Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark: What Are They, Uses & How To Trade Them

Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark: What Are They, Uses & How To Trade Them

Lost Ark features a plethora of useful consumables, collectibles, and items, all of which can be acquired by various means. Mokoko Seeds are incredibly useful as they can be exchanged for a ton of nifty in-game rewards. But, they are scattered all over Arkesia, leaving players with plenty of questions.

Mokoko Seeds actually baby Mokokos, which were scattered across Arkesia after the giant Tortoyk sneezed. They are valuable collectibles that offer players amazing rewards from Totoma in Mokoko Village, on the island of Tortoyk.

Although it may be challenging to track down all of Lost Ark’s Mokoko Seeds, the effort will definitely be worthwhile. Stick around to find out about Mokoko Seeds, how you can find them, why they are valuable, and how to trade them.

Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark

Lost Ark is filled with quite a few special collectible items, and Mokoko Seeds are one of them. According to the game’s description, Mokoko Seeds came into existence when the giant Tortoyk gave a colossal sneeze – yes, Mokoko Seeds are essentially giant snot wads.

Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark: What Are They, Uses & How To Trade Them

But, Mokoko Seeds are incredibly valuable – and for good reason – they are actually baby Mokokos. Similar to many other MMORPGs, exploration is rewarded in Lost Ark. Finding Mokoko Seeds is not challenging, but it will require an adventurous spirit.

Rewards For Mokoko Seeds

Gathering all of the Mokoko Seeds throughout Arkesia will grant players some exclusive rewards. But, there’ll be plenty of rewards along the way as well. Each Mokoko Seed that players pick up will grant 180 Roster XP.

The Roster level applies to every character that you have on a server, even though Mokoko Seeds cannot be picked up by Alts. Your current roster level can be checked by pressing ‘O’, and you can claim any rewards through this interface as well.

Trading Mokoko Seeds for Rewards

After leaving Lost Ark’s first continent, you will reach Mokoko Village on the island of Tortoyk, northeast of Rethramis. The Mokoko Seed rewarder, known as Totoma, inhabits the southwestern part of this village. This vendor will provide players with a wide range of useful (and occasionally hilarious) rewards.

Rather than spending the Mokoko Seeds as you gather them, these collectibles will be used to unlock new reward tiers from Totoma. As a result, rewards can be obtained via a tier-based system depending on how many Mokoko Seeds you’ve already collected.

Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark: What Are They, Uses & How To Trade Them

Simply hang onto the Mokoko Seeds after you pick them up, and interact with the trader once you reach the village. Below are the current tiers and rewards for gathering Mokoko Seeds:

  • 50: Totoma Card
  • 100: Kindness Potion
  • 150: Stronghold Crew Application Form (Chicachica)
  • 200: Vitality Increase Potion
  • 250: Crew Application Form (Cocorico)
  • 300: Stat Increase Potion
  • 350: Mokamoka Card
  • 400: Paradise’s Knight License
  • 450: Eurus Blueprint x15
  • 500: Stronghold Crew Application Form (Mukomuko)
  • 550: Shy Wind Flower Pollen x3
  • 600: 20 Eurus Blueprint x20
  • 650: Crew Application Form (Poipoi)
  • 700: Title “Mokoko Hunter”
  • 750: Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument
  • 800: Transform (Egg of Creation)
  • 850: Stronghold Crew Application Form (Kind Paruru)
  • 900: Wallpaper: Mokoko Village
  • 950: Masterpiece #32
  • 1000: Ship Skin: Blooming Eurus
  • 1050: Crew Application Form (Narinari)
  • 1100: Title “Nice Smelling”
  • 1150: Masterpiece #44
  • 1200: Transformation (Mokoko Seed)

How To Find Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark

These seeds are scattered across all of Lost Ark‘s continents, meaning it is theoretically easy to locate them. But, these small Mokoko Seeds are typically hidden in plain sight, which also means it’s quite easy to miss them.

Players often find themselves tracking back to areas they have already visited, hoping to find Mokoko Seeds that they may have missed the first time around. This is more common for players that are more set on the game’s mainline, and do not take much time to embark on exploration-based activities.

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However, players will receive an ‘Interact’ prompt if they are close to a Mokoko Seed. After you locate them, a small green icon will mark the location on your mini-map. This icon will glow green once you interact with the Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seed Common Areas

There are over 1,200 Mokoko Seeds scattered throughout Arkesia, and they are usually tucked away in hard-to-spot areas. They can typically be found on the edge of an object, such as trees, walls, boundaries, and other solid objects.

Players should keep an eye out for these areas, as the type of location varies between general areas. The Mokoko Seeds’ location may be along pathway edges, tucked within dense undergrowth, seated behind a large rock, and much more.

Some Mokoko Seeds are much harder to pick up, as they are nestled in hard-to-reach areas. But, if you’re in an area where you can interact with the environment, the chances are there should be at least one Mokoko Seed nearby.

Mokoko Seed Locations

The experience of tracking down Mokoko Seeds will be different for everyone, and its spots will differ between regions. Thankfully, Papunkia’s maps have all of the Mokoko Seeds’ locations marked.

Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark: What Are They, Uses & How To Trade Them

As an example, we’ve outlined the Mokoko Seeds’ locations in Prideholme to give you a headstart. The starting town of Prideholme houses a total of 9 Mokoko Seeds. It’s a great place to start, and it will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect for future areas.

  1. To the right of the cathedral, beneath the tree with a vista.
  2. In the town plaza, next to the lion statue.
  3. Between Neria’s tavern door and the bulletin board.
  4. Behind the tree next to the stairs, leading to the Triport.
  5. Near the blue rabbits and chickens in the right-hand field.
  6. Near the cart in the left-hand field.
  7. Hidden behind a pot plant on the right wall of a house. Follow the second stairs down from the plaza (near the Loghill exit), and the house should be on the left.
  8. Go to the catherdral and follow the left-hand wall to the back until you pass through an invisible, twisting corridor – into the darkness beyond the map’s edge. Click to the left and follow the pathway, gathering the Mokoko Seeds along the way.
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Finding the Mokoko Seeds in other areas will be a similar experience, although it may be more challenging than the first area. Some of them may be completely hidden, and players will need to get close enough to hover over any suspicious areas to find them.

Below are the amounts of Mokoko Seeds you’ll need to find in some of the future areas:

  • Log Hill: 9 Mokoko Seeds
  • Ankumo Mountain: 5 Mokoko Seeds
  • Rethramis Border: 10 Mokoko Seeds
  • Saland Hills: 9 Mokoko Seeds

Finding Mokoko Seeds In Dungeons

Mokoko Seeds can also be found in various dungeons and other areas throughout Arkesia. Finding Mokoko Seeds in dungeons can be tricky, but they should still be located in areas against objects.

Mokoko Seeds can be found in the following dungeons:

  • Toxiclaw Cavern
  • Aquilok’s Head
  • Aquilok’s Tail
  • Sapira Cave
  • Moria Ruins

Each of these dungeons can be accessed through Yudia or Rethramis, spanning throughout nooks, crevices, and even secret passages. Gathering in these dungeons will add another 38 Mokoko Seeds to your total count.

Since there are so many Mokoko Seeds throughout Arkesia, there is certainly no shortage of locations. Tracking down Mokoko Seeds will take time, effort, and exploration. But, the rewards will definitely be worth it!

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