Should You Dismantle Or Sell Your Old Gear In Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has become a new favorite for countless MMORPG fans worldwide, flaunting a stunning range of epic gear and equipment. But, it’s not recommended to get attached to any of your gear, as you will undoubtedly need to upgrade or replace it later down the line.

As a general rule, dismantling old gear is more beneficial than selling old gear in Lost Ark. While selling rewards players with instant currency, the process of dismantling offers the chance of receiving more valuable items while cutting down on time.

Both selling and dismantling your old gear or equipment will have different advantages in Lost Ark. Stick around to find out the pros and cons of selling versus the benefits of dismantling your old gear, and which of these two approaches would be most suitable for you.

Do You Need To Replace Old Gear In Lost Ark?

As much as you may love your old gear, it will simply become useless after a while. Over time, you’ll start obtaining more powerful and appropriate gear, and your previous items will just end up gathering dust in your inventory.

Since you’ll also be gathering additional items, such as materials, consumables, and even collectibles, inventory space will become valuable as well. Of course, no one is forcing you to get rid of your old gear, it’s just something you’re probably going to end up doing to continue progressing in the game.

Ways To Clear Your Inventory

Selling or dismantling old gear would be the most beneficial way to clear your inventory in Lost Ark, as both methods afford some type of return. But, Lost Ark also has a personal storage feature to help players that need more space.

Should You Dismantle or Sell Old Gear?

Those playing Lost Ark have the option to either sell or dismantle their old gear, and both options can be great depending on what you need at that specific moment. The choice will ultimately come down to whether you need currency more than other items.

Both selling and dismantling your old gear and equipment will still serve the purpose of decluttering your inventory. So, if you’re in a pinch and just need some free slots in your inventory, either option would still be a fair choice.

But, if you’re hoping to take every possible opportunity to give yourself the upper hand in Lost Ark, the choice won’t be as on-the-fence. You’ll need to think twice before you choose an approach, as the wrong one could land you with less return than you’d expected.

Selling Old Gear In Lost Ark

Selling your gear or equipment may be the better option if you’re desperate for some well-needed Lost Ark currency (especially gold)! Many selling instances can offer some decent returns for players selling their gear, depending on a few factors.

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The price that a piece of gear or equipment will sell for will generally depend on its rarity. So, if your old gear is worth a fair price, it may be a reasonable choice to sell it for some quick cash.

How To Sell Old Gear In Lost Ark

The only way to sell old gear or equipment in Lost Ark is to locate a vendor or merchant that will buy the items off you. Finding a vendor is usually quite easy, but it can be unbelievably frustrating if you’re already encumbered.

Dismantling Old Gear In Lost Ark

When players dismantle old gear or equipment in Lost Ark, the piece of gear or equipment will be broken down into random items. This process will reward players with a series of random items – usually within the low spectrum of value. These items can be sold for currency or used to craft new products.

The type and rarity of items that players will receive will typically depend on various factors, such as how many items are broken down and whether the item is classified as armor or weaponry. But, players can receive useful items, including ability stones, broken equipment powder, and much more.

How To Dismantle Old Gear In Lost Ark

One of the best things about dismantling is that players can do it on the spot, without the need for a vendor or merchant. After you unlock Dismantling from Archeologist Hadim, all it takes is a few simple clicks to dismantle your gear and keep your fingers crossed for some valuable or rare drops!

  • Navigate to your inventory.
  • Click on the icon that looks like a hammer and an avil, which should be situated at the bottom left of the inventory panel.
  • The Dismantle panel will appear on the screen.
  • Select and drag or right-click the items you’d like to dismantle. Arranging the items according to rarity can make the process easier.
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The manual dismantling process works quite well for more valuable items. But, things can become tedious if you’re manually dismantling stacks of common gear or items.

Players who do not want to dismantle manually or want to dismantle lots of lesser items can choose to use the ‘Auto-Dismantle’ feature by following these steps:

  • Navigate to your inventory.
  • Click on the icon that looks like a hammer and an avil, which should be situated at the bottom left of the inventory panel.
  • The Dismantle panel will appear on the screen.
  • Select ‘Auto-Dism. Stg’, located at the bottom of the Dismantle Menu.

Selling vs. Dismantling: Which Is Better?

As a general rule, dismantling old gear would typically afford more benefits, even though it may be based on chance. Selling your gear will have definitively limited rewards – currency, whereas dismantling your gear leaves room for far more possibilities.

Chance of Receiving Different Items

When you dismantle old gear in Lost Ark, there is an odd chance of receiving more valuable items during the process. In some cases, these items can actually be sold for more currency than the dismantled gear or equipment item itself! If you choose to sell your gear or equipment, you’re also choosing to skip out on these odds.

It is true that one shouldn’t get their hopes up concerning these more valuable items, as the odds are not exactly in players’ favor. But, while some players may argue that the odds are too low to be considered, there is still a fair chance of receiving more common items that can be sold for currency as well.

Finding a Merchant

Dismantling your old gear will also be a much simpler approach, as selling your old gear will require you to find a vendor. While finding a vendor or merchant may not be that problematic in-game, this aspect still makes dismantling old gear far more convenient.

Most players don’t feel like spending time finding a vendor each time the items in their inventory start to pile up. Additionally, finding a merchant to sell your gear to will probably be incredibly frustrating if you’ve already become over-encumbered.

Making sure your inventory is well-organized is essential for gamers playing Lost Ark, and the devs have gifted players with two great options. While dismantling old gear seems to be the popular and efficient approach, players can always use a combination of these methods to make sure they get exactly what they need in different scenarios.

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