‘Mission: Impossible’ Director Christopher McQuarrie Backs Henry Cavill As The Next James Bond

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Birds on the trees already know that No Time To Die is the last movie with Daniel Craig as James Bond, and the question “Who will be the next James Bond?” is maybe the most asked question in Hollywood at the moment.

Although producers announced they won’t start looking for a new Bond before 2022, there have been several fan-favorite candidates. One of them is Henry Cavill, but also Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, and Idris Elba were all mentioned. Over time, Man of Steel and The Witcher star Henry Cavill probably took the first place as the fan-favorite pick, and director Christopher McQuarrie, who worked with Cavill on Mission: Impossible – Fallout, is supporting that casting.

“He’d make an excellent Bond.”

Christopher McQuarrie for The Hollywood Reporter

Henry Cavill certainly is one of the most wanted actors in Hollywood nowdays. Aside from The Witcher and a potential return as Superman in DCEU, which is something that fans are waiting for years now, Cavill also expressed interest to join Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Britain, saying “I do love being British.”, which is also a characteristic of James Bond.

Dwayne Johnson stated that he would love for his Black Adam to meet Cavill’s Superman in DCEU. Cavill will also return as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix, and if he really becomes the next James Bond and/or joins Marvel Cinematic Universe, we could soon ask ourselves “What’s the movie franchise without Henry Cavill?”

We’re are going to see Cavill next on The Witcher Season 2 which will debut on Netflix on December 17. Season 3 was already confirmed and it will start production in early 2022.

No Time To Die, the last movie with Daniel Craig as James Bond, debuted in theaters last month and it grossed $669 million worldwide so far.

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