Minecraft: You Can’t Tame Ender Dragon, but Here Are the Alternatives

Its not possible to tame ender dragon in Minecraft but here are the alternatives

Ender Dragon is “the final” boss of Minecraft, providing you with plenty of experience and loot upon its demise. And while Ender Dragon is mostly targeted by players only to be slain, some brave souls often attempt to tame it to keep it a pet or, even better, as a mount. Sadly, this isn’t possible in Minecraft, as Ender Dragon is scripted to engage with you in combat and die. But there are some alternatives. If you’re willing to install mods, you can have your very own dragon in Minecraft. Let’s see how it’s done.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • It’s not possible to tame Ender Dragon in Minecraft, and you also can’t use cheats to do it.
  • You can, however, download mods and DLCs, such as How to Train Your Dragon, Dragon Mounts: Legacy, and Ice and Fire: Dragons, which allow the player to either tame a dragon or hatch a tameable dragon from an egg.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October 2023 and reflects the most recent state of the game. It’s still not possible to tame the Ender Dragon.

Is it possible to tame an Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

There are plenty of rumors online that state that it is possible to tame Ender Dragon with salmon or raw meat, but sadly, it’s not true. Even using console commands to summon non-aggressive Ender Dragon won’t allow you to tame it like you would most passive mobs in Minecraft.

Ender Dragon simply lacks the scripting to make it happen. Even if you are to summon it in the Overworld, the Ender Dragon will not suddenly become tameable, it’s likely that its scripting would break, and it will just float around until you decide to eliminate it.

But, thanks to the hardworking Minecraft modding community, there are some alternatives to tame and ride dragons. Let’s see how it’s done.

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How to tame a dragon in the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ DLC?

This DLC allows you to tame dragons in Minecraft that comes to mind is ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ How To Train Your Dragon is easily one of the best dragon-related DLCs for Minecraft. It adds several species of unique dragons to the world, with different mechanics and behaviors. The famous movie franchise inspired the DLC, so don’t be surprised to catch a reference or two.

The quickest way to tame a dragon in How to Train Your Dragon DLC is to offer it its favorite food. Once the dragon considers you a stable source of food, you can attempt to ride it and, with time, build a relationship with it.

How to train your dragon DLC


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How to tame a dragon in Dragon Mounts: Legacy?

Dragon Mounts legacy

Dragon Mounts: Legacy, like the official DLC, allows you to tame a dragon, but the advantage of this mod is that it’s totally free. In Dragon Mounts: Legacy, to tame a dragon, you will have to hatch it from an egg. This might not be as easy as it sounds, but once you manage to hatch your dragon, you can use it as a mount.

There are plenty of dragon variants to choose from according to the biome that it inhabits, and even if you don’t manage to tame one, at least the prospect of discovering them all is exciting.

Ice and Fire: Dragons adds more than dragons

dragons ice and fire

Ice and Fire: Dragons adds several types of mythical animals, although dragons are by far the most interesting to the majority of players.

Ice and Fire offers a groundbreaking dragon experience, catering to the needs of both role players and mod pack creators. It introduces features such as dragon skeletons found in desert biomes, dragon roosts and caverns for epic battles and valuable loot, dragon eggs in caves, and the ability to tame and ride dragons, even equipping them with armor.

The mod also includes dragon-related crafting, such as tools from dragon bones, armor from dragon scales, and a bestiary for collecting information about dragons. Future updates will expand the focus to include other mythical monsters and creatures. To tame a dragon, however, you will need to go on a dangerous adventure that includes obtaining an egg.

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