‘Moonhaven’ Episodes 1 And 2 Endings, Explained: What Is Really Happening On The Moon?


Moonhaven is the new sci-fi mystery show from AMC. It is a fantastic show that has many great ideas and explores them with a lot of thought and nuance. The show explores the ideas of humanity, forgiveness, how different societies can live with each other, and how the human race will face extinction sooner or later. It is a very bleak show, but it has enough heart to make all that darkness palatable. It is science fiction to its purest definition.

However, the show doesn’t really have enough budget to translate the world they have created from the page to the screen. The sets look very generic, and the same can be said for the customers and make-up. It all feels rather cheap, and not in a good way. The actors at least manage to do an impressive job with the material given to them. And every single moment of the show is compelling enough to keep on watching, even if on a visual level, the series isn’t that good, to begin with.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the first two episodes of Moonhaven. Read at your own risk.

What Is Really Happening On The Moon?

The main premise of the show is quite interesting. The planet Earth has fallen into chaos. Environmental disasters, hunger, sickness, and many more afflictions have fallen upon the inhabitants of the planet. This is world-ending level stuff, and in desperation, humanity makes a choice. They send a colony to the moon, in there the colonist, guided by IO the most advanced artificial intelligence ever created, are tasked with the job of solving Earth’s problems.

100 years later, the inhabitants of Moonhaven, the moon colony, are ready to go back to Earth and share their solutions with the people living on the planet. However, as the show begins, it seems as if the moon utopia isn’t as perfect as it appears to be. When the first episode begins, we are introduced to the murder of a woman called Chill. She knows Trego, her murderer, and what they are doing late at night in the forest is a mystery. Chill’s body is found the next morning, and Trego is quickly detained.


Later we are introduced to our main character, Bella Sway, a cargo pilot that has been tasked with the transport of a very important person, Indira Mare, the envoy of IO. Indira speaks on behalf of the AI, and along with his bodyguard Tomm, travels to the moon to finish the preparations for the Mooners going back to Earth. When they arrive, they invite Bella along with them. She and Tomm look around, and it really looks like the perfect place to live.

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A detective named Paul approaches Bella, and it is revealed that Bella’s mother left her on Earth to go to the moon. There, her mother had other kids, including Chill, the murdered woman. Bella shocks Paul when she says she cannot mourn her, as she didn’t know her. Back on her ship, she finds Trego, who is trying to escape back to Earth. Tomm kills him and then tries to kill Bella but fails, as she disables him, and faints in front of Paul, who has a bad feeling.

Who Is The Real Bella Sway In Moonhaven?

Indira is also having her own problems with the Mooners. Maite, the leader of the council, doesn’t want to leave her seat even when IO says she needs to go to prevent mistakes in the future. A power struggle begins to shape between Maite, and Indira. Meanwhile, Bella wakes up at Paul’s house. They talk about what they saw the night before when Bella went out of the fence and almost dies out of oxygen. There are people running around on the surface of the moon, outside Moonhaven. Paul doesn’t know what to believe.

Paul, who is having his own issues at home, sees himself reflected in the also troubled Bella. He wants to help her, but his investigation comes to the conclusion that Bella is a smuggler, and she was trying to smuggle Moon technology back to Earth. She presents Bella before the council to decide her fate. Some members want her to be sent back to Earth, others want to keep her on the Moon and punish her. They reveal that Bella was a soldier and killed many people during the war.


Paul comes to her defense, and his argument is quite compelling. The people on the moon have been with the sole purpose of saving the people back on Earth. So, if they cannot save the soul of one single human, how can they expect to save an entire planet? Paul offers to take Bella into his house and take responsibility for her actions. The council agrees and Bella is released.

At their home, Bella and Paul come to an agreement, they know something weird is happening in Moonhaven, and he will need her experience in seeing the worst in people to actually discover the truth. He gives her the belongings of her dead sister, and inside they find a storage device. When played, the video is revealed to be a message from Chill, who says everybody on the moon were lied to, the bridge is a trap, and that they were never meant to save Earth.

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