level permitting the same speed as when moving on land. It cannot be combined with Frost Walker, but it works very well with Respiration – essentially transforming Minecraft players into aquatic beings capable of underwater breathing and swift movement speed.

3. Thorns

The Thorns enchantment has 3 upgrade levels, can act as a sort of counterattack if activated, and it’s only needed on one piece of armor to be effective in-game. The player will have a 15% chance of inflicting between 1 and 4 damage points on their enemy during encounters, and it’s great for any attack build since it applies to ranged, projectile, and melee attacks.

Its effect is also coupled with a guaranteed knockback effect, which can be really useful for maintaining distance during encounters. However, it does come with a durability penalty since the boots will lose 2 durability points whenever the effect is activated.

4. Protection

The Protection enchantment has 4 upgrade levels and can greatly boost your overall defense. While it isn’t the best enchantment option for boots, it can be a great addition if your other armor pieces are already equipped with great enchantments and your character is still feeling a bit squishy.


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It will not impact the kill command or hunger, and it will not help out with damage from the void or reduce the impact of negative effects in the Bedrock Minecraft Edition. However, it does reduce overall damage in many instances and does not involve any penalties when it’s activated.

5. Insurance

The Insurance enchantment has 4 upgrade levels and will not give the player any kind of exceptional or supernatural ability. But, it does act as insurance as the name suggests which can be handy in many dangerous situations.

Players can expect their damage intake to be decreased depending on the enchantment’s level. It’s not the best boot enchantment out there and definitely wouldn’t be the first choice for most players, but it’s not a bad option if you don’t have any of the more useful enchantments available.

6. Soul Speed

Soul Speed has 3 upgrade levels and will not always be useful throughout Minecraft, but it can be quite useful when players spend time in the Nether. This makes them a valuable boot enchantment option for players taking on Minecraft’s endgame phase.

NetherCave minecraft

Soul and sand blocks can moderate players down and make them obvious targets for enemies, especially for skeletons that spawn in the Soul Sand Valley biome. Soul Speed will allow players to traverse their way around Soul impedes a lot faster than usual.

7. Blast Protection

The Blast Protection enchantment will not be the best option for boots, as it can be applied to another armor piece for the same effects. But, it’s still a decent choice if you haven’t acquired better boot enchantments yet and seem to be taking tons of damage from blasting or explosive mobs and enemies.

Creeper minecraft

Using the Blast Protection enchantment will reduce the damage received from explosions, including ghast fireballs, initial wither boss explosions, ender crystals, TNT explosions, and of course, classic creeper blasts. However, it is worth noting that this enchantment is incompatible with Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection.

8. Frost Walker/ Ice Walker

Many players have longed to stroll across Minecraft’s seemingly endless oceans with ease or summon ice out of absolutely nowhere. If this sounds like you, the Frost Walker enchantment has you covered. Other than allowing players to move faster on ice, it has two awesome superpower-like benefits.

minecraft ice

The Frost Walker enchantment creates ice blocks whenever the player touches water, while it also makes players insusceptible to magma blocks and other blocks that may consume them. However, virtually becoming an Ice Elemental using Frost Walker still won’t protect Minecraft players from lava.

9. Mending

The Mending enchantment is a Treasure enchantment that can be a great way to increase your boots’ longevity. It also has a 1% chance of spawning a side enchantment from any max level enchantment when using the table in the Bedrock Minecraft edition.

Players can expect to have their boots’ durability restored in exchange for XP. If the boots are not at their maximum durability when players obtain an XP Orb, every XP point in the orb will be used to restore their durability at the cost of 2 durability points per 1 XP point.

10. Unbreaking

The Unbreaking enchantment has 3 upgrade levels and is a simple and safe option if you’ve gotten your hands on a pair of awesome Minecraft boots. It will increase the overall durability of your boots, prolonging their lifespan.


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Players can expect to receive a 20%, 27%, or 30% chance of ignoring a hit that would lessen durability, depending on the enchantment’s level. All in all, using this enchantment will enable your boots to last much longer than boots with no enchantment or boots with other enchantments.

Wearing enchanted boots can be one of the best ways to increase the quality of gameplay and the odds of survival in Minecraft, especially when they’re paired really well with other enchanted armor pieces, tools, and weapons. Always make sure to go for the best boot-specific enchantments where possible, unless you find that another enchantment would be better suited to your playstyle and preferences.

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