Minecraft Fox: Taming, Breeding, Spawning & More

Minecraft Fox: Taming, Breeding, Spawning, And More

Minecraft has plenty of mobs and zombies that spawn around the Minecraft world. Some of the mobs are hostile, while others can be beneficial for you. Minecraft foxes are Minecraft mobs that you can tame, breed, and spawn in your world. Minecraft foxes are the adorable creations of Minecraft. You will find Minecraft foxes dangerous for your world as untamed foxes will destroy your world. So if you want to know how to stop foxes from killing chickens in Minecraft the answer is simple. Just tame them! But, how would you do so? 

Minecraft foxes spawn in the taiga biomes. Taiga forests are the cold forest biomes in Minecraft that consist of a variety of Minecraft foxes. Taming a Minecraft fox requires you to feed two adult foxes in Minecraft with sweet berries. Then breed both the adult foxes. You can breed two Minecraft adult foxes and will get a baby fox. Breeding Minecraft foxes will help you tame foxes in Minecraft. 

Minecraft foxes have immense importance for Minecraft players. You will get plenty of benefits with Minecraft foxes by your side. Along with being nocturnal, Minecraft foxes are carnivores. You will be able to compete with your enemies in a much better way. If you want to learn about Minecraft foxes in detail, then this guide is for you. You will understand the behavior, favorite food items, and other regulating mechanisms of Minecraft foxes. Let’s not miss this chance and gear up for the upcoming details about Minecraft foxes. 

Minecraft Fox Spawning

Minecraft consists of plenty of biomes, and each biome has its specifications. Different kinds of Minecraft creatures spawn in different biomes. Minecraft foxes are the spawning mobs that usually spawn in Taiga forests. Taiga forests are cold forest biomes that come in three different forms. The three different forms of the taiga forests are:

  • Normal taigas 
  • Snowy taigas 
  • Giant tree taigas 

In your Minecraft world, you will find red Minecraft foxes spawning in the normal taigas and white foxes in snowy taigas. Minecraft foxes usually spawn at nights as these are the nocturnal animals in Minecraft.

Minecraft foxes usually spawn in Minecraft. There are 5% chances that a baby fox will spawn in Minecraft. There are 20% chances that Minecraft foxes spawn with a few food items in their mouths. The food items they contain are Emeralds, eggs, wheat, leather, feathers, rabbit hide, and rabbit food. 


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Minecraft Fox Taming 

Minecraft Fox: Taming, Breeding, Spawning, And More

Taming a Minecraft fox is a bit difficult when compared with the taming of the other Minecraft mobs. Foxes are the fluffy and nocturnal animals in Minecraft. You will need to tame a fox because of the following reasons:

  • Minecraft foxes will remain loyal to you once you have gained their trust. 
  • Along with being loyal, Minecraft foxes will protect you from other undead mobs in your gameplay. 
  • You can keep them with you with a few of your efforts. 
  • If you failed to tame a fox, then you will face unfavorable consequences. 
  • Untamed Minecraft foxes will bring havoc to your villagers during the nights. That’s why you will need to tame them. 
  • Untamed Minecraft foxes usually eat rabbits, chickens, and many other animals of your world. That’s why you need to tame the Minecraft foxes. 

Can You Tame Foxes In Minecraft?

You can tame Minecraft foxes with a little determination and some skills. You need to be a skillful planner if you want to tame Minecraft foxes. You can tame Minecraft foxes as follows:

  • Taming a Minecraft fox requires you two adult foxes. 
  • You will need to feed them. Foxes usually eat sweet berries or glow berries in Minecraft.
  • Once you have to feed them and make them healthy adult foxes, you can breed both of them. 
  • After breeding, you will get a baby fox. 
  • With a bit of care and consideration, you can tame that baby fox.  

Do Tamed Foxes Follow You?

Initially, your tamed Minecraft fox will not follow you. As the baby foxes always follow their adults. Still, you can make a tamed fox follow you in Minecraft. Minecraft offers you two ways to do so. Let’s learn about both methods. 

