Minecraft: How Do You Break a Spawner? (& Keep It)

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Imagine this scenario: you’re exploring a mineshaft, and suddenly you come across a spider spawner; it happens fairly often. For some of the players, this is a horrifying situation, and for some, this is an opportunity to acquire their very own spawner. Except it’s not as easy as harvesting most other blocks in Minecraft, and in today’s post, we’re going to explain all the hows and whys relating to monster spawners in Minecraft. Let’s see how do you break a spawner in Minecraft and keep it. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can break a spawner in Minecraft just like you would any regular block, but it won’t drop like a regular block.
  • Even if you’re using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch it’s not possible to obtain a spawner through conventional means.
  • It can be added to the player’s inventory only through commands in both Java and Bedrock editions of the game. 

What is a spawner in Minecraft? 

Spawner is a special type of block in Minecraft that takes the appearance of a caged cube; in the middle of the core, you can see a small rotating version of the mob it spawns. In the case of our spider spawner, you should see a miniature spide rotating inside it. Spawners are epic when it comes to rarity, they are relatively blast resistant, partially transparent, and non-flammable.

You will usually come across spawners while you’re exploring Minecraft’s places of interest such as dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds, woodland mansions, nether fortresses, and bastion remnants. In that case, when you approach the spawner it will spawn mobs in regular intervals.

spider spawner 1300x731 1
Spider spawner surrounded by spiders

The spawner will never drop as a regular block, which means acquiring it through regular means is impossible. You cannot break spawner even with Silk Touch enchantment.

Spawners are deactivated by light which means placing torches should suffice in most cases. Not all spawners are disabled in the same way, so keep that in mind. 


Spawners can also be customized by certain commands and can spawn several different types of mobs.

How do you break and collect a spawner in Minecraft?

You can break a spawner with a pickaxe. In that case, it will drop the experience, but it will still not drop as a regular block, which means that collecting it is impossible, at least in survival mode. If you break spawner through any other means, nothing will drop. 

How do you keep a spawner in Minecraft?

You can keep a spawner in Minecraft through the use of commands. Each edition of the game has a specific but similar process on how to acquire a spawner. We will cover both of those.

How to get a spawner in Minecraft Bedrock edition? 

Spawners in Minecraft Bedrock can be acquired through several means.

  1. In Creative mode, they can be found in the creative inventory 
  2. They can be acquired with the use of a /give command 
  3. It can be acquired through the use of “pick block”

The spawner you will get will be empty and it can be modified with the use of different mob eggs. For example, if you use a spider egg on the spawner it will create the spider spawner. 

How to get a spawner in Minecraft Java edition?

To get a spawner in Minecraft Java edition you need to use the /give command. There’s no other way to obtain the spawner as they can’t be found in the creative inventory. 

  1. Open the chat with “T” and type “/give @p spawner 1” (Without quotations)
  2. A message should pop up that the command has been executed successfully. You should also have a pig spawner in your inventory.
  3. Place the pig spawner wherever you like 
  4. Go to your creative inventory and pick any spawn egg, use the chosen spawn egg on the spawner 
  5. Your spawner should now be successfully transformed. In my case, I used Elder Guardian spawn egg and my spawner should produce Elder Guardians.
give command 1 1300x127 1
/give command through which you acquire a spawner
Pig spawner transformed
Your added spawner will always be a pig spawner, it can be modified with spawn eggs as seen on the screenshot above

Is there a way to move spawners in Minecraft?

No, unfortunately, there is no way to move a spawner in Minecraft but if you come across one relatively near your base you can always disable it by placing torches on it and use it as an exp farm whenever it’s convenient. 

disabled spawner 1300x731 1
Disabled spawner

Remember, spawners are rare and valuable blocks that cannot be acquired by regular means. If you find one in the wild, you should never outright destroy it. Instead of destroying it, try disabling it and remembering its location. By controlling a spawner, you have access to some resources, exp, and the mobs that spawn by this type of spawner. 


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