‘Monica, O Darling’ Ending Explained: Did Jayant Really Kill Monica?


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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Monica, O Darling, a new Netflix crime thriller that gets released this weekend. The film combines elements of comedy, a crime thriller, and some musical elements that result in a unique film. One that could have been a bit more polished, but that still manages to find its personality as it reaches its end. The first half of the movie might feel a bit rough, but it is interesting enough to keep you questioning things until you reach the second half, where things really start coming into their own rhythm.

The film is directed by Vasan Bala and tells the story of Jayant an up-and-coming tech executive working for the Unicorn corporation. Jayant’s life seems to be on the rise; he has a great girlfriend and more, but things unravel quite fast when his actions start having a number of unforeseen consequences. The film is filled with quirky and over-the-top characters that fill the movie with campiness, but end up feeling charming towards the end. Radhika Apte stands out as one of the best characters in the film, she really kills it, and it is a delight to watch.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Monica, O Darling. Read at your own risk.

Why Did Jayant And His Partners Decide To Kill Monica?

The film begins with the introduction of Gaurav, a factory worker, as he watches a video of a woman on his cellphone. This woman is called Shalu, Jayant’s sister. At the same moment, another man, Dev, arrives on the scene and informs Gaurav that he is happy because Shalu accepted his marriage proposal. Gaurav leaves with tears in his eyes because he clearly loves Shalu as well. A mechanical robot goes on, and Dev is killed by it. Months later, at a party, we see that Gaurav is now dating Shalu.

At the party, we get formally introduced to Jayant. He receives a huge promotion from the company’s president, and since he is engaged with the president’s daughter, everybody seems to think that Jayant will become the true heir of the company, even above, the president Saty’s own son, Nishi. After the party, it is revealed that Jayant isn’t so innocent, and he seems to be romantically involved with Saty’s secretary, a woman named Monica. Monica reveals she is pregnant with Jayant’s baby. He asks her for an abortion, but she says she will keep the baby.

Jayant feels he is being blackmailed. This could destroy her future in the company. He is then approached by a mysterious person and invited to a certain place. There he meets with the president of accounting and Nishi, the president’s son. Apparently, they are also being blackmailed by Monica, who told them her baby was theirs. She is trying to get money from all of them. Nishi proposes that Monica should be killed, and they accept and sign a pact.


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They execute the plan, in which Jayant’s role is to dispose of the body. He manages to do it. However, something unexpected happens as the next morning, Monica appears walking into the office as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, Nishi, who was supposed to kill Monica, is nowhere to be found. The body Jayant disposed of is found, and it is, in fact, Nishi’s body. Soon later, the accounting president also dies of poison. Jayant fears that Monica is killing them and that he is next.

Did Jayant Really Kill Monica?

Jayant receives a note telling him that they are in possession of the agreement he signed with Nishi. He goes to the meeting place on the roof of a building, and there we see that Gaurav pushes him, and he falls but manages to survive in quite a hilarious sequence. The police are also investigating Jayant as he was the last living person that saw the two dead. He tries to avoid looking suspicious, but his story has too many details. ACP Naidu tells him that makes him look like a liar.

Jayant confronts Monica, and they fight, but Monica reveals she didn’t kill Nishi and the accounting president. In fact, she hasn’t killed anyone, she is expecting money, so it wouldn’t make sense to kill the people who were going to pay her. They comfort each other, and Monica makes tea for both. Jayant answers a phone call, and when he hangs up he sees that Monica is dead. She has been poisoned. Jayant leaves scared, and the news of Monica’s death soon spreads around the company.

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If Monica didn’t kill the others, then who did? Jayant goes back to the beginning and investigates Dev’s death. There Gaurav reveals he was the one who killed Dev and Nishi saw him do it. Nishi came to Gaurav when he needed to kill Monica, but Gaurav killed Nishi instead. However, he didn’t kill Monica. Gaurav tries to kill Jayant, but gets killed by the same robotic arm he killed Dev with. Later, It is revealed that the person who killed Monica was another member of the company unrelated to Jayant’s group.

The film ends with ACP Naidu revealing that the real father of Monica’s baby is president Saty. She reveals that she works for the company and that he should follow the game because he is now Saty’s heir. Naidu leaves. Jayant keeps searching for the agreement they signed, which is the only piece of evidence that ties him to Monica’s death. He finds it in Gaurav’s house, but as soon as he starts burning the document, he is attacked by the cobras from which Gaurav extracted the poison he used to kill others.

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