  1. A tamed fox will follow you if you keep it away from the other Minecraft foxes. You will need to keep it separate and far away from the other mob groups in your gameplay. 
  2. The other way to make your tamed fox follow you requires a lead in Minecraft. You can use a lead to serve the same purpose. Attach a lead to your tamed fox to keep it away from other Minecraft foxes. If you don’t have a lead, then follow the given steps to craft your lead. 
  • Crafting a lead requires you one slimeball and four strings. 
  • Use your crafting grid. 
  • Place all the items in your crafting grid. 
  • Within no time, you will get a lead to tame your Minecraft fox. 

Do Tamed Foxes Kill Chickens?

There are chances that your tamed foxes kill chickens. Minecraft foxes will do so when they still attach to their parent foxes. Tamed foxes also kill chickens in the case when they don’t trust you. So, you need to build trust. Only then, your tamed foxes will not kill chickens. 

Minecraft Fox Breeding

Minecraft Fox: Taming, Breeding, Spawning, And More

Minecraft foxes are the special kinds of mobs that you will find in your Minecraft overworld. Minecraft foxes are breedable. You can breed your fox by taking into consideration a few aspects. Unlike all the other Minecraft mobs, you can’t breed Minecraft foxes in the same way. Here, you will breed Minecraft foxes first and then tame them. Breeding a Minecraft fox requires you to do the following things:

1. Find some sweet berries 

The thing that is important for breeding Minecraft foxes is to arrange some sweet berries. Sweet berries are the most favorite food items of Minecraft foxes. You can find or mine the sweet berries around your gaming world. Forest biomes are the best places from where you can get sweet berries to feed the Minecraft foxes. You can harvest sweet berries as well.  

2. Find a group of Minecraft foxes

Minecraft foxes usually spawn in groups. Then wander around your Minecraft world to find a group of Minecraft foxes. You will do so to get a fox couple for breeding Minecraft foxes. Minecraft foxes are the scariest mobs that usually spawn at night. You will need to deal with them with a bit of bit care. During nights, there are higher chances that you will find a group of foxes. 

3. Get access to the group of foxes

Once you have found a group of foxes, you will need to access the group without making any noise. Or else, you will be in a dangerous situation. You need to sneak; otherwise, Minecraft foxes will flee from that place. 

4. Feed a couple of Minecraft foxes 

Try your best to separate the two of the Minecraft foxes. You can do it by spreading some sweet berries their way. They will fell prey to the sweet berries. Feed the Minecraft foxes. As soon as the foxes eat sweet berries, they will get ready for breeding in Minecraft. 

5. Let them breed 

It’s the right time to let your Minecraft foxes breed. You will need to breed the adult foxes to get a baby fox. So you can tame a baby fox quite easily when compared with the adult foxes. After a few times, you will see a baby fox in your gameplay. 

6. Mine or craft a lead 

Now you have to take care of the baby fox. Take care of the food and other things that will help you tame the baby fox. You can make a lead for this purpose. You will be able to tame the baby fox by attaching a lead to it. You can craft a lead if you don’t have it in your inventory. Crafting a lead requires you a slimeball and four strings. 

7. Attach that lead to the newly born baby fox 

Now attach that lead to your baby fox in Minecraft gameplay. The lead will help you prevent the baby foxes from following their adult parents. And with time, your baby fox will reach its adulthood. You can get yourself avail of the services of the tamed fox in your Minecraft world. 


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8. Your Minecraft fox will start trusting you 

Once your baby fox reaches its adulthood, it will start building trust in you. This thing will help make you able to enjoy the services of Minecraft foxes. 

Minecraft Fox Food

Minecraft Fox: Taming, Breeding, Spawning, And More

Minecraft foxes eat a variety of food items to stay active and healthy. Foxes are carnivores. The food of Minecraft foxes can be from one of the following categories:

  • Cooked food items

Minecraft foxes do like and eat the cooked food items in Minecraft. Cooked meat is one of their favorite food items in Minecraft. 

  • Minecraft small animals

Minecraft foxes usually prey on small animals such as birds, eggs, amphibians, mice, and many others. Foxes also eat rabbits, salmons, chicken, cod, and meat. 

  • Minecraft fruits

Along with the craze of cooked items, Minecraft foxes also eat fresh fruits. They eat sweets and glow berries to get rid of their hunger. 

  • Seafood

There are certain seafood items that Minecraft foxes eat. Their seafood includes tropical fishes and small marine organisms. Tinned pet food is another food item for Minecraft foxes. 

Foxes also eat many other items such as cheese, table scraps, bread soaked in fat, fruit, and cooked vegetables.

Minecraft Fox Skin 

Minecraft foxes are not safe in the wild world teeming with skeletons, zombies, mobs, and monsters. To overcome these unfavorable situations, Minecraft players use skins for their foxes. There is a variety of skins in Minecraft that you can use for Minecraft foxes. 

Tynker’s community has created several Minecraft fox skins that you can customize in your game. Some of the Minecraft fox skins are as follows:

  • Nova skin 
  • Fire fox dream skin
  • Red fox skin 
  • Funny fox skin 
  • Galaxy girl fox skin 

These are some of the skins for the Minecraft foxes. You can also look for the other skins. But what are the benefits that you can get from these Minecraft fox skins?

  • Minecraft fox skin is beneficial for the protection of foxes. You will be able to protect Minecraft foxes by applying extra skin on them. 
  • Minecraft foxes do not like wolves as the wolves are aggressive mobs in Minecraft. 
  • Not only do the wolves pose a threat to Minecraft foxes, but the polar bears are also a danger to them all. 

That’s why you will need extra protective layers for your foxes in Minecraft. 

What Do Foxes Do In Minecraft

Minecraft foxes do a lot of things. Having a tamed Minecraft fox is no less than a blessing in Minecraft. Foxes serve you in one of the following ways:

  • If you have tamed a fox in Minecraft, you will be able to increase your survival rate in your gameplay. 
  • Minecraft foxes prevent you from the undead and deadly mobs around your world. 

How Do Foxes Behave In Minecraft?

Minecraft Fox: Taming, Breeding, Spawning, And More

Minecraft foxes depict an unusual behavior in Minecraft. They are different from the other Minecraft mobs. 

  • Foxes are carnivores 

Minecraft foxes love cooked and raw meat. Foxes do like and eat chickens, salmons, cod, and turtles in the Minecraft overworld. 

  • Foxes live in groups 

You will find Minecraft foxes in groups around your Minecraft world. Foxes usually spawn during nights and also move in groups. You won’t be able to protect yourself from these deadly Minecraft mobs. Minecraft foxes not only move in groups but also sleep and eat with one another. 

  • Foxes attack Minecraft villagers 

You will find Minecraft foxes dangerous as they attack your villagers. You need to tame them to protect yourself from the Minecraft foxes. Minecraft foxes also do so to steal valuable items from the Minecraft villagers. 

  • Foxes are nocturnal animals 

Minecraft foxes are nocturnal animals as they do sleep throughout the day. When the night falls, Minecraft foxes get awake, and they usually attack the Minecraft villagers with full power. 

  • Foxes carry valuable items in Minecraft 

Minecraft foxes also carry many valuable items in their mouth. You will see the Minecraft foxes taking delicious food items in Minecraft. You will also see foxes carrying chickens, rabbits, cows, and many other food items. Once a Minecraft fox has died with a Minecraft item in its mouth, you will be able to get that item. You will get many valuable drops from Minecraft foxes. 

  • Foxes can jump

Minecraft foxes can easily jump four to five blocks high walls. You will see that the Minecraft foxes easily cross the fences and other higher places around your world. Foxes jump from the higher places in Minecraft when compared with the other Minecraft mobs. 

  • Foxes walk and fast in Minecraft

Foxes are the fastest walking and running organisms in Minecraft. It would be quite challenging for you to catch or follow a Minecraft fox. 

  • Foxes like sweet berries 

Sweet berry is the favorite food item of Minecraft foxes. You can make the Minecraft foxes breed by using some sweet berries in your Minecraft gameplay. Minecraft foxes also like glow berries. They do eat glow berries in Minecraft.  

  • Foxes distrust Minecraft players

Minecraft foxes do not like Minecraft players. That’s why you will take some time to build your trust. Only then foxes will trust you in your Minecraft world. 

White Fox Minecraft 

Minecraft Fox: Taming, Breeding, Spawning, And More

Minecraft white fox is one of the rarest mobs in this online gaming arena. Minecraft white fox or snowy fox is rare because it only occurs in snowy taiga biomes in Minecraft. Snowy taiga biomes are difficult to find or search in Minecraft. You will find them covered with snow. There are only 5% chances that white fox babies spawn in Minecraft. You can only find white foxes in Snowy taiga forests. 

White foxes have white furs. They usually resemble arctic foxes in Minecraft. Minecraft white foxes behave like the normal Minecraft foxes. You can tame, breed, and spawn white foxes as you do for the Minecraft normal foxes. 

How To Get A White Fox In Minecraft

Getting a white fox is pretty easy in Minecraft. You can get a white fox by using the method mentioned above. There is only one thing that is different from the common method of getting a Minecraft fox. Let’s find out about how to get a white fox in Minecraft.

1. Find a Snowy taiga biome

Your journey to get a white fox in Minecraft starts from this step. First, you need to wander around your world to find a snowy taiga biome. Taiga biomes are the coldest biomes in the Minecraft world. You can find these Minecraft biomes near the extreme hills biomes. You can also find taiga biomes along with forest biomes. 

2. Mine some sweet berries

Mining sweet berries are one of the crucial steps of getting a white fox in Minecraft. Foxes like sweet berries in Minecraft games. Sweet berries are the important food items in Minecraft that allow you to tame and breed Minecraft foxes. 

3. Locate a group of white foxes

Once you have found a snowy taiga biome, you can locate a group of white foxes there. Minecraft foxes exist in groups. They live, eat, sleep, and move in groups. 

4. Separate two adult foxes by offering them some sweet berries

Throw some sweet berries in front of the two adult white foxes. This thing will help you agree with the white foxes to breed in your Minecraft world. 

5. Let them breed 

As soon as the couple eats sweet berries, they will start breeding to make offspring. Breeding is crucial to get a white fox baby. Or else, you won’t be able to make a Minecraft fox remain by your side. 

6. You will get a white baby fox

Minecraft white baby fox will soon be there for you. You can tame it by using the easiest option in Minecraft. Minecraft white baby fox is easier to tame for your gameplay. 

7. Attach a lead to the baby fox

You will be able to tame the baby fox with a lead. You can get this lead by mining, trading, looting, or crafting in your gameplay. After getting the lead, you need to attach it to your baby fox in the Minecraft game. 

8. Tame the white baby fox

As soon as you attached the lead, the baby fox will start following you. Taming will let you keep your baby fox separate from the parent foxes. Once you have tamed a fox, it will not go away from you. 

  • Tamed fox increases your chances of survival in your game by protecting you from the deadly Minecraft mobs. 
  • You can get valuable drops from the Minecraft white foxes. 
  • You will be able to achieve the end goals in your Minecraft game, such as getting ender pearls, killing ender dragons, and many more. 


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How To Make A Fox Sit-In Minecraft?

Minecraft foxes are tamable. You can easily sit a fox in Minecraft. You can do so by attaching a lead to the Minecraft foxes. You can make them sit anywhere in your Minecraft world. You will be able to sit them in a Minecraft boat as well. What you will do is:

  • Mine or harvest some sweet berries. 
  • Then feed the foxes with the harvested sweet berries. 
  • It will lead you to tame a Minecraft fox. 
  • Then the tamed fox will obey you. You will be able to make a Minecraft fox sit in your game.
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